Is This the Best We Could Do?

Is what we are seeing coming out of Washington really what American Democrats voted for last November? We have a Congress hell-bent on ONE thing and one thing only. And it isn’t crafting legislation “for” the American people. Their work in this legislative session has been exclusively about rushing to get measures passed that will cement a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress forever while taxing and spending our great, great, great, great, great-grandchildren into poverty. And they do it all for the cause of “investing in our infrastructure.”

No, they’re not talking about roads and bridges. Their definition of infrastructure skips right by the “roads and bridges” thing and jumps on the backs of “social infrastructure.”

What the heck is “social infrastructure?” Being the smart guy that knows where to go to get definitions of the Gen-Xers terminology, I did just that. And I STILL don’t know what it means. You decide:

“Social Infrastructure is a subset of the infrastructure sector and typically includes assets that accommodate social services. Examples of Social Infrastructure Assets include schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, and community housing. Social Infrastructure does not typically extend to the provision of social services, such as the provision of teachers at a school or custodial services at a prison.”

Wow! I really get it now. But for those who don’t quite rise to the level of “Wokeness” necessary to comprehend what that all means, let me dumb it down for you: Social Infrastructure is REAL infrastructure that adds on all the egregious and nasty spending pork projects for legislators that wouldn’t be passed if they were stand-alone pieces of legislature. And they include REAL infrastructure items plus a whole bunch more!

Congress doesn’t have time to put together details of these spending measures, then send them to the appropriate committees for analysis, discussion, and debate. In committee hearings to examine specific pieces of proposed legislation — when they HELD committee hearings on legislation — they formerly had a process called “regular order.” They had witness testimony about the pros and cons of each. Hearings included the introduction of amendments, the committee approval process, and then to the floor of the House for MORE discussion, MORE debate, MORE amendments, and then the voting process.

Some brain surgeon in Congress two decades ago figured out the American people don’t care about the Xs and Os of legislation. So they decided it’d be prudent to just throw these 2000-page bills to the public 24 hours before voting on the floor of the House. And don’t dare ask them questions: they don’t have time for such menial tasks.

What’s the justification for this? There are more important things for members of the House to do. They must “spend time in their districts to meet with their constituents and weigh in on legislative matters that concern their voters.” Want me to define what that really means? “It cost a fortune to run a campaign. We go home to meet with our supporters to answer their questions about government. But what we REALLY do is raise campaign money!”

Then There’s “Uncle Joe”

No one should be surprised at the actions initiated by Pres. Biden in the past seven months. After all, he promised over and over in his “basement” campaign speeches that he was going to spend, spend, spend, and tax, tax, tax. He hasn’t officially gotten to the “tax” part yet, but he’s got a really good start. Just his executive orders have thrown the nation into massive inflation not seen since the Jimmy Carter Administration.

Who isn’t angry at Biden at this point? The man brings new meaning to the word dither. He was five hours late to his address about Afghanistan
Tuesday, and what does he do? He talks about the “Build Back Better” agenda. Can you do this job, Joe? Why did we wait five hours for some crap
pitch about universal pre-K? Americans are trapped, and by all accounts, you’re totally fine with that. You promised that American troops would remain until every American was out. That’s a lie. We’re leaving on August 31 because “the Taliban said so.”

We cowered to terrorists.

There is no way we can evacuate everyone that needs to get out by that deadline — and Joe Biden seems okay with that (via NBC News):

With President Joe Biden intending to stick to the Aug. 31 deadline for U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan, it’s becoming clear that thousands of the Afghans who helped the U.S. won’t be evacuated, a scenario that has engendered deep frustration inside U.S. national security agencies.

“People are furious and disgusted,” said a former U.S. intelligence official who declined to be quoted by name. A defense official said he grew nauseated as he considered how many Afghan allies would be left behind.

At the CIA, “officers feel a real sense of obligation, moral obligation and personal obligation” to the Afghans they supported and trained,” said former CIA Director John Brennan, an NBC News national security consultant.

The U.S. proposed to extend the withdrawal date by four days, offering a promise to hand over a functioning airport to the Taliban after cleaning it up and leaving a Turkish staff to run it. But the Taliban refused to entertain any extension, two defense officials said. The result, U.S. officials said, is that evacuations are likely to slow considerably by Friday to give the military enough time to effect an orderly withdrawal. That isn’t nearly enough time to evacuate all the Afghan interpreters, drivers, and others who helped the 20-year U.S. effort in the country, and it may not be enough time to remove every American, officials acknowledged.

Biden was more concerned about his domestic agenda Tuesday. That’s all you need to know about this fiasco. Afghanistan is burning, and Americans are going to be left behind, but “Build back Better,” right?

It shows that he’s been disengaged, isolated, and totally disconnected from the whole situation. He was on vacation when Afghanistan collapsed — and he was content on staying in vacation mode.

Biden and his crew are making calculations believing that the American people won’t care that at least 7-8,000 citizens are trapped and at the mercy of Islamic terrorists. The thing is, I’m sure Biden’s getting sound advice from the military, who he hates.

Spare me with the “his late son was in the National Guard” talking point. We’ve known for years of his penchant to chew out the brass. He’s arrogant when he shouldn’t be — and it’s going to get Americans killed.

We have the makings of a massive American hostage crisis in Afghanistan. I wouldn’t be shocked if it went that way. Why not? This president is weak.


Don’t be fooled into believing Democrat leaders in D.C. don’t have a process in place to take this lunacy in the Biden Administration to the next level. The “next” level will NOT include the current President. For those who are hell-bent on getting rid of Biden ASAP, be careful: you may get what you’re asking for. That would be VP Kamala Harris stepping up a notch or two. The only other option is to wait Joe out for the next three years or so.

Just imagine if we had the “Giggler-in Chief” calling all the shots. Think about what Afghanistan would look like today. If you think it’s bad with Joe calling the shots, imagine the differences we would inherit with “Kalamity Kamala” calling the shots.

What should we do? It matters little what WE think about what WE should do. Congress must be stopped. These pieces of legislation that pander to The Squad under the watch of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) MUST stop. Yes, it will take a few Democrats standing up to the upstart power broker from Queens. And whoever takes on that role will immediately become a target of the Left.

But hasn’t our “Representative Republic” since its founding been “off the People, for the People, and by the People?” Our forefathers painted this picture to ensure that government existed from the bottom up and not the other way — you know, the way it’s running now.

Until a few more members of Congress find some gravitas and are willing to take on the Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer lapdogs, we will continue down this road toward destruction. That certainly will be the case if Sleepy Joe continues to drive the boat.

I think Jill needs to remodel the “Delaware Basement Oval Office” to look just like the REAL Oval Office. She needs to take Joe home for a long weekend and tell him America moved the Oval Office to Delaware. Let him work from the basement! Jill could set up a few zoom calls each week with fake world leaders so Joe can talk about what a great President he is and how the kids used to love to rub the hair on his legs when he was a lifeguard!

She may need to get him a new “sippy-cup,” though. He keeps leaving the other one on Air Force One.

All this is NOT funny at all. But if we don’t chuckle, we’ll all go to bed crying every night.

And I threw away my “sippy-cup” about 64 years ago!

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