Meet The U.S. “Drug-Trafficker-In-Chief:” President Joe Biden

Yes, I said it. And, yes, I am sure it is so. How and why? Let’s dive in.

Without going into the gritty details, know this about drug deaths from illegal drugs coming through Mexico:

New data from the CDC shows that more than 107,600 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2021, hitting a record high despite a decrease in year-over-year growth.  For Americans between the ages of 18 and 45, the leading cause of death is not COVID-19 or car accidents. It’s fentanyl overdoses, a major issue that has been largely ignored by our elected leaders. Total deaths increased 15% in 2021, whereas the change from 2019 to 2020 saw a 30% increase. The slowdown could be promising, but the record high for yet another year brings into question the urgency our leaders place on the opioid epidemic and actually addressing the issue at hand.

The majority of deaths trace back to the use of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin. U.S. fentanyl is typically made in Mexico using chemicals that are imported from China.

The production trail has led U.S. officials to place blame on China for enabling such a widespread and deadly issue to occur. The Drug Enforcement Administration is calling on the Chinese government to crack down on supply chain networks that traffic the chemicals to Mexican cartels.  Meanwhile, the Biden administration is essentially welcoming fentanyl with open arms at our southern border. Democrats in change of Washington have done nothing to stop the mass illegal immigration happening, and border patrol has been forced to obey Biden’s open border policies. U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths in 2021

Two million illegals have crossed our southern border just this year! Besides the obvious — that crossing the border into the United States is a criminal offense — President Biden is not only “going soft” on southern border crossing infractions, he suborns this lawbreaking by encouraging his Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, to find ways to keep the illegals that are caught crossing IN the United States, finding Non-Government entities (NGO’s) who will temporarily take those illegals, house and feed them, and then facilitate their movements across the nation as the Biden Administration orders.

Who pays for all this? We’re told these fantastic charities — based on the goodness of Americans with soft hearts who contribute to them — are paying these bills. That’s horse hockey! The federal government buries billions of dollars in spending bills directly to these NGOs to keep these illegals in the U.S. paying for 100% of their expenses with OUR taxpayer dollars.

What About The Illegal Drugs?

President Biden opened the door to the worst and most extensive drug trade in the Western Hemisphere the day he was elected- three months before he became President! He put the word out: “My Administration will terminate the egregious policies of my predecessor regarding immigrants fleeing their home countries to find a better way of life. We will work with Mexico and our Central and South American governments to streamline this process and give those who are seeking safe passage to our border to make asylum claims. The United States will welcome these immigrants and assist their resettlement in the U.S.”

With that statement, Biden canceled the “Remain in Mexico Policy” negotiated by President Trump with the President of Mexico. It allowed EVERY illegal the right to cross the border, file their asylum claim with U.S. Border Patrol, then return just across the border to facilities maintained by the Mexican government so those asylum seekers would be safe and cared for while their asylum claims were being adjudicated. Once adjudicated, those who were accepted, according to U.S. immigration laws, followed the process and found places to live legally.

On Day One of his presidency, Joe Biden canceled the “Remain in Mexico Policy.” Many thought that would be the day when illegals flooded our border. But they were already coming! When Biden’s election was confirmed, thousands of illegals stormed the border and were allowed in.

No one in this Administration would answer this question: What came into the U.S. with this flood of illegals? What about their criminal history? It’s doubtful that Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, or Mexico had exhaustive criminal records on the illegals from their countries. I doubt they would provide that information to the U.S. if they had it. Why? They were glad the United States was taking hundreds of thousands of illegals that were hardened criminals with extensive criminal records in their countries.

The U.S. Border Patrol has no way to do an extensive background check on all these illegals. If they DID have a pipeline with those foreign countries, it would still take at least days to obtain this information. Meanwhile, on Biden’s orders, Homeland Security began to let them go to parts unknown in the U.S. Oh, don’t forget about those late-night charter jet flights and charter buses that sneaked into American cities across the nation, dropping these illegals in various towns and cities. Those NGOs were happy to receive them. Why? They made millions from grants provided by the Biden Administration to care for those illegals.

Drugs are everywhere among these illegals. Most illegal drugs are not coming “from” Mexico but only “through” Mexico. While U.S. Customs and Border Patrol can apprehend massive amounts of illegal drugs, it is common knowledge that drugs are coming across that are carried by “gotaways” — those illegals that were discovered through electronic surveillance but never apprehended — are estimated to be as much in volume as a multiple of ten times the amount of captured illegal drugs.

Here’s a look at the official numbers for “captured” illegal drugs for 2010 through the first part of 2022 (the numbers are shown as “k” but means “pounds”):  (illegal drug seizure statistics)


Let me ask a really stupid question of you. How much in weight in illegal drugs that do nothing but kill hundreds of thousands of Americans is OK to you for our President to keep the border open? How many Moms and Dads buried their children last year because their child innocently accepted a pill from a friend they thought was some innocent over-the-counter pain killer but was laced with fentanyl that killed them? Or maybe that child had never given a thought to smoking marijuana — still, a “gateway” drug — and were given or sold a doobie that was laced with fentanyl?

This and worse such incidents happen daily in the U.S. So, President Biden, yesterday stumping in Pennsylvania, made a wondrous announcement: he is allocating millions of dollars more of taxpayer money that will be earmarked to tackle this problem. Doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Taxpayer money I.S. necessary as part of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, and ICE budgets to police and protect our southern border. There are explicit federal immigration laws and budget bills passed that regulate all the operations of these and every other government agency. Congress must pass — and has passed — all these bills, which the appropriate President at the time signed into law. Then Senator Biden participated and voted for many of these bills when he served in the U.S. Senate.

Why should the taxpayers be required to pay more money in taxes to facilitate a “new” Biden policy at the southern border when the Biden Administration refuses to enforce the current immigration laws that the American people’s representatives — the U.S. Congress — have already funded and were signed into law?

No Confidence In Our Government

The facts detailed above are not the “only” reason President Biden’s favorability numbers are racing toward single digits. His actions — or “inaction” — regarding lawbreaking at the southern border and subsequent waves of lawlessness across the nation from many of those he’s encouraging to ENTER the nation — are driving the confidence of Americans in this government.

It’s true that “Candidate” Biden promised he would do away with the Trump immigration policies regarding southern border protection. But he also promised he would be a president that would make and keep Americans safe. He never told us he would suborn the constant breaking of federal laws by two million illegals he allowed to enter the nation — most of who will become permanent residents if not citizens — or he probably would not have won the 2020 election. Americans expect that every President will enforce the Rule of Law. In fact, they each swear an oath to do just that.


Regardless of President Biden’s promises in Pennsylvania yesterday about his so-called “commitment to stopping criminality across the nation,” it’s time for all Americans to understand this one thing: this President is NOT truthful. On our show “TNN Live!” we have given our listeners countless examples of his commitments from his own mouth. It’s as if he doesn’t know YouTube exists and that everything he said is recorded for ALL to see and hear!

If Joe Biden had told Americans he, if elected President, would do half the things he’s doing and allow half the stuff he’s allowing, Donald Trump would still be in office but serving his second term.

Make NO mistake: Joe Biden is our Drug Trafficker In Chief. He could stop it all on ONE day just by beginning to do what he promised Americans he would do constantly: hold ALL accountable in his Administration. And he does NOT!

What can be done about what’s happening on Biden’s watch? There’s NOTHING we citizens, living in the trenches under the treacherous policies and results of HIS governing, can do. Until 2024 when a new President can be elected, the only way to stop Joe Biden is through impeachment. And Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives is the only government entity Constitutionally authorized to begin impeachment processes. And that will NEVER happen on her watch.

Let this be a lesson for all of us: actions have results — EVERY time. Secondly, politicians sometimes lie. And Joe Biden is WAY past the “sometimes” and is in the middle of the “D.O.” ocean. His policies, which added to his egregious executive actions on numerous fronts, have put us in our current position. Sadly, it is doubtful that we will see any progress in this Administration. We DID see his fulfillment of many policies put in place by his predecessor, which put our nation in the best position in economic matters, foreign policy, and even social situations we have seen in decades.

Pray for this President. No matter who, we want the Captain to successfully maneuver the USS America to a successful landing. After we land, we need to change captains.

Tomorrow, it gets better and nastier here. We will address the insanity of the U.S. Congress and reveal much of the hidden travesties perpetrated by Congressional leaders and their members that will blow your minds!

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