Our “Dictator-In-Chief” Is Officially Campaigning: Let The Lies Get Louder!

It’s Saturday morning, January 6, 2023. This 70-year-old American is sitting in the “TNN Live!” Studio planning my week. My objective was to schedule a couple of guests for next week’s shows and finish a story to publish at TruthNewsNet.org during the coming week.

Though I refused to listen to the President’s first 2024 campaign speech last night, I read it this morning…and reread it…and again. I desperately tried to find a nugget from his speech to comfort me and any other American. There was NO comfort, leadership, assurance of a positive path forward, and hope for a return to the Rule of Law, which he totally abandoned on Inauguration Day 2021.

I was reminded of a line from a sermon preached by the Pastor of New Mexico’s largest church and my good friend Steve Smotherman. His sermon was epic. In it, he attacked the desperation so many Americans feel today from this administration’s total lack of leadership. He answered the question many are asking today: “Can we, the citizens, stop this trainwreck in Washington that has us heading for the Mother of all Armageddons?”

He answered that question with five words that burned into my brain. His answer applies not only to political conundrums but also to every other one we face. I’ll never forget them: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Sadly, President Biden revealed NO changes in his plan for “another four years.” In other words, he is committed to the continuation of the horrors his policies have wrought on our nation: war, lawlessness never seen in the U.S., the weaponization by his Department of Justice against the Constitutional rights that belong to each American, government spending that destroyed every sector of our economy, our social order, and any confidence left that Americans are better today than in 2020. He’s sown fear, anger, hatred, division, and racism, all while blaming EVERY problem in the U.S. today on former President Donald Trump and all of the 70+ million Americans who voted for Trump — you know, those “Mega MAGA extremists.”

Biden Despises Anyone Who Refuses “Truth,” Defined As “Whatever Biden Labels as Truth”

Joe Biden is THE arbiter of the Truth. His presidential philosophy is not in his speeches but in his actions.

He told us when campaigning, “I don’t want to be the President of Democrats or Republicans. I want to be President of ALL Americans. I want to be the “Great Uniter.” How can any leader unite followers without first earning the trust and belief of those he hopes to lead?

Speaking about the riot of January 6, 2021, and giving his first 2024 campaign speech, Biden gave not a shred of hope for him to be a true leader. He confirmed that a “Biden Presidency Part II will be nothing different from Part I: the weaponization of the Department of Justice to use against all of his political foes, no matter which political party banner they carry.

His “handlers” have schooled Joe to understand he cannot ask voters to choose him again based on what he’s done for them. He has done NOTHING for the American people! His only hope is to demean Donald Trump, who happens to be his number one political foe. Biden is so afraid of Trump possibly bringing back the “Trumponomic” policies in 2025.

Those policies dramatically lowered taxes for every American, reduced inflation to a level not seen in decades, and decreased unemployment dramatically while adding millions of “new” jobs — not re-hashed jobs that people lost from layoffs during COVID. Trump saw more women employed than ever — especially African Americans! Democrats frantically warned that Trump dare not lower taxes on Americans because the government would not have money to pay our bills! Yet, Trump’s tax cuts poured more money into the U.S. Treasury than any other president.

A natural leader — a Trump, Reagan, or Kennedy leader — would have pointed to their achievements for the people during their first term and confirmed the details of plans for a second term that would dwarf the accomplishments of Americans in his first. Instead, Biden told the World his ONLY plan for four more years: rid the U.S. of Donald Trump and all the evil Mega-MAGA extremists.

“Trump’s mob wasn’t a peaceful protest. It was a violent assault.

They were insurrectionists, not patriots.

They weren’t there to uphold the Constitution. They were there to destroy the Constitution.

Trump won’t do what an American president must do.

He refuses to denounce political violence.

So hear me clearly.

I’ll say what Donald Trump won’t. Political violence is never, ever acceptable in the United States political system. Never, never, never.

It has no place in a democracy. None.

You can’t be pro-insurrectionist and pro-American.

You know, Trump and his MAGA supporters not only embrace political violence, but they laugh about it.

At his rally, he jokes about an intruder, whipped by the big Trump lie, taking a hammer to Paul Pelosi’s skull, and echoing the very same words used on January 6th. “Where’s Nancy?”

And he thinks that’s funny. He laughed about it. What a sick …

My God.”

If you feel today that your life during the four years of the Trump presidency created a better life for you than Biden in three years, you’re stupid. I kept waiting for the “promises of a better tomorrow” that would surely make us all confident that a second term for Biden would make things better and how. That never came. Instead, he stayed on the “Hate Trump” diatribe. (By the way, this verbiage includes his EXACT words. You’ll recognize numerous of the President’s “Joe-isms!)

Trump’s assault on democracy isn’t just part of his past. It’s what he’s promising for the future. He’s been straightforward. He’s not hiding the ball. His first rally for the 2024 campaign opened with a choir of January sixth insurrectionists singing from prison on a cellphone while images of the January sixth riot played on the big screen behind him at his rally. Can you believe that?

This is like something out of a fairy tale, a bad fairy tale.

Trump began his 2024 campaign by glorifying the failed violent insurrectionist, insurrection at our, on our Capitol.

The guy who claims law and order sows lawlessness and disorder.

Trump’s not concerned about your future. I promise you.

Trump is now promising a full-scale campaign of revenge and retribution, his words, for some years to come.

They were his words, not mine. He went on to say he’d be a dictator on day one.

I mean, if I were writing a book of fiction, and I said an American president said that, and not in jest.

He called and I quote, the terminate, quote, this is a quote, the termination of all the rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the U.S. Constitution should be terminated if it fits his will.

It’s really kind of hard to believe.

Even found in the Constitution, he could terminate.

He’s threatened the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the death penalty.

He says he should be put to death because the chairman put his oath to the Constitution ahead of his personal loyalty to Trump.

This coming from a president who called, when he visited his cemetery, called dead soldiers “suckers and losers.” Remember that?

Sometimes I’m really happy the Irish in me can’t be seen.

It was right around the time was at Beau’s grave. Tommy.

How dare he?

Who in God’s name does he think he is?


The Friday speech from President Biden was full of vitriol, hatred, and anger in his words to the American People. Besides telling the listeners what Donald Trump and Mega-MAGA Americans had done on January 6, he never spoke of his outstanding accomplishments for the nation in his first three years! Worse than that, though, he gave NOT A WORD of comfort for all the listeners that tuned in. He never apologized for his outrageous decisions that cost the nation trillions of dollars. He didn’t say a word about his recent gift to the World’s #1 purveyor of terror — Iran. That $6 billion gave Iran what it needed to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and numerous other jihadist organizations that are now attacking our troops in Syria and Iraq. Don’t forget Hamas and Hezbollah have slaughtered thousands of innocent Jews and are persistent in their cries to exterminate every Jew from the planet. They have a good start on that. And they’re using OUR tax dollars to do so!

What about our broken economy? He spent over $1 trillion on his various “great ideas” to “fix the World.” His Infrastructure Bill pours billions into the pockets of his supporters and their companies that, before Biden became President, were losing billions in their Green Energy projects.

On Sunday of this week, we learned that those miraculous employment numbers he brags about daily were artificially inflated EVERY month! Americans knew that most of the jobs contained in those weekly and monthly reports were those of people who had lost jobs during COVID-19 and were returning to work. Those weren’t “new” jobs but “recycled” jobs.

The “inflated jobs numbers” his administration reported confirmed that half a million were fakes! That number is in addition to the “recycled” jobs. It was no mistake. They inflated the numbers. In other words, once again, we were lied to.

The Biden Administration has been one debacle after another debacle. All the so-called progress he’s created for us is nothing more than the yarn about the “new jobs.”

Here’s what Americans not only wanted but expected to hear from our President:

  • When will he admit his mistake in his all-in destruction of the fossil fuel industry that has destroyed our economy? When will he do something about it and “right the ship?”
  • If he’s not going to do that, how is he going to fix the issues in his “replacement energy sources” so that they will meet our nation’s energy needs and do so economically? (He won’t tell us that because he cannot do it. No one can!)
  • It didn’t tell us how he plans to stop the weaponization of the Department of Justice against Americans in multiple ways. We all know his doing so was undoubtedly at the request of the Globalists who need to take ownership of the American population with force, if necessary.
  • Why hasn’t he told the FBI to release all the details of their instigation of the thousands of illegal attacks and resulting prosecutions of the so-called “insurrectionists” on January 6? Remember, Biden allowed the DOJ to arrest 2,000 Americans whose crime that day was being in D.C. and going into the Capitol. Oh, there were wrongdoers and lawbreakers among the crowds that day. But where does this government obtain authority to suspend U.S. Law and keep more than a thousand of those folks in jail with no bail, no “speedy trial” as is mandatory under the Constitution? Our very own Investigative Journalist, Steve Baker, has released massive evidence that all of this is true.
  • How’s your grocery budget doing? Biden certainly should have advised us all what his timeline is to eliminate inflation — not just the slight reduction of the inflation he initiated that has occurred.
  • Millions of others and I expected a plan to eliminate the Biden Administration’s massive criminality nationwide. Families are NOT safe.
  • I heard NOTHING about the “fix” for the war at our Southern border nor any plans to stem the flow of the millions of illegals who walked/swam to get here. Every person who came without documentation to do so is here illegally.
  • Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, and the Iranian Mullahs despise Biden. Instead of bloviating as he does about his “standing among foreign leaders who respect him,” why doesn’t he assure us — with facts — that show the steps he’s taken in dealing with each of these tyrants?
  • One last thing: Every American wants to know his financial stake in all those millions coming from foreign countries into the Biden Family Syndicate’s various accounts. He continually denies any of those dollars came to him; he never met with any of Hunter’s business associates; he has never spoken to Hunter or James Biden about any of their overseas businesses. Let’s give him the easy way to resolve that. If you’re innocent of any/all of those illegal AND impeachable offenses, voluntarily turn over all your personal and business accounts and all the details that would quickly answer those questions!

It would be easy to write an additional 2000 words asking and answering these and other questions of Joe Biden. We know he’ll never answer any questions from us truthfully, if at all.


This is an easy ending to this saga — and a simple one. Joe Biden is not obligated in any way to answer any of these questions, tell us what his plans are for a second term as President, or explain any of the issues he has put our nation in that have cost multiple trillions of dollars with the destruction of the lives of millions of us. He doesn’t have to.

I don’t think he feels any obligation to do any of that. He told us during his lengthy speech what a great job he does without examples, thinking Americans don’t intimately know the horrors we are experiencing are a direct result of his actions and inactions. But something worse is now confirmed to be the foundation of this Biden Administration and a second if he’s elected. He had NO inclination to do anything more than he has in his three years for the American people. He thinks he has no such obligation. Basically, he’s saying to every American, “Sit down and shut up! I’m Joe Biden!”

Americans saw Friday what is REALLY driving Joe Biden and the Biden Administration. He’s NOT a fan or supporter of Democracy. He never has been. He doesn’t know or care about that, but he knows he must “tell” Americans he is.

Friday’s speech opened the eyes of millions of Americans. And those millions now recognize that his loathing of Donald Trump and Mega-MAGA conservatives is because of his hatred of Democracy.

Joe Biden is an Autocrat and wants to go down in history as THE person who flipped the United States of America to an Autocracy. America will no longer be called a nation with a government “of the People, by the People, and for the People.

There’s NO plausible explanation for the three-year actions of this President other than his making Autocracy his and our utopia.

And he thinks it will all transition with no pushback at all!

“Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes”

Joe Biden is NOT going to change.

Here is the transcript of Joe Biden’s speech about January 5, 2024:


1 thought on “Our “Dictator-In-Chief” Is Officially Campaigning: Let The Lies Get Louder!”

  1. Jeanne DeSilver

    I didn’t watch Biden’s speech and didn’t read the transcript of his speech. I did read some of the quotes Mr. Newman provided in this article, and yeah, as I read them I “heard” Biden speak them. I skipped to the synopsis, which covered all the reasons I’m distraught, not with Biden’s speech or with Biden, but with those making decisions for him, because I doubt Biden is making decisions about anything. And that’s even worse. I also doubt that Biden’s speech will “open the eyes of millions of Americans” because “Cognitive Dissonance is a hell of a drug.” ~Burning Bright (Badlands Media). Biden thinks we’ll switch to an Autocracy, and he thinks we’ll transition with no pushback at all! We better start pushing back. #Push Back Better.

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