Mueller Mania

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There are two bombshells at the end of today’s story. Don’t cheat and look ahead! Read everything, read slowly, and digest all you are hearing. And hopefully my voice returns to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.  Dan

The first thought for many with the release of the Mueller Report was “Fantastic. Now we can get on with normal life in D.C. and get some REAL governing done!” Alas, nothing could be further from the truth. We are nowhere near seeing real governing take place in Washington, and certainly not in the Congress. Why is that? Because Democrats control the House of Representatives. And as Speaker Pelosi on her recent trip to Europe to meet with NATO officials said, she “shares” power with President Trump in Washington.

Of course, her claim (which she thought would not find its way back to the U.S.) was and is false on every level. It explains what everything her party does is about: maintaining current power and taking as much as possible to build that political might in D.C. Democrats see the Mueller report as only a temporary setback, or at least that is the story they are telling each other and their fawning party members. But the reality is they are terrified. Why? Once again, that rogue billionaire from Queens has beaten them badly in a fight Dems were confident they’d already won easily. 

Democrat’s reality: “Mueller Mania.”


What Robert Mueller’s investigation exposed was the intense corruption that fuels Washington. That corruption does not have one single home. In fact, there are several. Corruption has no specific political party, no specific type of politician, and does not apply to a single White House administration or either to just politicians. Corruption in D.C. encompasses the entire city and all but just a few of those who call it home and a place to “serve” in government.

We could easily delve into all the stories and examples of corruption from the past two years, but instead, we will simply identify with specific facts that confirm this one thing: The United States has been on the brink of a free-fall into anarchy. And Robert Mueller’s report findings may have saved this country.

Where Does This Corruption Reside?

Normally, this question and its answer(s) would be a simple find: look at corruption and trace its roots straight to the source. That would be too easy. There are in this case many sources. Let’s start with the most obvious: Government.

Regardless of what you’ve heard from new freshman members of Congress, there are 3 branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Of these, two are chosen by the People. The Judiciary (or “Judges”) are made by presidential appointment with “advise and consent” of the U.S. Senate. Our forefathers made it clear their intention was for all 3 branches to operate independently of each other to guarantee the People there would be no radical supplanting of power by one or two of the three. But, fundamentally, their work is delegated constitutionally to all 3 separately. That concept worked well for 250 years, until…

There always have been and always will be differences between those who serve in government. But each is delegated constitutional powers that are (on the most part) absolute. The Legislative Branch is charged to make laws with which to govern operations of the United States. Those laws and other measures passed by the Legislative Branch are executed by the Executive Branch. And to make sure all of the creation, implementation, and operation of these laws are by the book, the Judicial System maintains the legality for each of these. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it is anything but simple.

The principle of creating all 3 as separate tasks was to keep as much political influence out of the process of governing — at least as much as possible. Each is to operate within its constitutional authority. But the turmoil we see in America today comes from those separation lines established in the Constitution ignored, while people within each department stealthily seize control of processes not allocated to them constitutionally. It has become so common that their doing so seems normal.

The other two branches of government are actually tiny compared to Congress. But their tasks are vitally important. Of course, the Executive Branch led by the President gets most of Washington’s attention. But the Judiciary has over the last decade captured much of that spotlight with weighty decisions most often regarding controversial political issues.

The D.C. environment began to deteriorate rapidly during the Obama Administration. Obama made it clear when inaugurated in his first term his plan was to “fundamentally change the nation.” He set out to accomplish that very thing. But that’s impossible for one branch of government today, even the presidency. Lawmakers brushed-back his legislative attempts to facilitate that radical change he sought with the exception of Obamacare. Its passage was the country’s first foray into Socialism.

Obama realized he had an option to in effect circumvent Congress. How? Pack federal courts with activist judges that when considering rulings on controversial topics would be activists and rule accordingly. It worked. Suddenly the nation watched as judges made determinations on cases not based on the “word” of the Constitution, but on the “opinion” of activist judges of what the writers of the Constitution meant and how that applied to today.

His dream to change America was well underway when he left the White House. And he prepared his “heir-apparent” to put on that same mantle and steer the U.S. further into Socialism. But Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump: an avowed Capitalist who hated Socialist ideas.

What Next?

Trump was NOT supposed to win. D.C.chaos and pandemonium were everywhere. Even knowing Trump won, the Left had to find a way to run him out of D.C. or bury him with non-stop investigations he’d tire of the drama and resign. Of course, they underestimated him. We got the Mueller investigation and 2 years of daily drama. Make no mistake: just because that investigation is complete does NOT mean they’re through attacking Trump. They’ve just begun.

The Bad Actors

There are three “big” players in this quest to rid D.C. of Donald Trump. There are plenty of others, but these three are critical.

The “Mothership”

It was tough to exclude the Bad Actors to just thee. But these first two are obvious. The first is the Democrat Party.

No doubt because of the political process, divisiveness, partisanship, and the D.C. gluttony for power have consumed political parties. Democrats have for a decade + watched as membership in and adherence to their party have slipped away. And they’re desperate.

There are two things standing in their way: they MUST find voters to refill their ranks. But how to? Make every person they can become a voting party member. (“Voting” is the key) In the 1960s Dems saw blacks as key to party voters. So they found ways to attract African Americans to their party. But they could not afford for these new voters to assume any power or serious leadership. They used social programs with which to entrap blacks in a system they controlled: welfare and federal benefits.

In doing this they summarily destroyed traditional family structure which African Americans for centuries embraced. By isolating parents based on free subsidies, they enslaved African Americans again. With that came dependency. In return, Democrats won and have maintained control of that voting block.

If you wondered why Democrats are so excited about illegal immigrants flooding the southern border, it is to get those illegals in the U.S. and find a way to legalize and register them to vote. And with that comes the same obligation: immigrants’ votes for Democrats. That also explains why Democrats individually and as a party so adamantly fight Trump to keep the southern border open: VOTES.

The “Mouthpiece”

Then there’s the attack dog of Democrats: the Media. We could spend days pointing to example after example of how in-the-tank the Media is, spewing Democrat talking points every day all day. Ever wonder why they ALL seem to say the exact same things? It’s a coordinated attack, of course! It is rumored there is a specific secret website Democrats control to distribute to the media daily the exact verbiage to use when reporting on specific topics. There are numerous examples of this happening that make it impossible to just be chance.

A recent story was seen using the term “cherry-picked.” That exact term was used in at least 10 different stories the same day on multiple liberal news outlets. It is common for Democrats in Congress to attack conservative matters in the same way. It happens far too often to just be a coincidence.

And who can argue that the Media — who for each of the last two years — have been rated as reporting as a whole 90% negative against Trump? It is obvious the media abandoned journalism and truth in reporting long ago and try are a Democrat Party partner in the “anti-Trump” attack process.

The Finale

This is the one that is the scariest: The Deep State. TruthNewsNetwork was the first to share truth publicly with examples of the existence of a real Deep State — long before the 2016 election. It is NOT excluded to a specific group or specific individuals but is comprised of totally partisan groups and individuals who are hellbent on one thing: protect control of ALL U.S. government enterprises and destroy any who fight for the Rule of Law.

Numbered among these are all those in the Obama DOJ who have been discussed ad nauseum, members of Democrats in the House and Senate, Democrat Party officials, numerous major donors who have propped up the path to Socialism they so desperately want to be implemented. But chief among Deep State operatives is one person who we revealed almost three years ago: Barack Obama. This is NOT a conspiracy theory.

His power source comes through his communication abilities and his source of money. He effectively rallies people who find themselves disenfranchised around the cause of total equality for all. His equality is NOT an equal opportunity. It’s making everything in life equal — by force if necessary. It’s Socialism.

Let’s be clear: Socialism is NOT equal. That’s why it has never worked in any country in World history. Why? Because it is NEVER fair and is NEVER equal. It necessitates the existence of a ruling class that makes all the rules.

It takes a large group in leadership to implement Socialism. To obtain the support of sufficient “management minions” for the exercise in social engineering to even be mildly effective, all those management minions become members of the ruling class. They take orders, those orders are implemented, and a very small group at the top do well under Socialism. The remainder of that society spirals into chaos. Want specific examples of what this looks like? Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Vietnam.


All this pushback comes directly from the combination of these bad players and their leaders. It’s a HUGE mob. It has been steadily and quietly accumulating power, primarily through its stealth and secrecy. That secrecy has been perpetuated by all the good Middle America has seen during the first two years of Trump. That good has kept many Americans blind to the evil in our country.

That’s human nature: when things are going good, no one seems to look as closely and as hard to what lies beneath operations of government. It’s only when things are difficult for those Americans do they really begin to care. America has been asleep for a couple of years. It’s time the Giant awakens and starts taking their country back. The Mueller Report is the first step to awaken Americans to exactly what is happening in Leftists in control of Washington. As they awaken, they are shocked to even think it’s been there all along.

In summary, we have two bombshells to drop on you all. The first is what’s behind Barack Obama. Remember this: he came from humble beginnings. His only job before politics was as a community organizer. His short time in the Illinois government and as U.S. Senator certainly didn’t make him wealthy. Nor did his salary as President and his retirement. But wealthy is a mild explanation of Obama’s financial status.

Enter George Soros — and it started with the Clintons

In 1995, George Soros appeared on PBS with Charlie Rose, and said this:
“I like to influence policy.  I was not able to get to George Bush (Senior).  But now I think I have succeeded with my influence…I do now have great access in the (Clinton) administration.  There is no question about this.  We actually work together as a team.” 
(The Shadow Party; David Horowitz and Richard Poe; p. 91)
Soros could not beat Bush 43. He just waited. In 2008 when it became apparent Hillary could not best Obama, Soros leveraged the Hillary relationship to open his relationship with Obama. That relationship flourished. It is unclear where Soros stood in the Hillary campaign against Trump. But he clearly did not support Trump! Conventional wisdom is that he marked time, waiting in the weeds, and prepping his power junkie Barack Obama who was going to move the game pieces around if Hillary won. After all, Hillary introduced Soros and Obama to cement her appointment as the Obama Secretary of State. She opened the door. That’s all Soros needed.
No one knows for certain just how deep Soros is in D.C. But, as always, we can “Follow the Money.” That fact raised its ugly head with the sudden exoneration of Jussie Smollett in Chicago. Shock and awe filled the city led by Democrats who could not believe those charges were dropped. Why were they?
The prosecutor after communication with Michelle Obama’s former administrative assistant suddenly announced the dropped charges. Guess who was silently involved with that prosecutor in her run for that position in 2016? George Soros! He donated a paltry $383,000 to her Super PAC! “Follow the Money.” Why would those charges be dropped? A phone call from Michelle Obama’s former assistant to the Prosecutor, a call from Obama to Soros, from Soros to that Prosecutor.
All an ordinary Deep State operation.
We’ll close with a final blockbuster. Mueller found no grounds to pursue Obstruction of Justice against Donald Trump. But there ARE those in government today who are certainly guilty of obstruction. These are all leaders in Congress today. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Rep. Jerold Nadler (D-NY), and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).
How did they commit Obstruction of Justice? Each in the run up to the release of the Mueller Report for two years claimed publicly again and again they had SPECIFIC evident that proved two things: President Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia during his campaign to directly influence the outcome of the 2016 election in his favor. Secondly, they ALL again and again stated they had specific evidence that proved beyond any doubt President Trump had obstructed justice. How does saying that implicate these lawmakers?

Each serves on very serious intelligence and oversight committees in the House and Senate. Each participated in classified and open hearings alike in which testimony was given and conversation with debate occurred about these very serious allegations. If they harbored actual evidence of these claims without turning them over to either Mueller himself or to the FBI, they obstructed justice by NOT doing so. In fact, in doing so, each (who are each attorneys) violated attorney ethics and should be disbarred.

But before that, Attorney General Barr should subpoena each to testify under oath to federal prosecutors and demand production of the evidence that had (and purportedly still have) that proves Obstruction by the President. They EACH should be charged.

I’ll close with this: I cannot say in strong enough words that God has smiled on the United States with this Mueller finding. Maybe, just maybe, we may be watching a return in D.C. of the rule of law.

Unfortunately, it will take much more and many more months and years for such a process to be instituted and made effective. Many thought this never could or would happen — certainly not under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

It is also certain that the only person in my lifetime that has the staying power and backbone to perpetuate the fight that has taken place and certainly will continue than Donald Trump.

We are blessed to have him in the Oval Office in spite of his brashness, sometimes crudeness, and his certainty of his capabilities. We should each today turn this page and concentrate for a minute on the good things that are underway right now in the U.S. — economic successes never before seen.

Just imagine how much better it could be if he did not have to deal with the constant noise targeted at accomplishing one thing: get rid of Donald Trump!


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