Post Mueller: The Plan

We finally got through the Mueller investigation and everyone came through unscathed: well ALMOST everyone. A bunch of folks came through it with egg on their faces. Some have accepted the results; some still cling to a thread of hope that President Trump can still be guilty. Guilty of what? They’ll accept anything-anything at all.

In retrospect, I’ve been trying to reach an objective summary spot to identify a solid basis from which to move forward. I’m comfortable with what has been revealed so far. But I’m still puzzled at why and how the folks that still clamor for a pound of Trump flesh and his expulsion from Planet Earth can justify their vitriol and hatred. It’s true that there are political and personal differences they hold with the President. It’s true that their differences run very deep and that they do not accept the results of the Mueller investigation — at least the summary provided by Attorney General Barr. But at some point, these folks must decide that life goes on, that political differences have always and will always exist, and that the United States as a whole is far more important than any political pundit’s personal or political agenda. Folks just have to let go. And they will: hopefully!

That release may not come for a while. It may not come for a long while for many. I am certain the producers, writers, directors, and announcers at the cable television outlets are destined to live in shock for a bit. But at some point, reason and facts must overtake anger and hate. At least I hope so.

Those members of the media that are heartbroken that Donald Trump was not snapped up in the Mueller probe and forced to wear prison stripes for life still have jobs to do. Granted, they failed miserably at basic Journalism in the runup to the Mueller report, but they still represent their organizations that purportedly report the news. The need for real news has not lessened. And it will not regardless of their personal animus and disdain for the president or for anyone else.

The very nature of news should make it totally objective. News has never been a collection of opinions and hypotheses. The news is a group of facts about events and people that are simply put together and presented to an audience — at least that’s the way it originated and existed for centuries. It is true that 21st media on the most part have taken a different approach, but facts and real news have not and do not change. Facts are just that: facts. And facts are absolute. Otherwise, they would not be facts. It doesn’t matter if a known reporter maintains something they report is factual, unless it is true they are reporting what is simply their opinion on the matter. America’s news media as a whole lost sight of that during the Mueller probe. And Americans are paying the price for it.

For a couple of decades, the media have taken Americans for granted. And they’ve gotten away with doing that. How? Members of the media have borrowed from the very thing that gave their predecessors for decades the honor of deservedly wearing the banner of integrity bestowed upon them by our parents and their parents. Those men and women took great pride in being reporters — people like Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Frank Reynolds, and then Roger Mudd, Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, and Peter Jennings, Chris Wallace, Frank Blair, Howard K. Smith, and Tom Brokaw. To most Americans, these became staples of evening wrapups of world occurrences of the day. Seldom did any American question the veracity of what they saw and heard from these media members. Their credibility was impeccable. They made electronic news media the most trusted source for news in United States History. When did it begin to change?

Cable News Television: CNN. Ted Turner with his upstart cable satellite news network created a new industry. It swept journalism through satellite locations around the world. Americans found a new way to get their daily news from an entirely different source from a new breed of reporters. And the quest for ratings took over. From the lobby of the Omni Hotel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, CNN changed journalism and in doing so destroyed truth in news.

But no one told America what was happening. It was taken for granted that what we saw and heard via broadcast or satellite  — both radio and television — was just an amped-up version of Walter Cronkite or Peter Jennings. Those new anchors wore their hair longer, sharper clothes and more makeup made them look a little better, but everyone was certain the news was still the news. But the storm was brewing without most of us even smelling what was happening: satellite television opened journalism to a new way of making money — BIG money. Ratings became the force behind everything programmed on cable news. And ratings quickly and quietly began to steer cable stations and the “new” news format: 24/7 instant content that had to “look” better, “be” better, and attract a larger audience. And it worked. But the news suffered. And it still does.

Internet Death

When Al Gore invented the internet, (Ha!) news made another big leap. The hunger and subsequent demand for 24/7 news forced the delivery of non-stop information about anything and everything in human life. Not just Americans, but people on every continent, from every language, every ethnicity, and culture demanded around-the-clock “feeding” every day. It became a really tall order for the stalwarts of information to quell that hunger for news. ABC, CBS, NBC, the BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and newspapers from major cities around the Globe found it tougher and tougher to keep up with that demand for news. Competition devoured the industry.

The internet made it much easier to transmit instant news. As technology developed at breakneck speed, the ability to produce network programming in video and audio and put it in the eyes, hands, and ears of people nonstop created intense competition to be first in reporting every tidbit of information. Being first was most important. Being most accurate — which had been the ONLY important thing in news and information for decades — was relegated to Page 2 of the D Section. Being first is all that mattered.

And Journalism died.

We have the internet to thank for that death along with the ravenous cries for instant information. Without access to 24/7 instant everything, there would still be a demand for the news, but that demand would still be required to pierce the prism of absolute truth in every story reported.

But the internet is always open for business. And that prism takes just a little too much time for the instant news cycle. We don’t need to scrub stories for truth anymore. Americans can’t wait! So the “truth” prism got put on the top shelf in the storage closet. Who’ll know, right?

Little did we know through the decade of the 90s that the news industry was gasping for air.  Many of those superstars of honesty and integrity — some of who are listed above — went by way of retirement to a more peaceful place. Some hung on as long as they could. But most had enough of this “new” news and just walked away. It wasn’t the news anymore. It was Internet Soap Opera every day. And pretty much the same day after day.

An Australian billionaire, already a media mogul, decided to create a 24-hour conservative cable news channel. Rupert Murdock birthed FOX News, seeing the need in journalism for “real” news and not just “fake news” that really wasn’t news at all. America found television news that was real news. And just as talk radio devotees had found Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, television news junkies quickly found FOX News and stuck to it like glue.

Real news and real Journalism was given new life. And that created Donald Trump. Trump is the antithesis of everything conventional wisdom dictates a president should be to be successful. But his straightforward way of communicating his blue-collar messages in his Queens crudeness resonated with middle-Americans. And for the first time in a long time, Americans felt there was someone who understood that most of the U.S. lies between coastal states and interior states with a few big cities. And that the people who lived in the fly-over country had been left out of the political process for far too long. Better yet, he made promises – BIG promises. They gave him a shot. He won. And he began to aggressively do everything he promised he would do if Americans gave him their votes.

The Plan

Fast forward to the “Days of the Mueller Probe.” Two years of news pandemonium welcomed Donald Trump to D.C. Every day all day, mainstream media hammered home into the heads and hearts of their followers the evil and corruption of Donald Trump. Never mind none of their allegations came with any evidence. Never mind that Mueller and a team of 19 Democrat attorney loyalists dissected millions of documents, hundreds of testimonies, 500+ subpoenas, and put several people in jail. Never mind that no implications of Donald Trump resulted from any of this even though several people were charged and jailed as a result. None of the dirt uncovered had anything to do with Donald Trump. It truly has proven to be a witch-hunt.

What happens now? Unfortunately for the nation, the same witch-hunt just paged forward to Chapter 2. What has been uncovered is what we here predicted two years ago was actually in all this investigating from the beginning: a coordinated all-out war against Donald Trump spearheaded by the Democrat Party. The war is cycling into Chapter 2 with a vengeance with Trump as the sole target.

Here’s the only difference: the truth has started finding sunlight for the first time since the 2016 campaign that started it all. More and more bad players are being exposed. “Truths” told by Democrat sycophants like John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, etc., are being found out.

And the Democrat Party leadership has revealed the nuts and bolts of this Chapter 2: amp Chapter 1 up! The Democrat Party has poured fresh fuel into their attack arm that is ignoring the Mueller Report that for 2 years they universally demanded would implicate Trump, kick him out of the White House, and send him to prison. They threatened any who dared question the veracity of the Mueller investigation. Robert Mueller was the Democrat Party Messiah sent to save Earth from that devil Donald Trump.

Schiff and his House Committee showed on Thursday the nuts and bolts of that plan: keep screaming “Collusion, Obstruction, and Corruption!” They’ve attacked Attorney General Barr’s 4-page summary of the Mueller report, because they were told the report is 300+ pages. That means that “Barr is hiding bad Trump stuff with his 4-page summary.” Their attacks are exactly the same: Speaker Pelosi passes out the talking points, Democrat Party attack dogs — MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, and every Democrat in Congress have simply turned up the volume of their attacks against the President.


What’s their plan? Simple: win the White House in 2020. Increase their House majority and take control of the U.S. Senate. And between now and Election Day 2020, obstruct anything and everything that in their opinion could be a possible victory for Donald Trump.

To my fellow Americans of the Democrat Party, I encourage you to open your eyes to see the truth. If you DON’T listen to us here, if you DON’T listen to other conservative news sources, spend some time in thoughtful consideration of what “FACTS” you discern on your own — by reading, watching, asking questions, and being open to consideration of responses that may not align with your own thoughts and opinions at the time.

”Just because you think something is right doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because you think something is wrong doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

And, by the way, you might want to go back to last week here at TruthNewsNetwork and read the list of real Trump accomplishments during his first 2 years. Yes, there really ARE many significant, life-changing accomplishments this President led the nation into in 2017 and 2018. You haven’t heard about a single one from mainstream media.

I’ve said this before: I’ve always been a news journalist junkie. I grew up in broadcasting. I loved Paul Harvey. I honored Peter Jennings of ABC Nightly News. Before those two was Walther Cronkite on CBS. They were all brilliant broadcasters. Jennings and Cronkite exceptional news reporters. Neither editorialized the news and they respected members of their audience. And they trusted us, too. You don’t see that in mainstream media today. Why is that? They do NOT trust you or even consider your ability to discern truth. Quite honestly, they don’t want to allow you to think for yourselves. Yes, that sounds quite a bit like a State Media existence. Under Obama, that was already under serious consideration. Today, that concept is being exposed everyday.

And the media that has been weaponized by the Democrat Party are afraid. They have been exposed!



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