Is It Over Now?


What a blessed day this is, not just for Christians, but for everyone. Just to know that there is someone who really cares for everything we feel, everything we endure and everything that matters to us. We are NEVER alone!

I watched for the umpteenth time the most emotional movie I’ve ever seen: The Passion of the Christ. Mel Gibson wrote and directed the epic rendition of the most important historical event of all time: the death and resurrection of Christ. It is mindboggling to try to think through and reconcile what one man endured so every human who ever lives can have life forever AND a personal relationship with Him. It took one man — Jesus of Nazareth — who volunteered to bear all the sins of every human who has ever lived and all those to come. As depicted in that movie, Jesus gave His life as the final blood sacrifice for sin: OUR sin.

What a change that has made in this world!

Life Isn’t Easy

His sacrifice took care of the sin problem. But it didn’t do away with the “stuff” in our lives.  And dealing with that sometimes becomes insurmountable — or so it seems.

Surely you have faced one or two, or even three or four things which attacked and maybe ended any hope for your future. Maybe some life event has destroyed the future you envisioned, someone close to you died or you have been abandoned, or extreme illness has snatched away your peace. Do you ever feel alone? Have you ever been so despondent you felt you should just end it all?

You’re not alone: you’re NEVER alone. Besides giving you forgiveness for all the wrong you’ve done, God will give you the strength to deal with all this “stuff” that perpetually threatens to take you down.

Know that when you get to what you think is the end, it’s NEVER over.

When the pain, heartache, loneliness and desperation become so egregious you no longer can bear it, know there is someone who cares — REALLY cares. And though He died that day, he beat death as He opened the door to us for life: GOOD life. And it’s there for you. Just ask Him.


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