Now Christmas Is Here, What Next?

By now you’ve all stormed the tree, passed out the gifts, torn the wrapping paper off, and dived in. This is what the Season is all about!

Here’s just a note from TruthNewsNetwork:

While we all bask in the glow and the warmth of being surrounded by our family and close friends, we should fill always take a moment to think of those around us who on this Christmas morning find themselves one-person short this year. It may be an older aunt or uncle, a cousin, or maybe even a Mom or Dad that during this past year entered the next phase of their lives but forever missing from this one.

This is not an attempt to make anyone feel bad about having such good experiences as most of us are on this Christmas Day. Quite the contrary, is to remind us that we really ARE blessed. And while we spend the day in joy wrapped in smiles, laughter, and “thank you’s,” let’s think about our friends and other family members who are missing people with whom they’ve spent all or most of their lifetimes full of Christmases.

So, today or tomorrow, whenever the Christmas get togethers wrap up, clean up, pack up and head home, remember one very important thing:

You’ll never know when you tell someone “Goodbye” if that will  be the last time you get to tell them “Goodbye.”

Take an extra moment or two today. Added a meaningful phrase as you leave. Tell them “I Love you, I REALLY love you.”

That will pierce their hearts, solidify the warm feelings they have with you, and will give them a very special Christmas moment they’ll remember long after you’re gone.

From the Newman Family in Bossier City, Louisiana: We Love You!

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