Sunday: Day for Worship AND NFL Football!

Just a note here: It’s a day off to begin the Fall and this NFL season. I have a vested interest in Wide Receiver Trent Taylor (#81) of the San Francisco 49rs who is a rookie who against all odds nudged a veteran off the field and Trent took his place. San Fran hosts Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Levi Stadium in Santa Clara will be rocking!

Today as you attend your house of worship, please join me in prayer for all those who lost their lives in Houston, the Caribbean, and happening now in Florida. Think about it: most of the 6+ million people in Florida who were put on notice to get out of the state because of Hurricane Irma have lost loved ones and loved “things” — their homes and livelihoods. Make Sunday a Day of Gratitude. If not for God you could be cleaning up where your home USED to be.

Let’s make today a day about others and not about us. And it’s a day about the good old USA. We watched and listened to all those who complain about America and so many things and people that are part of it. Pray for them, too.


2 thoughts on “Sunday: Day for Worship AND NFL Football!”

    1. Trent is a rookie wide receiver for the San Francisco 49’ers from Shreveport, Louisiana, who played for Louisiana Tech and led the nation in receiving last season. He is like a family member to us and a really great young man in addition to be an incredible football player.

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