Radical Tax Cuts

Is there any doubt Pelosi, Schumer, and every other Democrat would characterize anything proposed by this President as “evil” (Pelosi’s word) and “an attack on America’s Middle Class?” (Pelosi AND Schumer’s words)

Thursday details of the Tax Plan were revealed. Reportedly — at least according to the President and Congressional GOP leaders — this plan would be the biggest income tax reduction for Americans in U.S. history. But whether or not it is will have to be decided by Americans on their own, for politicians are at odds regarding its results.


Weeks before details were made available to the public, (including members of Congress) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) started beating the drum publicly that this would raise the tax burden on the Middle Class while taking money from that group and giving it to the wealthiest Americans in the form of tax reductions.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that the Republican Party’s proposed plan to cut taxes is “armageddon.” Pelosi, appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” said, “And in any case we have to fight — this tax bill is Armageddon. That is it. This hurts the middle class. It’s an opportunity to cost our investments in our budget. We’re for a better deal and better jobs and better pay, a better future and we must reject the Republican tax plan. That’s our task at hand.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said: “Trump’s plan, by contrast, would slash taxes for the top tax bracket, repeal the estate tax, and create a huge new loophole by reducing the rate on pass-through entities, allowing wealthy law firms and hedge fund managers to circumvent higher tax rates. The Tax Policy Center estimates that the top 1% will enjoy 80% of the benefits from Trump’s plan — while a third of middle-class taxpayers will be paying more in taxes by 2027.

Non-Partisan Tax Foundation

The non-partisan Tax Foundation has reviewed the proposal to determine how the new rates and deductions could affect single and multiple-income earning households. “Our results indicate a reduction in tax liability for every scenario we modeled, with some of the largest cuts accruing to moderate-income families with children and fixed-income retirees,” the group said in its review.

Do you sense a little partisanship “fudging” on the facts here?

The Trump Administration

President Trump made massive tax relief to primarily benefit the American Middle Class a cornerstone of his campaign which in part prompted voters to elect him. Just as with Healthcare reform, Immigration reform including building a southern wall, rolling back regulations to free-up companies to expand and re-hire employees, his tax relief program is now on the table and becomes the responsibility of Congress. Can they/will they follow through with the legislative process designed and implemented by the first Congress to put the preferences of the People in place to run the government?

The cries from the Left have been deafening since long before terms of the Tax Program were released. those cries apparently have been full of untruths, half truths, and assumptions. Those accusations thrown out by Pelosi, Schumer, the DNC, and other anti-Trump partisans are purposely clouding the picture for Americans. The Middle Class are asking two simple questions: will my taxes be cut? Will I be able to keep more of my money?

The common allegation from the Left is that under this plan, the rich will get tax cuts. Following their reason: those tax cuts for the rich must come from somewhere and someone. Aha! They must come from the Middle Class. In looking for a reasonable and understandable response to that, Trump Press Secretary Sara Huckaby Sanders had the best one and opened a White House press briefing with it. Please watch it as she uses a story to illustrate the impact on different economic classes of Americans. It’s 5 minutes long, but well worth the watch.


Doesn’t that explain why and how ignorant the Left are with their cries of “tax cuts will only benefit the wealthy?” Putting a plan in practice seldom plays out in real life like it does on paper. The example given here makes it very clear.


What is the furor from the Democrats about this plan? Everyone wants their taxes to be reduced, right? The problem is that the money for funding those tax cuts must come from somewhere. And the Left cannot bear to think of losing “their” money. Let’s face it: government exists to find ways to GET money and find better ways to SPEND money. Cutting the dollars taxpayers are now shipping the Washington means somebody is going to have to give up some cash for these tax cuts to work. So they lash out to try and convince Americans of the evil of this tax overhaul. But there’s one truth Americans need to understand:

The great devourer of tax dollars is the Federal Government! Do you realize they take and spend $3.5 Trillion tax dollars annually? Sure a big chunk of that money goes to fund direct costs of the government: military, education, infrastructure, foreign policy, etc. But much of it goes to special interests that seem to always find their way into the Capitol to vacuum our tax dollars away. Pelosi and Schumer are beathing the drum of the horror of increasing our nation’s debt. Give me a break! On their watch, during the last 10 years under the Obama Administration, the past President along with his Congressional bankers piled up more debt than that from the administrations of every president in U.S. history added together! Their “debt” cries are hypocritical and should be ignored.

Yes, our debt will probably rise a bit. But not as much as you may think. Why? Jobs and Gross Domestic Product. Both are racing since the Trump Inauguration. GDP is growing at a record rate through the first 3 quarters of 2017 as is consumer confidence AND employment. Did you know that the value of the stock market has risen over $5 Trillion since January!

Here’s the bottom line: The Left are hollowing about tax cuts. Why? one simple reason: the loss of “their” money. That’s right. Liberals believe it is their right to confiscate the wealth of Americans through taxes and then use that money in whatever manner they so choose in total disregard of those who earned that money. Pelosi and Schumer are petrified to think they may be seeing their power and control are slipping away because of the “New Sheriff in town.” That sheriff understands that Government not only is America’s problem, America is doomed if Americans do not take control of their own way of government and relieve those who do not share as soon as possible.

Here’s the takeaway for you: Isn’t it about time for Americans to stop the confiscation of their wealth by a fat cat bureaucracy that is destroying the nation economically? That happens through massive tax reductions NOT allowing Government to run our lives.

The glaring truth here that is shameful and explanatory at the same time: those in D.C. look at these proposed tax cuts as Donald Trump taking money away from them. Obviously that is NOT what this is all about! THAT MONEY DOES NOT BELONG TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. IT IS OUR MONEY. And if the government gets any, as it must, it will always come FROM Americans who agree taxpayers giving up their wealth and livelihood will only work if the PEOPLE decide on that process.




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