What Are They Hiding?

Try as they might, and try as they have, Democrats, along with “Never-Trumpers,” have failed to find the secret widget with which to drive Donald Trump from office. We’ve all shared our thoughts and ideas for the reasoning for their doing so, but ours has been a subjective opinion. Here are my thoughts on why those from the two groups want Mr. Trump gone:

Democrats. That’s an easy one to answer. Their perpetuation of the concerted efforts to take the U.S. down the path toward socialism and away from democracy is the headline of their master plan. Ms. Clinton was to be their anointed heir-apparent. Donald Trump not only upset the Clinton applecart, but he also defeated their socialism gameplan.

It seems impossible to accept that Democrats were so angry at President Trump for winning that they would create this atmosphere of alleged treason in which to thwart the will of 63 million American voters. It is hard to believe they’ve been doing so to put their socialistic trainwreck back on the tracks.

First, it was Russia collusion with the Trump Campaign. That boondoggle began before the 2016 election and was spearheaded by James Comey, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, and others. When the 2016 election results shock and horror subsided a bit, the Mueller probe was launched and perpetuated for 2.5 years. When it did not show Russia collusion, it moved to obstruction of justice. Then it was “Stormy-Gate,” then the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing debacle. With “no there there,” it morphed into “Ukraine-Gate” where we sit today.

“Never-Trumpers.” This one has been a bit tough to understand and explain. Conventional wisdom is that the entire GOP would be delighted to win back the White House. Put the brakes on! A relatively large contingent of Republicans were/are not only unhappy with the Trump presidency, but they have also joined with their across-the-aisle counterparts to remove Mr. Trump. What could their reasoning be?

They love the atmosphere in D.C. in which they live and work and don’t want anyone to upset it.

It’s the Swamp! And no one loves the Swamp more than those who live and thrive in the Swamp. Anyone who wants to change that immediately becomes the enemy. And the Never-Trumpers will not stand idly by allowing that to happen. How else can one explain the anti-Trump antics of the late Sen. John McCain, Sen. Mitt Romney, former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and many others who despise Donald Trump as do the following list of Never-Trumpers? (This list will shock you)

Former President George H. W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush

Former presidential candidates from 2016:

Florida Governor Jeb Bush; Mark Everson, Commissioner of Internal Revenue; Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard (1999–2005); John Kasich, Governor of Ohio (2011–2019); George Pataki, Governor of New York (1995–2006)

Eleven sitting governors from 2016, Eleven previous governors — all Republicans

Thirteen current and former U.S. Senators — all Republicans

If you conduct an internet search for “current and former GOP politicians who were against the election of Donald Trump,” you will see dozens and dozens of others including the names of many that will surprise you. This begs the question,”Why would any Republican not support a Republican nominee over a Democrat opponent in a general election?” There can only be one answer and that is given above: They love the atmosphere in D.C. in which they live and work and don’t want anyone to upset it. (I think we’ve heard that reason before) These and other “Never-Trumpers” are so vehemently committed to the maintenance of the gravy-train called Washington they would then (and many would now) do whatever they could to guarantee their Swamp infrastructure is maintained. And Donald Trump made it clear to all he would never allow that to happen.

He went after Democrats; he went after establishment Republicans. And the American people like that and voted to give him the job to do just that while serving in the White House.

Bubbling Below the Surface

Does it seem to you that there is something not mentioned above that is a critical part of this anti-Trump activity that you cannot quite put you finger on? It certainly seems to be there. I’ve tried for a couple of years to identify it. While I have seen bits and pieces, Bigfoot just will not step into the sunlight. But it’s important that Americans discover and understand what’s really going on that remains unseen. Americans need to understand this “need” of Democrats and Never-Trumpers for impeachment so that in the 2020 elections, Americans can vote from an informed position.

How do we get answers which we can trust without evidence and only possibilities? Here’s what we’ve done at TruthNewsNetwork: we’ve worked backwards from the obvious — “they’re trying desperately to kick Mr. Trump from the White House.” Why is that? There is something or are some-things they do not want Americans to know. What could those be? What are they trying to hide?


Who are those trying to hide corruption and what corruption is there for them to hide? Let’s start at the top, Joe Biden being chief among those.

Joe Biden. The former VP had been designated the Obama overseer of Ukraine corruption and to work with Ukraine to ferret it out. Just before Trump took office, Joe was in Ukraine giving a goodbye speech: “You’re fighting both against the cancer of corruption, which continues to eat away at Ukraine’s democracy within, and the unrelenting aggression of the Kremlin,” he told local leaders, politicians and parliamentarians in Kyiv, the capital. “It’s imperative that you continue to strengthen all of your anti-corruption institutions to root out those who would return Ukraine to rule by cronyism and kleptocracy,” he added.

This speech tied a bow on the Vice President’s “job” for President Obama in Ukraine. It happened in the shadow of the obvious blackmail of the former president of Ukraine to stop government investigation of corruption in Ukraine by the VP’s son, Hunter. The blackmail material was $1 Billion of U.S. foreign aid that Biden would withhold unless Ukraine stopped investigating Hunter Biden for corruption! How ironic was that?

Shady dealings by Bidens were carefully hidden but included several in the family. Not only Joe and Hunter, but Joe’s brother James was also involved in shady Ukraine dealings. Click the ink for details: https://www.pacificpundit.com/2019/10/07/joe-bidens-corrupt-brother-involved-in-ukraine-scandal/

Nancy Pelosi. It seems seldom did shady dealings take place during the Obama years without Nancy Pelosi. Ukraine was no different.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. visited Ukraine in 2017 to meet with government officials in connection to a business initiative. Now, unearthed records reveal that Paul Pelosi Jr. was an executive of a gas industry company that did business in Ukraine – and his mother Nancy Pelosi,was featured in one of the company’s promotional videos. Click the ink for details: https://whiskeytangotexas.com/2019/10/04/nancy-pelosi/

Bill and Hillary Clinton. From 2009 up to 2013, the year the Ukrainian crisis erupted, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, which is headquartered in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, a new report claims.

In 2008, Viktor Pinchuk, who made a fortune in the pipe-building business, pledged a five-year, $29-million commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, a program that works to train future Ukrainian leaders “to modernize Ukraine.”

Don’t forget that Crowdstrike — a Ukraine IT company — is believed by U.S. authorities to be where the Clinton email server was copied and stored. Click the ink for details: https://www.rt.com/usa/243017-ukraine-clinton-foreign-donors/

The DNC. Ukrainian government officials tried to help The Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found. Click the ink for details: https://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/ukraine-sabotage-trump-backfire-233446

Comey, Brennan, Clapper and others. CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities during the 2016 US election have begun to hire attorneys, as Attorney General William Barr expands his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, led by US Attorney John Durham. NBC learned of the ‘lawyering up’ from three former CIA officials “familiar with the matter,” while two more anonymous leakers claim there’s tension between the Justice Department and the CIA over what classified documents Durham has access to. Click the ink for details: https://realconservativesunite.com/2019/10/20/cia-analysts-lawyer-up-as-brennan-clapper-ensnared-in-expanding-russiagate-probe/

But there are a few other players that so far have remained unmentioned in this discussion. I think we should look closely at those.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Noise from Sen. Lindsey Graham(R-SC) — chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee — that he plans on his committee convening and “inviting” Mr. Schiff to testify regarding the Whistleblower and the details of how he or she came to meet with Schiff’s staffers and others prior to filing his Whistleblower complaint. Suspicions of many are the Schiff himself set those meetings up and “coached” the whistleblower in the process of actually filing his complaint with the Inspector General. There are even thoughts that Schiff himself may have prepared the professionally produced whistleblower complaint. If any of that is true, Schiff will become an actual “fact witness” in this impeachment process. Remember this: Schiff now claims the Whistleblower is not even going to testify under any circumstances. Thoughts by many are that Schiff does NOT want his personal and staffer interaction details with the Whistleblower made public.

The Whistleblower. Who else in this impeachment process has more to hide than this person? After all, this chapter of “D.C. et al vs. Donald Trump” would not exist without this person and the whistleblower claim. And the claim has been 100% discredited. Why? There was no first-hand direct contact that even justified the original claim. Purportedly the “evidence” presented to the IG by the Whistleblower was second, third, and even fourth-hand, certainly insufficient to justify impeachment proceedings.

Bill and Hillary Clinton. There are no two people that had more to gain from the discrediting of Donald Trump than the Clintons. The Durham Report will almost certainly reveal details of “government for sale” by the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, and the Clinton Foundation. All of those plans were railroaded by the Donald Trump election. What exactly will be exposed about their wrongdoing? Just one note here: the Clinton Foundation has received more than a billion dollars in contributions through the years. Virtually every 501 © tax-free foundation with revenue even 10% in receipts of this foundation are audited by the IRS. In all the years and with all that money, the Clinton Foundation has never experienced an IRA audit, even with some improprieties being exposed. 


Let’s face facts: this entire impeachment thing is not even close to resolution. It has many moving parts. Today we concentrated on some of those who have to most to hide by deflecting attention from their own actions to the impeachment process. In the coming days we will share with you the Grand Scheme that is in the Democrat oven slow-cooking and exactly what that details.

Just know this: what we have just begun to see and hear details of will probably be the largest, deepest, and most encompassing political corruption case in U.S. history. It will certainly dwarf Nixon’s Watergate.

But there’s still one unknown detail that can thwart the discovery of all the expected evil: Where in this process are the so-called conservative D.C. power brokers in all this? Where they stand and how they respond will determine if Americans ever see and hear the truth of the anti-Trump movement.

Know one thing that IS certain: Donald Trump comes down firmly on the side of 100% federal government transparency. And everyday we see the President peeling back layers of the corruption onion one at a time.

But Mr. Trump is not the only player in this production and does not have unilateral power to control who sees and hears what. The questions Americans must get answered are who controls the narrative and the release of the truth? What things are being hidden from us? What will be the repercussions of their exposure to the involved parties? And what will happen if these atrocities are NOT revealed?

That last question should be the one that keeps you up at night. If we do not get all the answers and if all the perpetrators are not held responsible for any wrongdoing, we are living in nothing better than a Caribbean banana republic. And the United States of America as our grand parents, parents, and even many of us have know will be nothing more than a small picture in the rear view mirror of American history.

We are really close to dealing with that reality.



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