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Let’s Play “What If?”

Do you now feel Trump impeachment is likely?

Many people do. Many on the Left can barely wait for the House to vote Articles of Impeachment followed by a Trump impeachment trial by the Senate. Those on the Right watching the obviously tainted investigation by Mueller think the Deep State is out to get the President and are succeeding. But what if both Right and Left are missing some things that will change the entire process? How about some “possibilities?”

What If?

  • What if there has been an orchestrated plan going back deep into the 2016 campaign to slay a bunch of political dragons?
  • What if Russia really did impact the outcome of the 2016 election?
  • What if many in the Intelligence Community, both campaigns, and a group of those in Congress knew of the Russian election interference and simply ignored it?
  • What if one of the presidential candidates not only knew about Russian involvement but in part orchestrated it?
  • Remember in the campaign Candidate Trump often talked about Putin and how if elected he would make Russia friendly with the U.S. because of a personal relationship between Trump and Putin?
  • Remember that every time Russia came up during the campaign Hillary chided Trump because Russia would never be a U.S. friend?
  • Remember when Obama chided Trump for his Putin talks, Lynch was aghast, Holder was beside himself?
  • What if everything Trump does or says is really for a calculated reason?
  • What if Trump knew about the Uranium One deal?
  • What if Trump knew about the FBI investigation into that deal that apparently had been covered up?
  • What if during the campaign Trump discovered the $140 million of Russian money that had been funneled into the Clinton Foundation?
  • What if Trump found out about the bribery and deal cutting in the Uranium One deal that involved dozens of high level politicians and federal apppointees?
  • What if Trump purposely appointed Sessions as Attorney General then instructed him to recuse himself from any Clinton election campaign investigation?
  • What if Trump instructed Sessions to appoint Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG?
  • What if Trump inferred in his interview with Mueller for the FBI Director job that he knew of Mueller’s involvement in the Uranium One investigation?
  • What if Mueller reached out to Rosenstein with that information and talked Rosenstein into appointing him as Special Investigator the next day after his Trump interview to find/create evidence that would clear the pair of their illegal involvement in the Uranium One deal?
  • What if Trump knew that would happen before he declined to appoint Mueller but did so anyway?
  • What if the above regarding Rosenstein and Mueller being “the bad guys” really are part of “the good guys” and have been cooperating with Trump and sessions from the start? What if they have known all the players and details of Uranium One from the start?
  • What if Mueller and his team are being so quiet because they know if any in the Deep State get details of Mueller’s investigation are about Clinton and the Clinton Foundation the “bad guys” would find a way to step in and shut it down?
  • What if what the Uranium One/Russian Trump dossier gang have assumed that Trump has really been on his heels, reeling from the realities thrown his way of his Russian collusion and he doesn’t know what to do?
  • What if the reality is that Mueller has been relentlessly digging into the truth about Uranium 1, its players and bribery proponents, and also the truth about the Trump dossier?
  • What if in doing so he found a MASSIVE Russian bribery scheme involving 1 of the Presidential candidates in which she compromised US nat’l security?
  • What if he also found the illegal funding of solicitation of info from Russian government sources to smear Trump as a candidate?
  • What if compounding that offense, he discovered that funding of this dossier was funneled through a law firm, which is illegal?
  • What if indictments for many or all of those who perpetrated these crimes are already issued and sealed while the final investigative pieces are being finalized? (FBI files heretofore hidden about the Clinton email investigation have been released to Congress today)
  • What if the previous administration and those implicated in these various scandals are all brought to justice and indictments followed by trials and guilty verdicts sends Obama cronies to jail?
  • The Media are deeply party to all this. What if it is revealed that they missed this entire historical event because they fell for the Opening Story: “Trump Colluded with Russia?”
  • What if Campaign and then President Trump purposefully pounded in almost every public appearance that the Mainstream Media gives the nation only “Fake News” to keep them on the wrong track while those on the right track completed their business?


This all may seem too wild to believe. But if you take a few minutes and think through the possible answers to all these “What Ifs,” you will discover that each could very well be true. Here is the overshadowing truths to consider while you are answering the “What Ifs:” Donald Trump is far from stupid, far from afraid, and far from gullible. If people think his tweets — each one — are shots from the hip with no thoughtfulness and that they each are not purposeful, they are deceived. Is it actually believable that the Clintons and their cronies could continue down their seemingly life-long trek of cheating, lying, breaking laws while thumbing their noses at authorities without being called to task? By the way, does anyone believe that Jeff Sessions is so soft, so afraid, so intimidated by those in the Clinton Machine that he would back away from pursuing legal confrontation for their wrongdoing? I doubt it.

There’s a new sheriff in town.

As I have told you all for months: “Buckle in. We’re going on a ride and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a fun one!”

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