Let’s Celebrate our Veterans Together

Every Veterans Day we would be remiss if we did not stand with all of our friends and partners at TruthNewsNetwork and say “Thank You” to all those 40 million + veterans who have served through the years in the United States Military. Far more have gone on than are still with us. Their gifts and sacrifices are sacred to us and will never be forgotten and certainly always appreciated.

A few days ago I walked into a Panera in our city where Barksdale Air Force Base is located. A group of 8 current Air Force members were ordering bagels and coffee for breakfast. I stepped in front of the line, turned to them, and said a simple “Thank You” to them. I bought their bagels and coffee. Doing so was no big deal to me and probably not to them. When I look back I actually think it might have seemed a bit trivial to them. But they all beamed their thanks for my gesture.

When it comes right down to it, each of them signed up to take a bullet for me and for you if they are ever called to do that. Someone smarter and much greater than I once said, “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend.” Jesus really put the truth out there when He said that.

Those 8 Air Force members may find themselves facing that themselves. A bagel and a cup of coffee bought for them by an old man at Panera seems like a really trite thanks for their potential sacrifice. I hope none thought of me that way. But that moment was NOT about me at all. It was and is about their commitment to the men, women, and children of the United States for which they stand watch 24/7 to protect us against the evil of which we know and certainly that we have not seen.

When I pray that the evil will never overtake our country, I will always end that prayer this way: “God, please protect all those men and women who have already volunteered to give their lives for me and every other American if ever called-on to do so. Please protect them and give them peace in knowing that Americans not only appreciate them, we love them for their willingness to give their lives for the rest of us.”

I know you echo my thanks today for all those men and women. And for those of you in our family who are veterans, thank you for being who you are.

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