“Let Them Eat Ice Cream”

Would you like to see a stark contrast between elitism and Americanism?

Take a look at this video. Most Americans instantly see the difference.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just returned to Washington from her stately mansion overlooking the city of San Francisco. For her return, she didn’t have to fight baggage check-in, security lines, or avoiding other travelers while waiting to board her flight. She also did not wonder who would be her seat-mate. Why? Nancy boarded her plane from a private terminal in San Francisco. Her plane is actually “OUR” plane: a military version of a Gulfstream G650 $65 million corporate jet that seats up to 14 people with a bathroom, a kitchen with all the amenities including every food and beverage item any flyer could hope for — all at the expense of taxpayers. The ticket for that return flight to D.C.? Approximately $60,000. And YOU bought the ticket.

While 22 million+ Americans have lost their jobs in the last month, many of those who are fighting to find ways to continue to put food on their tables, pay rent, pay utility bills while dodging Coronavirus, Nancy goo-goos over her stash of $15 per pint gourmet ice cream.

Does anyone feel she may be out of touch with the people of America?

Let’s be honest: MANY in Washington have long ago lost touch with Americans. Think about it: Thursday in the Senate, only six Senators appeared in the session in-person to consider legislation to be debated and then were put forth for a vote. Six Senators decided how Congress should spend $483 million taxpayer dollars!

Only one Senator rose to speak from the floor during consideration of the “new” stimulus bill: Mike Lee (R-UT). And his speech wasn’t about the pending legislation. It was to chastise his fellow Senators who chose to sit at home without performing their sworn duties in person in consideration of aย half-trillion-dollar spending bill!ย 

There’s just something wrong with that.

Not only is that wrong, but it is also certainly revealing. Put that in tandem with the video above of Nancy sitting in front of her freezer full of a fortune of gourmet ice cream, flaunting it, how good it is and how she would never make it in life if ice cream hadn’t been invented. Wrap it all in this: while Nancy salivated over her ice cream, 23 million unemployed Americans not only couldn’t buy expensive ice cream, they couldn’t purchase milk for their babies, pay to keep their lights on along with water and had to choose which night Mom and Dad would skip supper so that the children would have enough food to eat.

I don’t think it’s Pelosi’s responsibility that COVID-19 hit our nation when and how it did. I DO think it’s her responsibility and lack of leadership that, in part, allowed it to impact us all the way it has.

Think about it: we know that COVID-19 attacked the world through China as early as November or early December. What in those months through the first week of February consumed the time of Speaker Pelosi and that of the majority of House members?ย Impeachment.ย 

Did she just think that the virus was just going to sit on the sidelines until “Coach” Nancy called it off the bench to get in the game?

Speaker Pelosi is not the only member of Congress who has turned a back toward the American people. There’s no need to call names: we all know who the chief among them is.

It’s not the right time to place blame! (And that’s directed primarily at Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and the remainder of House and Senate Democrats in leadership) NEITHER side should point fingers. What should they do? They should set their shoulders to the plow and dig-in to go about the Peoples’ business while ignoring (as much as is possible)ย the distracting circumstances of COVID-19. Millions of everyday Americans are doing it! Why can’t they do it too?

Many of our political leaders have in good faith publicly hailed those frontline healthcare workers and law enforcement folks for the 24/7 jobs they have dutifully performed during the pandemic. Saying “Thank You” is an admirable thing to do. But saying that while shirking or avoiding performing the job committed to deliver in an oath of office is unforgivable. Any member of the House or Senate that feels ANY Americans should put themselves in harm’s way to address the needs of Americans at the hands of Coronavirus yet does not attend to the Peoples’ work in Congress should give serious consideration to resigning. There is NO “pandemic excuse” for missing work. Do what those First Responders in healthcare and all those in the critical jobs to keep as much of the economy as possible flowing do:ย go to work!

If you cannot perform your job, consider resigning and find a position that you can achieve regardless of extenuating circumstances that sometimes sneak-up on all of us.


Utah Senator Mike Lee: โ€œUnlike millions of our constituents, members of Congress are still receiving paychecks. Itโ€™s time for us to earn them. Itโ€™s time to do our job. Itโ€™s time to return to Washington and get to work,โ€ the Utah Republican said in a floor speech Tuesday. โ€œWeโ€™ve seen members of the news media working overtime, even if, as is the case for many of them, they do so only to blame all of this โ€” somewhat unfairly, in my opinion โ€” on the president of the United States,โ€œ he said.

โ€œI understand that weโ€™re in unusual circumstances, but we canโ€™t let it happen this way again. This is not acceptable,โ€ he said. The Senate left the session in March.

โ€œThat was 20 million lost jobs ago. There is more to do. There is a lot more. More than we have ever faced,โ€ Lee said. “The health crisis is too big, and the challenges are too numerous, onerous, and complex.”

โ€œWe canโ€™t just give those issues the attention that they deserve simply by sitting in our respective homes,โ€ Lee said.

โ€œThe American people need to know who is helping them, and who is simply playing politics. We canโ€™t allow them to know that if weโ€™re not in session,โ€ he said.

โ€œBut we also have to be honest with ourselves and the country about the fact that we canโ€™t afford to do this in perpetuity. Nor can we ignore the public health and safety risks that go along with keeping people locked inside their homes and not returning to work indefinitely,โ€ he said, adding that could lead to suicide, depression, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Lee said he doesnโ€™t know when the right time is to reopen Utahโ€™s economy, but those decisions should be left to state and local governments and not made in Washington, D.C.

โ€œBrooklyn and Orem are very different communities, and every community across the country has its unique circumstances,โ€ he said.

Meanwhile, it looks like Speaker Pelosi might have just enough gourmet ice cream to throw a party for her House Majority pals and invite New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

Unfortunately, there’s not quite enough to go around to those 26 million Americans waiting for theirs’.


1 thought on ““Let Them Eat Ice Cream””

  1. Great Op-Ed, I can only pray Iโ€™m not the
    only Patriot who read it, and realizes that this must end.Itโ€™s time for the people to correct this moral injustice !!
    I am sick of being taken for a โ€œSheepleโ€!!
    I have been brutally AWAKE now for the
    last 6 years, and I continue to have hope
    that the rest of the nation will AWAKEN before itโ€™s too late……?!?

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