Ironies in D.C.: They are Abundant

We have a bill that’s been passed by the House to repeal and replace Obamacare.  The Senate is processing and developing their version.  Intense tax reform is set to get underway.  We are standing on one side of a red line drawn by the President with a nuclear, war mongering idiot in North Korea on the opposite side of that red line.  We could be at war anytime.  We’ve conducted a missile strike at a Syrian military airfield for their deployment of Chemical Weapons, and we dropped a MOAB in Afghanistan, not to mention concentrating much effort on assuaging the continual onslaught of illegal alien crossings at our southern border.  There’s a new U.S. Supreme Court Justice the President appointed who was confirmed.  Our government has been pretty busy since the Trump Inauguration.  Oh:  the President also fired the Director of the FBI who was directing an investigation of members of the Trump Campaign to determine any collusion on their parts with the Russians during the 2016 election.

All but the last item — “The Russians are coming” — have been planned and implemented since the Inauguration on January 20th.  That Russian investigation (which was initially started to investigate Russian interference in U.S. elections) has been underway for months and months.  And there still is NO evidence of any collusion!  The greatest intelligence agency on Earth has deployed its best counter intelligence assets in this investigation.  The largest news organizations in the U.S. (that each have massive investigative and research departments, and each organization despises Donald Trump) while sporadically releasing front page stories that each rely always on information obtained from “unnamed sources,” have not ONE shred of evidence after months and months of millions of dollars of research and investigation.  The NY TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, PBS, and every other news organization in the U.S. have drawn blanks on the “Russian Interference” and “Trump collusion.”  Where’s the irony in this?

With NO evidence at all, NO credible information, NO informants, NO testimony, NO smoking gun, there is NO proof the Russians interfered with the election.  Regarding the Trump Campaign:  No evidence, NO information, NO informants, NO testimony, NO smoking gun — NO proof of collusion with the Russians by anybody Trump related.  Let’s go one step further.

Hillary Clinton broke multiple laws regarding the handling of classified information and documents — laws that were detailed during and after the FBI investigation in to her mishandling of emails and use of an unsecured private email server.  There is NO question about her breaking laws.  Then FBI Director Comey (now “Fired” Director Comey) unilaterally gave her a pass stating that “No credible prosecutor would pursue a case against her.”  He lied with that summary statement!  Federal Prosecutors lined up to speak on dozens of national talk shows stating the law(s) that were broken, how obvious the federal case against her is even to this day, how many charges should be brought against her, and that each of them would GLADLY prosecute her if given the chance.  Any irony there?

Now let’s discuss just how stupid politicians and liberal news media hacks have shown they are this week.  President Trump fired James Comey.  Comey works at the pleasure of his boss.  His ineffective and baffling lead of the HRC case and subsequent cases open now, his ignoring the breaking of federal laws by Clinton, his surprising impromptu conversations with the press about ongoing investigations, and many of the things he said publicly, did publicly, and things he did NOT do on his job demonstrated his gross negligence as FBI Director for all to see.  Leading Democrats by the dozens on numerous occasions clamored for his head.  (including Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton)  Trump wrote him a letter of dismissal in which he explained his reasoning for the termination, released that letter nationally which was widely distributed, and Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow,  Brian Williams, The View, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and many others each immediately began vomiting green, heads spinning in circles, screaming at the top of their lungs so everyone within ear shot could hear, “Trump is terminating the Russian investigation!  It’s another Watergate!  He’s interfering in a federal investigation!  Special Prosecutor, Special Prosecutor, Special Prosecutor!”  Even GOP Senator John McCain has joined Schumer’s chorus.  Any ironies here?

First, read my post from yesterday in which I stated:  As a result of Watergate, in 1977 Congress passed the Ethics in Government Act (EGA) which for the first time defined procedures for the appointment of  special prosecutors. Specifically, the Act provided that upon receiving allegations relating to certain “covered persons”, the Attorney General was required to conduct a preliminary investigation.  If the preliminary investigation suggested that further investigation was warranted, the AG was required to petition three judge panel established by the statute and known as the “Special Division,” to appoint an “independent counsel.”  There is a process to use when necessary to appoint an Independent or Special Prosecutor.  When is it necessary?  Read the Law!!!!!

The grossest irony in this mess today is that it is ALL for political purposes and has no basis, no fact, and no chance of getting anything substantive done.  Democrats know that!  So why are they pushing so hard?  Why are they crying about Trump so loudly?  Want some more irony?

This entire debacle is because Liberals HATE Donald Trump.  Do not get caught up in the noise in all the news reports, talk show blathering, newspaper headlines, lawmakers in interviews talking about credibility and integrity and honesty.  Those things have NOTHING to do with what they really want:  they want Donald Trump’s head on a stick.  None of this is about anything but Trump spoiling their plans for another 8 years in the White House.  He beat Hillary Clinton!  That could not be — should not be — and they cannot let it stand. 

Here’s the ONLY ironies that matter:

  • The FBI investigation is STILL going on;  The House Intelligence Committee investigation is STILL going on;  The Senate Intelligence Committee investigation is STILL going on.  (there’s one other one happening that I cannot recall who’s conducting it);
  • IF Trump was trying to deflect attention to any Trump Campaign misgivings and/or collusion with the Russians, he just emboldened all those lined up against him.  He’s not stupid:  he knows they will double their efforts to find some wrong doing;
  • Senator Susan Collins put it succinctly yesterday saying, “The President did not fire the FBI — he fired the Director.  FBI investigations including this one will continue with more focus on the process and findings.  Everyone just needs to calm down and let the process happen;”
  • Media today went nuts about Trump “changing his story” about who fired Comey.  They are stupid!  In the letter in which he fired Comey, he stated the had received letters from the AG and Deputy AG both with recommendations to fire Comey.  He stated in that letter he had accepted their recommendation to terminate him.  Then on NBC, Trump told Lester Holt he planned to fire Comey himself all along.  The media have almost in unison turned that fact into a Presidential lie!  They are stupid, stupid, stupid!  What this all illustrates is how non-business saavy any of them are:  a good CEO ALWAYS when contemplating a major and impactful decision that will dramatically affect that entity, he/she always consults other managers to get their opinions before implementing his own.  That’s exactly what he did with the Attorney General and Deputy AG!  (Shepard Smith on FOX News today called the President a liar for the two explanations, saying “there’s no way both could be true…one’s a lie)
  • Donald Trump has broken NO law….period.  There’s nothing there for a special prosecutor to prosecute for!  If/When the FBI finds evidence, present it to a grand jury, give them the evidence. Let the grand jury issue indictments if warranted. 

Let the Law work…not Politics!



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