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The Next Step for “The Wall”

I doubt there are many who have any conviction that Speaker Pelosi and/or Senate Minority Leader Schumer have any intention to honor the “perception” they gave that with the President opening the government they will assist in real border control. In fact, it is a virtual certainty that if/when they and other Democrats complete their seemingly never-ending victory dances over their “forcing” President Trump to open the government, NO border wall funding is in their future. And certainly not within the next few weeks.

So what can be done without House financial support?

Media Mania

Even knowing how possessed this media is and the consistency of their attacks on this president, it has been shocking to see and hear their coverage of the reopening of the government tied directly to the “win” against President Trump in it happening. Pelosi, Schumer, other leading Democrats and talking heads at every level in the U.S. are ecstatic! This is in total disregard of what’s at stake: the safety of the U.S. against what amounts to be an invasion of illegal activities and those who initiate them when crossing our southern border. Drugs, human trafficking, murders, and those who commit other serious crimes are crossing by the thousands every week. Yet the mainstream media and leftists ignore the threats those illegals bring to the U.S., and their cries for open-borders have gone far beyond fever-pitch to outright hysteria: “Let them in! Let them in! We Welcome them!”

At what cost?

Have you noticed how little is the reporting on the costs of illegal immigration by this media? They refuse to report numbers, discuss details of specific criminal acts of violence or their victims, or to even discuss the consideration of the economic and social costs of these open-border policies. The left are treating illegal immigration just like they are unresponsibly reporting in their discussions about “Medicare for All.” Both policies would bankrupt America, to begin with, yet alone how each would destroy life as we know it.

Do you know what’s amazing? Anyone can via the internet read hundreds of horror stories perpetrated on the people of Europe by illegal immigrants over just the last 2 years! And the U.S. media refuse to report them. And leading European countries are now relentlessly trying to find ways to stop illegal immigration in their futures while contemplating deportation procedures of millions of illegals who inhabit their countries if that is even possible. These include countries like The Netherlands, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, and even the U.K. Where’s the U.S. Media on telling any of those stories? 

We could easily fill these pages with not only stories documenting the gang rapes, murders, forced prostitution, sexual assault, theft, and home invasions perpetrated daily by these illegals on citizens of European nations, we could show hundreds and hundreds of pictures of these horrors that play out daily. But that is not OUR job — IT’S THE JOB OF AMERICAN MEDIA TO WARN AMERICA WHAT IS COMING TO OUR SHORES AND THROUGH THE SOUTHERN BORDER!

Have we all just gone to sleep? Or is it that we in America have some responsibility to knowingly allow people through our borders every day, many of who want nothing more than to find unimaginable ways to illegally and surreptitiously insert themselves into legal Americans lives while sucking the life right out of us?

Surely not. Americans are not that stupid. But before you embrace benign trust and acceptance for leftist Americans by self-convincing yourself that “they’re just hungry people looking for a better way of life,” there are several considerations you must ponder:

  • How many illegals are there and how much do they cost Americans in real dollars? With the vast resources available to billion dollar newspapers and television networks, isn’t it logical to expect one or several of those to put those research assets to work to find out and give to Americans what our costs of illegals really are? How about starting with just the number of illegals that are here? But, no: not only do none of them conduct such research, but they also spend their ink and airtime to blast the Administration. Here’s just one example:

President Trump on Sunday asserted that the U.S. has already incurred nearly $19 billion in costs related to illegal immigration in 2019, and called it “ridiculous” that millions of immigrants are living in the U.S illegally. Trump claimed in a tweet that there are close to 26 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, casting doubt on the more commonly cited figure of 11 million.

The president typed “DHS” in his tweet, but did not provide a source for the figures he shared. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Asked about the tweet on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney defended the president’s broader point about the need for increased border security. “I’m not exactly sure where the president got that number this morning, but I think what you see him trying to do is point out how silly this debate is,” Mulvaney said. “This is not that much money in the greater scheme of things. “I think he was trying to draw attention to the fact that while the Democrats are sitting here dug in … that we’re spending so much money on other things,” he added. “It’s really quite absurd.”

Multiple news organizations have in recent months disputed Trump’s claims about the costs associated with illegal immigration. The Washington Post noted that the president has steadily increased the purported annual cost, stating on the campaign trail in 2015 that it was $130 billion, tweeting in December 2018 that it was more than $200 billion, and remarking at a White House event last month that the total was $275 billion per year.

NBC News reported that a number of groups have cast doubt on Trump’s figures. The conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation estimated in 2013 the cost was roughly $54 billion per year, while the nonpartisan Cato Institute approximated in 2017 that the cost was as much as $15.6 billion annually.

News organizations have similarly pushed back on the president’s assertions about the number of people living in the U.S illegally. The Associated Press reported last month that while Trump claimed there were as many as 30 million in the country illegally, the most recent data available from the nonpartisan Pew Research Center put the figure at 11.3 million as of 2016. Mulvaney argued on “Face the Nation” that the 11 million figure was accurate “a couple years ago,” but that the number of people coming across the border on a monthly basis means the figure could be as high as “30 or 40 million.”

Notice that not one organization or news entity of any kind did anything but intimate the President was wrong in reporting these numbers! NONE GAVE US WHAT THE CORRECT NUMBERS ARE! Does anyone but me find that a bit brazen and amazingly hypocritical?

It isn’t going to get better, I fear. Theirs is a “one-task” issue: destroy President Trump and all those who support him. I doubt that ever before in U.S. history has the media in America so viciously attacked any previous president — even Richard Nixon. Their universal goal consistent in every presidential administration is to lift up and support Democrat presidents while attacking Republicans. And all the while the media maintain they know better than do Americans what elected officials do, why they do it, and what their actions mean. The media give Americans NO credit for understanding on their own. Don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

And, by the way, truth in reporting is immaterial today. But I’m sure you already know that!

Politics of Immigration: The Wall

In numerous reports at TruthNewsNetwork we have related facts, statistics, posted videos and news reports, and even have posted interviews with several federal elected officials regarding the U.S. immigration system. We will not go back into those today. But what we WILL do is set the stage for the upcoming red-letter day in U.S. immigration history: February 15, 2019. What is that day? The deadline was given by President Trump to Democrats to have crafted bipartisan legislation for border security that includes funding for a southern border wall/barrier.

“It ain’t gonna happen!”

Pelosi, Schumer, and other leading Democrats feel strongly they have won this battle with Donald Trump. What they have assumed is that the battle they won was the war of immigration reform. They miscalculated. The tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is NOT going away, nor are his demands for a southern border barrier. I assure you, this time he will NOT cave. And a battle is NOT a war. The battle is yet unresolved: but it WILL be!

So what will happen? What are the options?

Honestly, there are really only two in regards to options for border security: 1) legislatively Congress passes legislation that comprehensively closes the southern border with a combination of border barriers, manpower increases, electronic surveillance measures where capable, and significant funding increases to support border judges and staff sufficient to handle the outrageous backload of immigration cases that have spiraled out of control; 2) President Trump declares a National Security Threat at the southern border and invokes measures for funding and building that border barrier per border control experts and diverts federal dollars from federal and DHS discretionary funding to complete those measures.

So which will it be?

IF, Pelosi and Schumer refuse to bring meaningful and comprehensive legislation to the floor of both Houses and such legislation is not passed and sent to the President for signature, he will declare that National Emergency and initiate through Executive Order the security measures necessary to close the border.

But Democrats will Fight!

So? It would be surprising if they DIDN’T fight….and very odd!

They HATE President Trump; they HATE Trump supporters; they HATE ALL conservatives in the U.S. Nothing is going to change that anytime soon. But stopping the flood of illegals into the nation from the South, stemming the flow of billions of American tax dollars into Mexico and Central America, and stopping the hundreds of thousands of needless crimes committed annually by illegals in the U.S. are far more important than winning a political game of chess!

Can President Trump win the Immigration War?

He can. And HE will not be the victor — Americans will be the winners.

Many times in U.S. history have presidents used the power given to the Executive Branch to invoke government actions regarding national security issues. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was the first to do so when he suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. It is far from unusual for such measures to take place.

“But,” some will say, “those on the left will certainly file in a liberal court somewhere actions for a temporary restraining order to stop the President from doing so.” That certainly will happen. But this action is quite a bit different than others that have been stopped. Two very significant things weigh in favor of the Courts allowing these measures to proceed should President Trump initiate that action:

1) Congress granted the unilateral power for ANY president to take such actions when he or she alone is confident such actions are necessary for the purposes of national security. As long as a president can show just cause and that his/her efforts with that specific executive action were instigated only after attempts to obtain that necessary action through the legislative process have failed. Few would dare argue that this president has NOT sufficiently implored Congress to shut our border against an onslaught of illegal entries into the United States;

2.) Even if a liberal court steps in with a temporary restraining order, this administration has already jumped around the lengthy appeals process and pursued immediate relief directly from the Supreme Court. While SCOTUS has previously spurned such action from this and previous White Houses, certain of those appeals have been taken up. The conventional wisdom is that in this case, it would be simple to present the urgency of such immediate action to protect Americans and that the legislative process has totally failed to do so.


We WILL have a border barrier. President Trump will win this faceoff somehow.

How do I know that with such certainty? He never gives in and never gives up when he knows what he is doing is right and as Commander in Chief is necessary for the safety of Americans and the United States. There is NO quit in this president.

Folks, find an oddsmaker and win you some money in February! This is a safe bet!!!



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