Nancy Pelosi: Smarter Than Most Think

Have I lost my ever-loving mind? Most people feel that House Speaker Pelosi is the poster child for the term: “Duh!”  She has certainly embarrassed herself and her party on numerous occasions making some of the most absurd statements ever heard in D.C. I could give example after example of her doing so.

Most conservatives — especially the “experts” in media labeled as conservative — have watched as Pelosi and her Senate Democrat partner, Chuck Schumer, have so far turned a deaf ear to the far-left agenda being bandied about by the “New” Left of their party. Each of those declared presidential candidates seem to have bowed at the altar of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to get a list of the “acceptable” policy talking points to use to begin their campaigns. AOC seems to hold all the permission slips for policy positions for the Democrat Party right now. 

What’s going on?

The Leftist Landscape

“Medicare for All!”

This cry is being parroted by everyone on the Democrat extreme left who is so far running for President. But that cry is not new. Hillary Clinton put the idea of “Medicare for all” or “single-payer” healthcare into her husband’s first White House term. It was shot down then, primarily because her plan as described to the nation was hard to understand. But what Americans DID understand was the actual cost to the country and the damage such a plan would do to the economic health of the U.S. and to U.S. taxpayers. Little in Hillary’s plan has changed in today’s version — except for the addition of three zeroes. The price for “Hillary-Care” was in the billions. The price tag for the current “Medicare for All” adds at least three zeroes and four by some estimates and is in the trillions.

If one can get past the cost of such a plan, it is impossible to ignore the inevitable changes such a program would make to the actual healthcare system. Medical professionals in the tens of thousands would head for the door if Medicare-for-all was ever implemented. Why? Follow the money.

Here’s Medicare Costs in Dollars Paid to Healthcare Providers of all types in Fiscal Year 2017:

$709,386,000,000 (That’s $709+ Billion)

$122,331,000,000 ($122+ Billion) Medicare Premiums Paid into Medicare

$587,055,000,000 ($587+ Billion) Net: Cost of Medicare to the Federal Gov’t in Fiscal Year 2017

How does that compare with “Medicare-for-all?” Conservative estimates from several bi-partisan groups set the 10-year cost of the currently proposed “Medicare-for-all” at $70+ Trillion!

Just so you can get a grip on the viability of such a health program, the total U.S. Government revenue for 2019 is anticipated to be $3.422 Trillion. “If” the projected cost of Medicare-for-all hold true, the 10-year estimate would gobble up the entire U.S. Government gross income and still be short! Healthcare providers would be the first to get cutoff. And without good doctors, our amazing healthcare system is finished.

Free College Tuition and Cancellation of Current School Debt

The total 4-year cost for Title IV college tuition for the United States including 4-year college + 2-year college for fiscal year 2012:

$308,896,040,000 or $308+Billion

(Estimates are an annual cost increase of 6-9%)

Current Democrat declared Presidential candidates each call for such a program. You may remember that Bernie Sanders in his 2016 campaign called for free college tuition as did Senator Elizabeth Warren PLUS cancelling all secondary education student school debt. How much would that be?

$1,606,000,000,000 ($1.606 Trillion Dollars)

And who would payback that $1.606 Trillion? American taxpayers.

One state has already taken steps towards free tuition. New York just passed a bill that offers illegal immigrants free secondary education! New York of course assumes that other states and the federal government will follow suit.

In the New York plan, middle-class New York families who struggle by with only about $40,000 annual family income on average are NOT eligible even for tuition assistance of any sort for their children. But people who are in the U.S. illegally but live in New York for as little as just 3 days are eligible for free college tuition.

By the way, New York City’s mayor implemented a program for illegals who live in the Big Apple that gives them free healthcare. It is estimated that this program ecncompasses approximately 300,000 illegal immigrants — free healthcare provided. This while there are 76,000 LEGAL homeless people on the streets of New York with NO healthcare at all.

All of the declared Democrat presidential candidates are promoting taking care of both of these secondary education bills: government bailout of 100% of student loans and free secondary education going forward. Just like “Medicare-for-all,” none have offered a serious plan for paying for it.

The obvious solution they will all propose details of in coming days centers around one thing and one thing only: raising taxes. We’ll talk about that in coming days discussing what taxing options are there, which they are each considering, and paint the TRUE picture that shows how each of their proposed plans would directly impact Americans, the U.S. economy, and the pros and cons of each — “if” there are even any pros!

Nancy’s Leadership Positioning

Let’s be completely honest in this conversation: Nancy Pelosi is NOT stupid. She may be a bit vapid and incoherent from time to time; she may say some silly things that actually mean very little from time to time — like “We must pass the Obamacare plan so we can see what’s in the plan” — but know for certain all her hens are in the henhouse. And she’s not shooting from the hip.

Think about it: she is known as by far the best Democrat Party fund raiser of all time. And she’s not collaring ignorant donors to con them out of those millions in campaign donations. She meets with and communicates successfully with some of the biggest tycoons from America’s biggest companies. And they donate millions to various Democrat Party entities through Nancy. If Pelosi wasn’t all there, as much as these industry titans may like her, the Democrat Party, and as much as they dislike Donald Trump and his followers, few would drop a million or so to a liberal PAC just because Pelosi came calling. Nancy has clout. It may come from the fact that she knows where many skeletons are buried in a bunch of backyards, but she knows how to parlay that along with significant and credible arm-twisting to raise those millions.

So she certainly has something up her sleeve to allow the likes of Senators Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand to so far out from Democrat primaries start declaring these far-left socialist programs on which their campaigns are based. What could her reasoning be?

Pelosi knows the national electorate pretty well. Oh, she like most Democrats missed in 2016 just how disgusted a large portion of the electorate’s middle were with all the Democrat Party rhetoric and that Dems offered up Hillary Clinton as pretty much their only choice. Enough of those in the middle jumped ship and elected the most radical president in recent memory. She and other Democrat leaders feel they made a mistake. And she will not do that again.

She IS letting Harris and Gillibrand and Warren and whoever else declares in the next short period of time get out in front in the promising of socialist ideas that if ever passed by Congress would break the federal government and bankrupt all who live and work in the U.S. And Pelosi knows this congress (and any other) is  likely to pass few (if any) of these preposterous measures.

But Pelosi knows two things: (1) these are good far-left policy talking points. And Democrats need new and fresh ideas — ANY new and fresh ideas — to take voters’ minds off of Trump’s significant successes in his first two years. How else can one explain why no one on the left even mentions how successful are the Trump economic programs that have resulted in seldom seen (and certainly not seen in recent history) benefits of many kinds for Americans? There is no other explanation. And Democrats certainly want to keep voters from thinking about those good things happening and concentrating on all the evil in the Trump Administration.

(2) She knows the rising stars will only be around for a minute or two! That’s right: Nancy is certain those who raced to the front for the 2020 Democrat nomination will fail and fail miserably long before substantial and more middle-of-the-road Democrats get into the race. Let’s face it: the U.S. economy cannot possibly provide money for the two programs alone that Harris, Gillibrand, and Warren are already touting as things they certainly will implement if elected.

Pelosi know she doesn’t have to say one thing: the bright stars who are shining today by promising everybody a pot at the end of the rainbow will burn bright only so long. Reality will set-in before too long and then the not-so-new and shiny 2020 candidates will get into the race and pick-up where these fly-by-night stars burn out. THEN she will engage in campaigning at high speed.

By the way: Schumer is doing the exact same thing.


If President Trump or the Republican Party are confident of a 2020 victory just because of the wins by this administration so far, they are sadly mistaken. Democrats are smarter than their 2016 race showed. And they certainly have a strong and large field to pick from. If Hillary stays out of the race, there will be a substantial cross-section of choices for Americans that include some really strong candidates.

Additionally, the Deep State is still out there with all their ammunition taking constant shots at Donald Trump. We don’t know just how large the Deep State base is, but we DO know it is powerful and far-reaching and encompasses more than just the Democrat Party. Many of the establishment Republicans have been exposed as “in the tank” for anybody but Donald Trump.

Don’t forget the Mainstream Media no longer even tries to disguise their undying hatred for Donald Trump. Months ago they took marching orders from whomever sends them out and in unison showed their decision to simply abandon truth in reporting. They really have become the public dissemination of leftist propaganda through their reporting. And they don’t care who knows about it!

I know President Trump feels confident that Robert Mueller has no evidence of any wrongdoing on his part that would in anyway disqualify him to serve as President. But the President had better be careful: remember that innuendo in this “justice” climate is believed by more people in the U.S. than ever just because some news source delivers it. If CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Report, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS say it’s so, it is so. 

Have you noticed that Nancy is standing on the sidelines through all of this early political rhetoric from Democrats declaring their candidacy? I have not heard a thing in the news from her about any of this. She’s too smart to pipe up now.

Think about this too: what if Hillary decides to run? Their are key insiders from her 2016 organization who feel strongly that she will run. If so, how would that affect the campaign of others?

It would put Pelosi in a bad spot. Why? She would be forced to make a stand either for Hillary or against her running again. As powerful as Nancy is, I don’t think she wants to take on the Clinton dynasty. There surely are skeletons in THAT closet. But I am certain Pelosi has some skeletons in her backyard. And I guarantee that Bill and Hillary know where some Nancy’s skeletons are buried!


2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: Smarter Than Most Think”

  1. Dan, president Trump will not sneak up on anyone in 2020. This is going to be all out war.
    Do you think this idiot AOC thinks her star burns so bright that she’d actually throw her idiot hat in the ring too?
    I just hope and pray that the Ptesidents huge ego and avant-garde doesn’t lead his familiarity into breeding contempt. The Prez MUST NOT assume he has this in the bag. I still believe he will win this again. And it could be another landslide. But your 1000% right. Bela pelosi is a vampire , ready to suck out the money of every taxpayers pocket. And the baby murdering dumbo rats don’t even give even a second thought to the fact that our Creator WILL NOT sit idly by while His most innocent creations continue to be slaughtered like cattle. Dan, if I lived in New York , I would have moved the moment they broke out into applause. God shall deal w this. Shame on Virginia too. Shame on cuomo.
    Thanks Dan. Love your words bro. Go Saints WHO DAT SUPER BOWL 2019

  2. Kenny:

    Thanks for your comments! If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious. I never thought 10 years ago D.C. Would look anything like this. I pray good will prevail.

    Fortunately, AOC is too young to make a White House run. I think the far left would actually make it a real race! Hopefully, time will expose the truth in her hellish policies any of which would cripple the U.S.


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