But of course, Emanuel paints a very different picture. Instead of coming clean about his own failings or figuring out how to do his job, he’d rather spend his time attacking President Trump.

Addressing illegal immigrant students protected under an executive order issued in 2012 by President Obama, which President Trump is phasing out over six months, Emanuel sermonized recently: “Chicago, our schools, our neighborhoods, our city as it relates to what President Trump said will be a Trump-free zone. You have nothing to worry about.” Rahm forgot when his former boss created the DACA deal, he said it was only temporary and might be un-constitutional. “Rahm knows best.”

What are the Hollywood Leftists and Political Leftists thinking when they make these crazy allegations? Are they so self absorbed they think they not only have a pipeline to a place of pure perfection to which they plug in, they feel a moral need to not just express it as opinion, but to demean all who do not bow at the altar of their correctness. Geez, Jim Jones was plugged into a similar place that resulted in the cyanide deaths of 900 men, women, and children who bought his drivel. Hitler painted every human alive that was not German as evil — specifically the Jewish people — and slaughtered millions as did Stalin. These nuts all shared the same premise as Jennifer Lawrence, Rahm Emanual, Robert deNiro, the women on The View and several million other nut jobs who know so much more than you just because they are on television, in movies, in public office, or every morning sit at the table with Whoopi Goldberg.


Here’s the great problem with all of this. Forget about the fact that there are Hollywood-ites and political-ites who subscribe to this moral elitist philosophy of their superiority. The danger is that more and more Americans are being sucked into that mushroom cloud of nuclear catastrophe just waiting to be launched on the rest of the world. The only danger in rampant lies and venom spewed by the Few is that their messages begin to fall on a greater number of ears of the Many that more and more begin to adopt those thoughts as the Truth.

There is nothing wrong with diverse opinions. In fact, the ability to express those freely by all is the single most important building block of the United States. But when those who live their lives inside a virtual cube of mirrors in which they seldom see anything but their own reflections, it is suicidal to believe the principles they espouse as real actually being driven by any intellectual thought. They all flow directly from those cubes. It is lunacy to expect any diverse thoughts coming from such a cube because all they see are reflections of themselves — the cube walls are purposely designed to be mirrors showing ONLY them!

Parents, you may want to make certain your children are being exposed to some sources of intellectual diversity and not just E Television, The Ellen Show, the Kardashians, and MTV. Want a novel idea? Get them to read!

In fairness, Rahm Emanuel is not like many of those in Hollywood. He is knowingly and purposefully arrogant spouting intellectual blather. He’s trying to cover up the truth of his error and failures of his leadership in Chicago. He should just be simply labeled as a failed leader and let destroy his own life.

The others are simply deceived by the same thing that caused the very first sin: Pride. “Pride goeth before destruction.” That Biblical passage was true in the Old Testament and is true and applicable for today: everywhere on Earth including Hollywood.