Sanctuary State Idiocy

California’s top law enforcement officer said his state is “ready” to confront the Trump administration over its funding threats against so-called sanctuary cities.  State Attorney General Xavier Becerra responded in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday to warnings by the Trump administration that it could cut funding to sanctuary cities, which are places that limit how much local police forces can cooperate with federal immigration authorities.  Becerra contrasted the role of the federal government with California’s law enforcement agencies.

“We fully respect that they have the responsibility to enforce immigration law,” he told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos. “We are in the business of public safety. We’re not in the business of deportation.”  He said California abides by federal laws on immigration and asserted that the U.S. government cannot order state or local jurisdictions to change their approach to public safety.  “We’re going to continue to abide by federal law and the U.S. Constitution,” Becerra said. “And we’re hoping the federal government will also abide by the U.S. Constitution, which gives my state the right to decide how to do public safety.”

That drivel came from California’s chief law enforcement officer.  Before you laugh, you need to cry.  Why?  Because his statement demonstrates the sheer idiocy “owned” by California’s Attorney General and it is shared by many other state leaders and many who walk the hallowed halls of

California Attorney General Becerra

the U.S. Capitol.  And in doing so, they have created (and are maintaining) an atmosphere of permissiveness that not only allows selective legalism but encourages it.  We are on a slippery slope from here.  And it is not cold water in a swimming pool that awaits us.  It’s a long visit to the mud pits of failed European socialist countries and the heat and humidity of banana republics of South America and the Caribbean.   Lawlessness is not headed our way, it is here.

How do we process this?  Believe it or not, electing Donald Trump as President is a start.  This issue is not unique to his presidency — it was living among us under Barack Obama and before.  It was just lying in wait in the bushes for the right time to strike.  And when the new gardener in town decided to shake the bushes to find out what was there it stirred the snakes that had been quietly laying there for some time.  Understand how it happened is something history will teach us.  What is most important is that we get a handle on this immediately.

First, there’s California.  I hate to say this, but I doubt there is a quick and/or easy solution to what A.G. Becerra had to say.  I do not think this is something even Donald Trump can negotiate away.  So instead of just talking a tough game, the President needs to go on offense.  Knowing now how he operates, when he initiates his game plan there will be no turning back and it will be ugly.  But if we do not take a stand somewhere in the U.S. immediately, this “state anarchy” is just beginning.  Cut California off at the knees.  How?

First, immediately cut off all federal funding to the California state government.  That surely is low hanging fruit, but in the state’s poor economic condition, it will show the liberal governing class there they are part of a nation and not a nation unto themselves.  And to be a part of something means being a part of it instead of standing in the corner of the room at a party and whining until you get your way.  This would include, by the way, ALL funding for education at every level, including colleges and universities.

Secondly, pull all of the federal support for the California infrastructure: interstate highway maintenance, national park maintenance and manpower, all federal military personnel, equipment, shut down all military facilities and move complete Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines vessels, vehicles, and any and all movable equipment from California to federal facilities in neighboring states.  This includes all U.S. federal employees at federal non military facilities.  Completely cease operations at those agencies’ California locations.  Let the California government know they need their own military, immigration forces, intelligence operations, and international government infrastructure since they are NOT part of the United States.  Terminate all federal leases and rental contract for every facility and piece of equipment being used in the state.

Third, seal the California border with U.S. border guards:  not the border with Mexico.  That will be THEIR responsibility.  Seal the California borders with Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.  Passage to and from California to the United States must be approved by U.S. authorities.  This includes air traffic.

       CA Governor Jerry Brown

Fourth, immediately cancel all contracts between U.S. companies and California companies for all goods and services, all to be replaced with contracts with like companies in other U.S. states and other countries.  I know this includes the products of technology companies in California, and cutting off ALL of these may be impossible.  But for those that cannot be terminated or phased out, Congress should pass import tariffs on ALL goods AND services provided by California individuals and companies to other U.S. states.

There are many other pieces to this puzzle that will surface if such a course of action is taken.  And you may think my making these suggestions is illogical because they can never happen.  Before you dismiss my premise, consider this:  the California Attorney General has made it clear his Justice Department will NOT abide by federal law.  He will continue to pick and choose which laws California will enforce with no regard or input from the United States government.  I understand California is a state and Constitutionally has state rights under federal law.  But all laws passed by the U.S. Government and implemented MUST be followed and enforced by each state.  After all, the 535 people who are each elected by their individual state citizens are the ones who represented their states in passing these laws.  And that includes California lawmakers elected by California voters.

Yes, this process might be an impossible one.  I do not see how it could ever happen.  but I also cannot see how any of the 50 states would ever want it to happen.  And I doubt the people of California would approve such a move.  But someone must get California government leaders to wake up to the stark realities of what America is today:  it is NOT a nation of immigrants as some like to say.  It is a nation of laws.  And all of us that live in this nation are a product of those laws passed, enacted, and enforced by Americans in previous generations and this.  If any states or any individuals are given the arbitrary right to abide by or to ignore any federal laws for any reason they so choose whenever they make those choices, our nation will cease to exist.

I don’t think Attorney General Xavier Becerra is ready for California to become a nation.  And I’m certain as much as the pride of Governor Jerry Brown would dictate making such a move, even he would run from the statehood option for California if it is thrust on his state by the federal government.

In years past I might would have said, “Governor Brown is not a stupid man.  He would NEVER agree to anything like that.”  I’m not so sure of that now.

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  1. I agree that something needs to be done and quickly. I believe the solution is much more simple and straightforward….. that is enforce Federal Laws. Wether the law breaker be a Governor, Mayor, Police Chief, illegal Immigrant, etc. etc. I don’t believe we should move to punish every law abiding citizen for the actions of a few. We are a nation of laws and let’s have the courage to enforce those laws. These people have taken a solemn oath to serve, protect and uphold the laws of this country. ENFORCE THE LAW.

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