“Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes”

I heard that line for the first time at a Men’s Conference in New Mexico in March. Steve Smotherman — who pastors the largest church of any brand in New Mexico — stated that in a presentation to attendees. I thought it through. Until then I had never considered it, but it certainly IS true.

The purpose of the statement is obvious: men and women alike are always wanting things to change and get better — for themselves, family members, and others around them. But it makes perfect sense to believe that no change of any kind will happen to anyone without something that is causing present circumstances that create the undesired results changes. It just makes sense.

Know what? The same holds true in American politics.

American politics is just getting old. Donald Trump and Barack Obama were both elected to instigate changes in the country, specifically the things originated during the Bush and Clinton dynasties. But after eight years of Obama, very little had changed at all. He did make some minor changes, most of which have been eliminated by Donald Trump. Frustrated from the lack of change, voters ran to a more radical alternative in 2016 — Donald Trump.

Now, everyone knows for certain voters are about to kick Donald Trump to the curb in November because they want MORE change than he has offered. At least that what polls are saying. Polls are always right, right? If that DOES happen, voters are NOT going to get a real agent of change to replace Mr. Trump. They are going to get another old guy — one that was at the top of the Obama eight-years of same old same old: Joe Biden. Biden is little more than a 77-year-old former vice president. And his political history shows very little if any accomplishments which give Americans any promise of anything new happening during his presidency. All the issues in foreign policy and domestic matters that opened the door to Obama and Trump have NOT been solved — well, most are still around. Yes, before the “Corona-demic” of 2020, the economy had zoomed and held steady for several years. But where it will head and when is still up for grabs.

We’re still in Afghanistan and Putin still dominates Russia and every state around it. Xi Jinping still controls every aspect of the lives of 2 billion Chinese Communists while North Korea and Iran are still hunting nuclear bombs — if they don’t already have them — ready to aim at Washington.

The Democrats are little more than a tired group of old folks picking out songs to sing in the dining rooms of their rest homes. Forget Biden — consider the oldest ever Speaker (80-year-old Nancy Pelosi), and an even older House majority leader (Steny Hoyer, 81) and the third, eighty-year-old majority whip (James Clyburn, 80). House Republicans are MUCH younger — except for leadership. The Senate boasts the leadership of 78-year-old Mitch McConnell. Then there’s President Trump, age 74, who is just a baby compared to the others.

What hammers D.C. leadership in both Democrat and Republican parties more than age is the lack of political substance in both parties. There’s been very little “new stuff” offered to the nation by either. Obama thought he would light a match under the do-nothing Democrats. But he too brought symbolism at best with NO substance. He recycled a few things: Romney’s healthcare plan from Massachusetts and a few of Bush’s foreign policies.

Both of their second terms were void of anything substantive except for one thing: they each made the balance of their lives VERY financially rewarding. And that was not from just the lifetime salaries given to ex-presidents.  Trump may have been old by the numbers, but he was sharper and more ready to go with his past accomplishments than any of the others. And even though his first couple of years saw amazing economic achievements for the nation, there’s this thing called “Congress” that roadblocked most of his legislative desires after a quick start.

If Biden takes over, it will be just another oldster in the White House. If Trump succeeds in winning four more years, he will face the exact same roadblocks he’s faced since November of 2016, except MORE roadblocks and much more aggressive targeting of him and his administration at every turn. Democrats and Democrat Party leadership hate him for two reasons: he beat Hillary in 2016 which destroyed their imagined Socialist Utopia planned by Hillary Clinton. Then, he made dramatic economic plans that succeeded — at least until COVID-19 swooped-in to give them some 2020 hope.

There’s an eerie comparison between Trump’s populist victory and Brexit in Britain, both in 2016 and both against conservative parties. Britain’s David Cameron was in power in the U.K. in 2016. He was NOT in favor of Brexit and stood firmly against it. Britain had turned to populism just as the U.S. had that resulted in Trump’s victory. Cameron was ousted in favor of Brexit backers. Cameron’s replacement — Theresa May — was also against Brexit, and now she’s gone!

In the U.S., Trump and American populists had to not only tackle Hillary Clinton Democrats but had to overcome a massive mountain of opposition from RINO’s from the Republican Party — “Republican in Name Only.” That group was galvanized by the Bushes, Romney, and a boatload of establishment Republicans who had built a ship in D.C. that was purposed to not do anything that would “rock the boat.” Their idea was “every party will lose sooner or later. The smart way to govern is to simply do the minimum for YOUR party in legislative accomplishments to keep voters happy. That way when the other party eventually wins (which always happens), you will not have done too much to them so as to enrage them so much so that you and your party lose ALL your power.”

At this late stage of Trump’s first administration, it’s odd that traditional members of the Republican Party in Congress have not en masse embraced his populism. It’s obvious, however, that grassroots Americans HAVE done so. Those are the ones in large from southern and midwestern states along with voters from blue states that jumped aboard the Trump Train because of his promises to bring jobs back, which he did. Middle-Class Americans have basked in the success of lower taxes, virtually zero unemployment, skyrocketing income from new and recycled manufacturing operations, and the re-establishment of factories that fled with jobs and money under Obama. But Republican “politi-Hacks” continue to just sit with crossed-arms waiting for the next change. And they really don’t care about any short-term effects of a looming Trump loss in November. They are comfortable at just sitting this next presidency out, waiting for their turn to make waves once more.

They, of course, assume that if Trump loses, a Biden administration that will surely be managed by Democrats who share the same “boat-rocking” philosophy as theirs, will do nothing major. They’ll just calmly sit by and do very little in the way of changes. But they are really missing it!

What’s going to happen in November?

“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

Democrats believe — including Democrat Party leadership in the House and Senate — that American voters are so enraged about what they see as a failure on the part of President Trump to address the “serious” challenges facing Americans that they’ll throw him out. What are the challenges per these Democrats? Racism, White Privilege, Elitism, economic inequality, unfair immigration policies, and a host of other leftist causes. Of course, they have given no thought to any of the impressive achievements during this administration, achievements like massive tax cuts on individuals and businesses, the overturn of dozens of onerous regulations that under Obama when implemented crushed the American economy, closing the southern border and forcing Americans to abide by the Rule of Law. We could go on and on. But under this party’s leadership, none of that matters. All that matters is what drives the ship named “U.S.S. Democrat.” THEY drive the ship. And THEY decide who gets to board. Donald Trump just screwed all that up!

Here’s what both RINOS and establishment Democrats are missing: the 63 million Americans who elected Donald Trump in 2016 almost all agree with the Trump Agenda and accomplishments. And, it appears, there are a plethora of others who have signed on to that same belief.

“Wait a minute: don’t you read the polls?” Yep, as I’m sure you do too. I read all of the polls that YOU read, plus a few more. I see where some polls show Biden ahead of Mr. Trump by double-digits with only one that I can find that shows Trump leading: and that’s by just one point. I remember election morning 2016 when only one poll that day showed Trump had any chance to win while 40+ national polls showed Hillary winning in dramatic fashion.

There’s another poll that I read. It’s the one that shows that 66% of Americans are afraid to share their political opinions when asked by anyone. Who are they? They’re certainly not the mainstream Democrats who take pride in not only answering questions asked about their political beliefs, but enjoy getting in the faces of whoever asks the question. No, most if not all of this 66% are conservatives along with some establishment Republicans and probably even some Democrats who don’t want another four years as they had under Obama and Biden.

Believe it or not, most Americans really enjoyed the pre-COVID American economy under Trump. Biden with Obama showed us all NOTHING remotely similar to what we’ve basked in under Trump.

Yeah, he’s just an old guy. But the old guy got it done well during the last four years. Just imagine what more can get done if Democrats will leave him alone in the next four years. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Congress that would do just what they committed in their oaths to do: make laws and make sure everything is OK with Americans?


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