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Is Coronavirus Taking Over Earth? Dr. Drew Weighs In

So it’s either President Trump, and the members of his Coronavirus White House advisory group are all wrong, OR the hoards of media pundits from coast to coast are wrong. Do you want to bet which group is?

I’ll answer that with another question: When someone screams over and over again that they did not do “it” and that someone they’re screaming about really did “it,” who usually did “it?”

Regarding the coronavirus and who is responsible, who is screaming the loudest: Democrats or the Media? 

Maybe — just maybe — they’re the same! Remember: we have felt for a long time that the Mainstream Media have allowed themselves to become the “unofficial” media arm of the Democrat Party. That may not be an assumption anymore.

I often feel that when Nancy Pelosi accidentally breaks wind during a speech, Anderson Cooper quickly says, “Excuse me!”

It’s that bad.

Democrats Have the Answers

Democrats on Capitol Hill and campaigns across the country are telegraphing their next big move. They are watching the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and working with their media proxies to spin this crisis in the minds of Americans as President Trump’s fault. Every statement regarding the virus will have the President’s name and his responses to the disease attached to it, and it will be painted in a negative light. Meanwhile, the true culprits who sparked this soon-to-be pandemic — China’s Communist Party — get a pass in the eyes of Democrats and the media.

The level of propaganda regarding this outbreak is going far beyond their previous efforts to take down President Trump, which is saying a lot considering they’ve kept the anti-Trump volume at 11 for over three years. But they have a few significant problems, not the least of which is their need for the coronavirus to take a very nasty turn in our nation. It’s arguably the most disgusting aspect of modern American politics that opposition parties must inwardly (and sometimes outwardly) cheer for disaster to harm their political rivals.

Their biggest problem is, of course, fighting the facts. The President was lambasted by Democrats and the press when he initiated the travel ban from China. They called it a “racist” move that was premature. Of course, there were no retractions or apologies when the wisdom of his move become evident. They simply moved on and found a new angle from which to attack. Then, the President asked for $2.5 billion to fight the virus, at which point Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said it was insufficient. As Speaker of the House, she has more control over the nation’s purse strings than anyone else. The President responded to her in a speech regarding the coronavirus. He stated that if she thought it was insufficient, she has the power to allocate more.

The economy is another significant risk factor for the President as it’s probably his most significant selling point for reelection. The coronavirus is in the process of creating massive damaging of the world economy, including ours. There’s no way to know where the “coronavirus bottom” of the Stock Market and other economic measures is. Supply lines have been affected dramatically already. The stock market is plunging. Democrats and their media allies are being careful not to blame this side-effect on the President yet, but they’re keeping their eyes on it. Any moves the President makes to turn things around will be instantly labeled ineffective in the Left’s efforts to create a “We told you so” prophecy. In times of crisis, the sentiment is the most prominent driving force behind major rises and falls of economic indicators, and the Left will try to keep everyone scared.

But there’s a problem with this for Democrats. Most economists have been expecting the economy to slow dramatically at some point soon. We’ve never experienced sustained growth for this long, and a downturn has been due, even if only as a significant market correction. Well, here it is. It’s the one silver lining regarding the coronavirus, at least from the President’s perspective. A downturn caused by an act of God followed by a rebound leading into the November elections is an ideal scenario for the President politically. One of the biggest risks to his reelection hopes was an ill-timed downturn with no outside factors making it happen. If the coronavirus can be contained or eliminated by late spring or early summer, the President can ride the growth that follows as a testament to his economic leadership despite a disaster. Don’t think that this thought has been lost on Democrat Party Leadership. They have, on multiple occasions, watched as they seem to have President Trump in a trap from which escape was impossible. He finds victory in every one of those so far!

If the coronavirus is contained, the economy rebounds nicely, and the fears of the people go away, it will be challenging for Democrats to claim it happened despite the President when they’re busy pinning all of the blame for it ahead of time. They’ll still try, but they’re giving Republicans plenty of ammunition to demonstrate their hypocrisy when general election season ramps up.

Democrats and the media want Americans to think of this outbreak as the “Trumpvirus” or “Corona-Gate.” Their doing so is indeed ridiculous, but it’s the best election option they have right now. Hopefully, Americans will recognize the ridiculousness of the claim.


And then there’s Hollywood. Nowhere else in the world is there a group of people who live in one of two small regions of a country. And those in those two regions all think exactly alike. Every member of that group is in locked-step with every other member regarding one specific thing: Donald Trump is evil.

It’s Hollywood! And they are quick to put 100% of the blame of coronavirus at the feet of Donald Trump.

51-year-old actress Debra Messing took to Twitter in response to a Washington Post article claiming the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is poised to cut its global disease prevention efforts by 80 percent.

“THIS is why Trump MUST GO! He puts Americans in mortal danger,” the “Will and Grace” actress tweeted while sharing a link to the article.

Debra Messing

But, “Uh-Oh!” There’s a problem with Ms. Messing’s angry tweet. The article is dated Feb. 1, 2018, and the CDC statistic is old news and never happened!

(By the way: Democratic presidential hopefuls Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden have recently made similar erroneous claims that Trump cut funding for the CDC)

Actors like Matt Damon, Amy Schumer, Amber Rose, Margaret Cho, Chelsea Handler, Shakira, George Clooney, Ashley Judd, George Takei, Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Longoria, Lena Dunham, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Andy Cohen, Ariel Winter, Chris Evans, Johnny Depp and Cher are all rabid Trump-haters. To a person, they have blamed this president for not acting timely regarding the coronavirus “epidemic” — which it is not — and refusing to let experts take control of “all things corona” to make certain the “right” people are making the decisions to protect us all. And that list is a concise list of those in Hollywood that are willing to let Earth dissolve if that will help put Donald Trump out of office! (That may be a slight exaggeration — Nah, it’s not!)

Virus “Hater-in-Chief”

President Trump on Saturday rejected reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci — the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — was muzzled from speaking to the public about the dangers of the coronavirus.
The New York Times on Thursday reported that Fauci had been instructed by the White House not to say anything else without clearance after he had said the virus had adapted well to human species and had a higher mortality rate than influenza. Fauci responded:


We could give you example after example of the media taking what seem to be coordinated shots at President Trump about every aspect of his responses to coronavirus. Those shots come in print primarily from the Washington Post and New York Times. Broadcast and Cable news seem to all be complicit with MSNBC and CNN taking point.


It would be easy to spend scads of your time giving an example after example of the unified vitriol of Democrats and the Media regarding Mr. Trump and coronavirus. But none of this should be a surprise to any. Before his inauguration, similar attacks had begun and have continued without pause. I expect they will continue until long after he leaves office. He is today and probably will be remembered as being the most attacked president by members of the opposition party using coordinated messaging with the Media. That’s sad.

Do you know what is the saddest? There should be NO partisan divide in anything to do with coronavirus. Millions of Americans could very well be directly affected. Billions of people around the world can as well. We all should unify in taking care of those who have been exposed, finding a vaccine to stop its spread, and crafting unified worldwide methods to mitigate damages that result from its spreading from those who have been exposed but yet don’t know that.

Instead, we scream at each other. No one can say it better than as did Dr. Drew:

There’s no need to discuss anymore. Democrats are going to say what they wish to say with no concern for its impact on Americans. The Media will be the messengers for the Democrats. Who is lost in all that? Americans are pummeled with false news reports around the clock. And nothing gets accomplished by their party or the media towards stopping coronavirus!

Whoever in the Democrat Party said they are “all about stopping coronavirus” were not telling the WHOLE truth. That sentence should continue, “…while making certain Donald Trump receives blame for every negative event that occurs during the coronavirus epidemic, regardless of that being true or not.”

That’s the nation in which we live, unfortunately.


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