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Obama Lied

Wait a minute: did I just say that the guy who millions feel was the most honest president in U.S. history — Barack Hussein Obama — lied? You heard right. In fact, in numerous stories posted at TruthNewsNetwork over the last two years, we have plainly stated that he lied. Strange thing: the recent Inspector General’s report had an almost hidden footnote that pointed to one almost insignificant story. And that story confirms the dishonesty of President Obama.

What kind of lie did Obama tell? First, let’s remember this: we at TruthNewsNetwork have published several stories exposing the fact that “some” lies are O.K. for most Americans: you know, those “little white lies.” A “little white lie” or “a big fat lie” is nothing BUT a lie. NO lies are acceptable. And accepting any lie is sadly a defect in American life. And it appears Mr. Obama’s lie has been acceptable — to some. But the I.G. report makes it serious, but not to the Media — only to the Department of Justice.

How important was this “Obama lie?”

It was important enough for the Obama White House to shove any importance under the rug. Politico brought it to light before the 2016 Election in the following story:

In a press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that Obama did correspond with his secretary of state via her private email address.

“The president, as I think many people expected, did over the course of his first several years in office trade emails with his secretary of state,” Earnest said. “I would not describe the number of emails as large, but they did have the occasion to email each other.”

Earnest’s admission comes after Obama said on CBS on Saturday that he learned about Clinton’s use of a private email and server “the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.” According to Earnest, this comment should not be assumed to mean that Obama and Clinton never emailed back and forth.

“The point that the president was making is not that he didn’t know Secretary Clinton’s email address, he did,” Earnest said. “But he was not aware of the details of how that email address and that server had been set up or how Secretary Clinton and her team were planning to comply with the Federal Records Act.”

When pressed on whether Obama was aware that Clinton was conducting business over her private email, Earnest responded, “the point is the president did email with Secretary Clinton. I assume that he recognized the email address that he was emailing back to,” before saying that the important issue is whether she complied with the Federal Records Act.

“No Big Deal”

Josh Earnest said Obama communicating with non-secure email to the non-secure Clinton email server was no big deal. After all, the President didn’t know the server to which he was emailing was not secure. I know no other way to say it other than this: that’s B.S.!

All government email addresses are created, registered, and logged as government email addresses to be used in communication with only secure government devices.

“He was just an innocent bystander who wasn’t an IT specialist and didn’t know how all that worked. He was just sending emails to his Secretary of State,” many defenders have maintained. But here’s how all that works:

The White House has the most elaborate and the most secure electronic communications operation on Earth. The security firewalls for incoming and outgoing emails are almost incalculable in number. All of the computers, laptops, computer tablets, and wireless devices including telephones that are used by government employees are secured in the same fashion. Email addresses that they send email to are locked down! Those electronic devices cannot send  or receive emails or texts with any non-secured device (approved by White House IT officials).

What does all that really mean? It’s no big deal, right?

It was a huge deal in regards to security. Not just one or two laws were broken in the process of President Obama using this system to communicate with Secretary Clinton. Multiple laws were broken. Additionally, classified information was available to be stolen by hackers around the world. In fact, James Comey in sworn testimony declared it is known that a bug was planted on the Clinton email server that forwarded every email sent to from the Clinton Foundation email server!  Where did those emails get forwarded to? According to Comey, it was “some to bad actor” — probably one of America’s foreign foes. That foreign foe (according to Comey) was  China!

“Dan, you’re just a conspiracy theorist, an anti-Obama journalist. You’ll say anything to denigrate President Obama or anyone in his administration.” I’ll hear that from more than one responder to today’s story. I thought it timely to bring in an IT expert with practical knowledge of U.S. government setup and operations of servers and email accounts. Here’s an explanation of how security measures are handled by government IT experts:

You heard Huma Abedin’s name mentioned in that report. The FBI recovered Huma Abedin’s laptop that had been used by Abedin to forward ALL of Secretary Clinton’s emails to for “safekeeping.” (Note: Abedin’s ex-husband in the FBI’s investigation recovered his wife’s laptop to see if there were any illegal images kept there. That’s why they had her laptop) When Obama heard of those emails discovered there, he famously asked, “Weren’t those emails classified?” Yes, they were. In fact, any and all communications by a president are classified no matter how they are transmitted or received. He may not have known about his emails showing up on Abedin’s laptop but he certainly knew he had sent and received emails to and from Hillary’s email server.

Why would he not use his official government email address? All official U.S. emails are by law kept on official government devices and are backed-up and retained for the government archives. He obviously (along with Hillary) wished to communicate with each other in a way that would prevent anyone else from knowing about certain communications they wanted to be kept secret.

Just Imagine…..

It’s the summer of 2020 with a crazy presidential election underway after two years of contentious campaigning. That election results move Donald Trump from the White House to be replaced by the “new” President Joe Biden. Shortly after the election it is discovered that Trump for several years was communicating secretly with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, plotting a number of actions in conjunction with foreign governments that were unknown to Congress. Further, Pompeo was consorting with FBI officials to implement plans to illegally move billions of dollars to certain Trump foreign bank accounts to be accessed when Trump leaves office. How would that investigation be handled, covered by media, and the truth when revealed be processed?

  • A media war would immediately begin to obtain exclusives on the initial story and to obtain rights to the story going forward.
  • The DNC would start an immediate nationwide campaign fund drive to raise billions of dollars for 2022 and 2024 candidates to take total control of Congress and the White House, based on not just Trump’s consorting with Pompeo, but that every Republican in office consorted with Trump. Democrats need billions to make certain no such lawbreakers could ever return to U.S. public office.
  • Immediate high-level prosecutions would begin with an intensity never before seen. NO Republican would be exempt from alleged collusion with Trump.
  • Television networks would cover these investigations and subsequent prosecutions 24/7 non-stop.
  • The two-party American political system would immediately die, never to be seen again in the U.S.


If you have not believed the reports about media bias and media collusion with the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration then and now, this should destroy your disbelief. It’s certainly a travesty. But more than that, it’s a tragedy.

The tragedy is that this exact thing happened — at least during 2016-17. And it may have happened before and we simply did not know about it! Certainly, today’s Leftist Media made no effort to give us or report on these.

Think about this: we now know that throughout the Russia collusion story’s life, in each of those news reports EACH network stated this as their disclaimer: “We have learned today from two anonymous sources…..”  Those stories were were actually coordinated with other news companies. Example: MSNBC would make up a story and report it saying that it came from an “anonymous source.” They would pass that story along to ABC who would report the story with a different disclaimer: “ABC received information today from an unnamed source that….“ ABC forwarded the story to CNN. CNN reported it this way: “CNN today received a report confirmed by multiple sources that…..”

Who were CNN’s “confirmed” sources? MSNBC, and ABC! It’s called in media circles “Circle Suicide.” And their listeners/viewers/readers are the ones who get the bullet!

Why would anyone be surprised that these incredibly unprofessional journalists who have zero credibility and integrity would ever report truly about any negative thing that involved Barack Obama? 

They knew about the email server and the transmission of classified information by the Obama Administration. The Obama Department of Justice knew about it. They all received emails from Secretary Clinton sent from that server. Yet knowing that, no one initiated any investigation. No news organization ever reported on it. And when one finally  did — Politico — not a single other news organization picked up the story.

There is no doubt that what happened under Barack Obama was the most corrupt and widespread illegal government operation in United States history.

Will it ever be completely exposed to the World? Will any of these perpetrators ever be held accountable for their actions? Will we ever know the damage regarding U.S. classified information now in the hands of America’s overseas foes? None of these can be answered today. I just pray “the truth will out.” And I don’t care who is exposed. We need it all in the public domain.

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