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No Doubt: Terror is Here

Many — including me — think America better get ready for the intensifying of terrorist attacks here.

It is inevitable. What has changed dramatically is that al Qaeda and ISIS no longer have a geographical center from which to initiate organized terror attacks against the West. Their caliphate has seen its borders dissolved by the unified military actions of the U.S. and its foreign allies. ISIS is scattered.

We were advised some time ago by ISIS themselves that they were instituting non-military attacks by their adherents around the world. They even publicly offered up specific plans and ideas for those attacks that should be initiated and carried out: using vehicles to kill in large crowds, homemade bombs in crowded public places, and mass shootings where possible as we saw in Las Vegas (even though authorities have not publicly confirmed that attack was ISIS inspired even after their multiple claims of responsibility). Details are trickling out from authorities that the New York Home Depot truck attack may be one of those “new” ISIS terrorism tools just as in Paris.

Very little about Sayfullo Saipov — the terrorist who drove that truck down the Manhattan bike path — cries of traditional terrorism. Yet he left ISIS paraphernalia and even notes confirming his ties. The Patterson, New Jersey mosque he attended until Bill deBlasio became New York City Mayor was under extensive electronic surveillance as part of a NYPD undercover terrorism intelligence operation. Cameras installed on light poles and hi-tech audio collected information about members of the mosque who had for some time been associated with suspected terrorists. Mayor deBlasio ended that program for “religious racism” purposes.

While details of the murders and the murderer  continue to be compiled by state and federal authorities, we know one specific fact that must be addressed, and the sooner the better: ISIS plans to destroy the American government and all those who would stand in the way. We MUST understand who they are, what and why they do what they do, and how to stop the spread of their international terror now in the United States — a monumental yet necessary task.

Terrorists and Terrorism

Muslim leaders are quick to distance themselves from terrorists, calling those “religious radicals,” or “Islamic extremists.” Islamic leaders are adamant that the religion of Islam is one of peace and the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful. I wlll NOT get into a religious discussion here. It is, however, poignant to mention this: all Muslims are not terrorists. But in the last two decades in the Western World, ALL terrorists have been Muslims who proclaimed their acts of terrorism were jihad in the name of Allah.

The primary tool used by these extremists is fear. Their greatest delight is to bathe infidels in the fear of death (or even worse) at the hands of Islamic extremists. Why else would ISIS have for an 18-month period flooded the internet with videos of brutal beheadings, burning people alive, and crucifying Christians in front of their children? Those horrors are perpetrated for one thing and one thing only: to instill fear in the hearts and minds of their enemies. The terrorism they spread comes straight from the pits of Hell where pure Evil gives birth to the vilest and most unspeakable acts ever seen or imagined by men. Their mission: to create a religious society void of any and all people, ideals, and philosophies that do not prop up their perverted reasoning. They feel such a Nirvana must be void of not only Christians, but any and every human who does NOT share their ideals or their version of Islam. They even hate and even kill Muslims if they do not agree with their radicalized ideals.

From this source came the men who plotted and devised the plan to knock down the NY Twin Towers, crash a jetliner into the Pentagon, and would have flown the fourth into either the Capitol or the White House if some brave Americans had not crashed that jet into a Pennsylvania field to prevent a D.C. massacre. That evil has slaughtered thousands of humans from points all over the Globe, all in the name of Islam and their extreme and perverted religious ideals. They have no concept of any of this terror ever being stopped. It is center to their thoughts and their hearts. And it dominates every aspect of their lives.

Feeding the Monster U.S. Style

Terrorism has found a place of quiet comfort in the U.S. aided by the door-keeper of Democracy : Political Correctness. Somehow someway a political class in Washington discovered that in the rush to pile up votes as quickly as possible to turn and perpetuate true socialism in the U.S. that immigrants from war and poverty ravaged Middle Eastern nations were easy marks. Americans awakened to discover Political Correctness had not only made it right to give the jobs of American citizens to immigrants — many of who came here illegally — some of those who came here did so not to make better lives for themselves and their families, but to establish a caliphate to perpetuate their religious zeal. Sadly a few of those brought extremist ideals that turned into the lunacy of terrorist activities America had seen before only on news clips from Europe and the Middle East. September 11, 2001, Americans were horrified to see terrorism living in the U.S.

Before 9/11 to Americans terrorism lived in some distant land and preyed on strangers “over there.” We never thought about it living here. Since then very stealthily and steadily the monster has grown stronger and bolder spreading its poison. Many think we may be past the point of no return in stemming the tide of domestic terrorism in America. It’s here. And it is growing at a pace too fast for those who would take and keep control of its danger.

“PC” has made it easy for terrorism to take hold. Cries of “Islamaphobia,” labeling any who question allowing these immigrants to come en masse without knowing who they are and what they want as “xenophobes,” have quieted much of the normal opposition to evil America has possessed for centuries. That “PC” has been controlled by a class of Americans who built and have perpetuated class warfare that spans the political, social, religious, and educational environments of the nation. Most of us never knew it was happening. Its results is a new generation that have been taught globalism at the expense of nationalism, multi-culturalism at the expense of Americanism, and socialism at the expense of democracy. All for the cause of building a political base with millions of entitled immigrants with one and only one important thing to offer the Political Class: votes.


What played out in southwest Manhattan is just a sample of the “new” jihad underway in America. Terrorists now see attacking as a real army gives their foes an easy front to war against. Attacking in small numbers in scattered locations at random times will still perpetuate their tool of fear, killing the infidel while minimizing their casualties. It makes it harder to stop and easier to grow.

What will it take for Americans to awaken to the fact that each of the Trump travel bans were NOT for religious bigotry? The Politically Correct already know that! But they have the wool pulled over the eyes of most Americans. It is lunacy to allow ANY immigrant into the U.S. unless and until U.S. authorities — not the United Nations — know everything there is to know about each who wish to come here. Why do they want to come? What are their skills? What about their education? Do they have criminal or terrorist ties? Have they committed crimes in their country? It is silly to believe that the government infrastructures of any of the countries listed in the travel bans is capable of producing answers to these questions sufficient to assure that those coming are not terrorists. Currently we are told they are required to participate in rigorous interviews and provide passports or other proofs of identity. Really! Are we that naive? No, we are not naive. The PC class have made it mandatory to look the other way and allow immigrants to come on in regardless of their pasts or their future plans.

Not all are evil. Not all are good. But one thing is certain: our President and those in Government are sworn to protect Americans before anything else. What also is certain many in D.C. STILL have not acknowledged we have a terrorism problem. Too often when we have these terrorist incidents we are told the perpetrators are simply mentally ill or angry people who almost always use guns (that of course should be illegal to possess) to act our their mental deficiencies or anger. Almost never are these attacks officially labeled “Terrorism” or are those who carry them out called “Terrorists.” Terrorism has literally become the king who proudly rides nude in the parade and no one dares to say the King wears no clothes for fear of being labeled “Politically Incorrect.”

Wake up Washington! Terrorists live among us. It is your job to make us safe. We pay trillions annually for you to do so.

“Just Do It”



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  1. Strong and True! Interesting I have several middle eastern friends who are Christians and will tell you the same thing. They grew up where these ideals are perpetuated and they whole heartedly will tell you we are in danger and the radical muslim factions will never stop! They have plans that have lasted thousands of years and are willing to commit hundreds of years and generations of families to accomplish the goal. Something in our modern American society we just do not understand.

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