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Is Biden Leading Us To Socialism…or Worse?

We’ve heard the warnings from right-wingers for decades that the Left’s policies are taking us straight to Socialism. In fact, the Left has even adopted that thought and defined for us THEIR version of Socialism: “Democratic Socialism.” Obviously, they are fooling us, or at least attempting to do so. There is NOTHING about Socialism that is Democratic — therefore, there is no such thing. Why any American would actually feel positive about making our government bigger, giving those that comprise it the unilateral power to make all decisions, and the unfettered ability to do whatever is wished by those in charge is unfathomable to true conservatives.

Keeping this in mind, it’s safe (and reasonable) to ask this question: What is the best possible counter to Capitalism? What political structure is there that preserves all those elements that have made the U.S. the greatest country on Earth and kept it at the top for 260 years? There certainly must be something we can move to that squelches the vast extremes in the socioeconomics of the American populace while maintaining the basics of our representative republic.

There’s only ONE realistic answer to that: “Socialism.” But will Socialism work in the United States?

Is there a modern example of such a switch to look for answers to our questions? Yep: there is!

The Socialist Example

Back in the 1970s, the nation of Chile embarked on one of the boldest sets of free-market economic reforms in history. The government called in the Chicago Boys, as they were called, led by Milton Friedman and other University of Chicago free-market economists.

They were given a free hand to redesign the Chilean economic system with property rights, a low flat tax, privatization of the Social Security system, and industry deregulation. In 1991, Friedman wrote that Chile now “has all three things: political freedom, human freedom, and economic freedom. Chile will continue to be an interesting experiment to watch to see whether it can keep all three.”

“You mean Chile was a Socialist nation?” Absolutely. But not for long!

For four decades, the experiment worked better than anyone could have imagined. According to a study by economist Axel Kaiser for the Cato Institute: “Between 1975 and 2015 per capita income in Chile quadrupled to $23,000, the highest rate in Latin America. As a result, from the early 1980s to 2014, poverty fell from 45 percent to 8 percent.” Chile became one of the wealthiest nations in South America. And it happened in three decades, an eye blink of history.

The Marxists and intellectual class of Latin America always hated the free-market reforms. They disparaged the Chicago Boys as “fascists.” They spent decades attacking the policies (with the stooges in the American media echoing their protests), even as Chile became the jewel of South America.

The Marxists invented a narrative of “inequality”: “The rich were getting richer, and the poor were getting poorer, and capitalism is evil.”

They infiltrated all of Chile’s cultural institutions: the media, the schools, the universities, the Catholic Church, the arts, the unions, and even the corporate boardrooms. They spread their poisonous creed of collectivism to the populace.

Is any of this sounding familiar to our situation today?

Eventually, the leftists pulled off a political coup. In 2013, the left won the Chilean presidency. The free-market reforms were systematically replaced with “spread the wealth” platitudes. In October 2020, voters approved a rewrite of the constitution, and now property rights and the rule of law are in danger.

Chile is now in economic free fall. The poor are getting crushed. The rich are pulling their money out of the country. They have arrived at “equality:” Nearly everyone is suffering.

The “Biden USA” is Headed the OTHER Way!

Meanwhile, back in America, we have an economic transformation of our own going on. The Biden administration promises to help the middle class by handing out trillions of dollars of free money to citizens and paying people more money for not working than working. We will borrow trillions of dollars and pray that the Chinese continue to buy up our bonds and that our currency holds up.

Many of our constitutional protections and congressional rules of behavior, such as the filibuster, which protects the rights of the minority, may be headed to the shredder. The election laws are getting rewritten to benefit, significantly, the party now in power—the Democrats. The House has passed a bill requiring millions of working-class people to join unions and pay dues. The left is saying, don’t worry, this compulsion is going to help the working class. Sure.

A sock-it-to-the-rich tax increase is coming that will make the productive class and the job creators pay their “fair share” with tax rates of 50 percent, 60 percent, and 70 percent.

Will this story have a happy ending?

The answer to that question might be contained in the frightening example of what happened in Chile. It is what our children and college students should be learning in the classrooms—fat chance. The left runs our schools now, too.


Let’s get this straight: Chile WAS a Socialist nation. The guys from Chicago came into “town,” instituted capitalism, the nation took over every sector of the economy and converted back to Socialism. Did you notice the monumental changes for the nation of Chile and its people that happened only when the country converted to capitalism? Does any thinking human being NOT see the sheer insanity of Chile abandoning capitalism to go back to the political and economic system that has never worked in any country in World history: Socialism?

There’s only ONE reason why a country would make a change away from capitalism that has made their country thrive after abandoning “collectivism,” otherwise known as Socialism. Doing so can only be to go back to a structure in which an elite group of bureaucrats and wealthy citizens want to regain the total control once held over that nation’s population. Consolidation of national power to rule over EVERY aspect of the citizens’ lives gives a small group of people sole power for every process that directly and indirectly impacts those citizens’ lives daily. NO segment of life remains free. A centralized government will control every part of the social structure.

Such governments don’t do this for money: when this conversion is completed, they control all the money anyway! The goal of this transition is to garner total POWER.

How idiotic for our nation’s populace to sit idly by watching the erosion of all of the elements of capitalism that made this nation what it is today. Everyone reaps the benefits of that — EVERYONE! No doubt there are those who, in each sector of an economy and social structure, will do better than others in some areas. But, overall, it evens out. That’s what gives our representative republic its power to make necessary changes to ensure “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to everyone.

A Biden Socialist society of any ilk is little more than another boondoggle for the Left. Certainly, it would be good for SOME Americans in some way. But life and its realities always keep score. “What seed you put in the ground will always grow as what it IS, not what the planter wants it to be.”

Keep that in mind as we watch Biden/Pelosi/Schumer and Company partner with the AOC’s in D.C. to try and pull a “Chile” on us all.

They’re going to give it their best shot!

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