Months before Donald Trump even hinted at throwing his hat in the 2016 run for the White House, I online wrote a story predicting he would not only run, but would win. My friends and associates laughed hysterically at my thought that such an arrogant, self-absorbed, reality show star could possibly win a presidential election — especially against the odds-on favorite Hillary Clinton. And so they were wrong and I was right.

Fast forward to today and the short trip to the 2020 election. Surely President Trump is the preemptive favorite to again carry the GOP banner. But who will run as the choice of Democrats? There is a virtual logjam of possible Dem candidates. But there are a handful who are “likelies” to run.

Is it too early to start a conversation about 2020? Is that a conversation you want to have? Why not!

Over the next few days, will analyze the top 5 Democrat “likely” candidates for the Democrat Party nomination to run against President Trump in 2020. AND…at the end of the analysis, I will tell you who the Democrat nominee will be.

Some will read from a perspective of honest curiosity to learn about possible candidates and who they really are. We have many members that lean left who will be looking in to see what those on the right are thinking. Whichever way you lean, check in starting tomorrow — if for no other reason to follow the crowd who wants to see a prediction fail!

It will be interesting just for hearing about this researcher’s ideas of possible candidates. It will be educational because you’ll see who they really are based on factual past performances as leaders and what they stand for. It will be fun because you can all watch with us as the “Race for the White House 2020” begins! And you’ll remember my predictions and your thoughts about those from the very beginning. In fact: you can leave YOUR prediction comments for others to see.

See you starting tomorrow!


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