“Police State” New Movie From Dinesh D’Souza

Below, you’ll find the official trailer for the new movie revelation of the weaponization of the U.S. Government by the U.S. Government against the American People — as unbelievable as that may sound!

The movie is set to be released this weekend.


1 thought on ““Police State” New Movie From Dinesh D’Souza”

  1. It doesn’t sound unbelievable at all. When I consider that 9/11 was necessarily an inside job authorized and carried out with the knowledge of people very high in our federal government, I believe it. When I consider their treatment of Trump, I believe it. When I think of another false flag, “Fast & Furious”, I believe it. Ukraine, MIddle East wars, Vietnam, Clintons, Iran/Contra … I believe it.

    Until we rid ourselves of the GOP by replacing it with a party designed to represent us, with rules which won’t permit our opposition to work within it, we’ll continue down this road.

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