Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Let’s examine the outrageous and outlandish statements and positions taken by some of the nation’s leading mayors and governors about the ethereal “House on the hill:” Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States.  The Leftist talking points have become absolutely ludicrous.  The ironies of all things to do with this phenomenon all comprise an American first:  government leaders and American cities all subscribe to Anarchy.  “Anarchy:  a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.”  Who would have ever thought American governors, mayors, and even some Congressional leaders would subscribe to the philosophy of anarchy?

What is going on in this story that encompasses “Sanctuary Cities?”  Actually, there really is no such thing.  The term was created to describe a place of sanctuary for illegal aliens guilty of federal crimes who are arrested by local law enforcement for committing local crimes.  U.S. Justice Department requirements of local law enforcement is simply to notify federal officials of the arrest of those individuals and hold them for the feds to pickup for processing.  In the atmosphere of many American cities in which liberal state and local officials by their actions endorse the protection of these illegals, several mayors and even governors have made public statements putting the Justice Department on notice that they will NOT cooperate with federal authorities in the process described above.  New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, are large cities that lead that pack.

What’s at stake?  Besides the obvious which is prosecuting illegal aliens guilty of federal crimes and taking them off the streets, tens of millions of dollars in federal grants to these cities and states are set to be withheld until local and state officials cooperate with the Justice Department and Immigration in holding then releasing these criminals to the feds.  And the political battle lines have been drawn (as you can imagine) along liberal and conservative lines.

       de Blasio speaks about the Executive Order

Regarding President Trump’s executive order blocking funding for these Sanctuary cities, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “The executive order does not change who we are or how we go about doing our work.”  He continued,  “We’re going to defend all of our people, regardless of where they come from and regardless of their documentation status.”  The Democratic mayor says that instead of filling its stated purpose of increasing public safety, the executive order would undermine it by damaging police and community relations, and putting cuts first and foremost on the NYPD, “taking away the resources we use everyday to protect people in this city against crime and against terrorism.” City officials say the Republican president’s order could yank over $150 million in law enforcement funding that’s mainly for counter terrorism efforts, as well as protecting international dignitaries and, arguably, safeguarding Trump Tower.

At the release of the Executive Order, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke out, “We’re going to stay a sanctuary city,” Emanuel said. “Wherever you came from, you’re welcome here.”  How much will Sanctuary City status cost Chicago?  An analysis by the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, a Chicago-based bipartisan think tank, said Trump would need Congress’ approval to yank all of the city’s federal funding, which is expected to total $1.3 billion, about 14 percent of its 2017 budget.  Similar action with similar results have occurred in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other U.S. cities with those mayors stating their commitment to their sanctuary status.

What in the world is going on here?  Do these leaders not understand what they by their actions and in-actions are doing?  They are endorsing law breaking and those who repeatedly break the law, AND supporting an environment in the Nation in which laws at the whim of anyone can be broken or adhered to as determined by anyone.  Whatever happened to “we live in a nation of laws?”  Whatever happened to oaths of office for these officials in which they pledged to uphold the laws of the United States, their states, and their cities?  How can people who have climbed the mountain of accomplishment to achieve their successes be so stupid as to thumb their noses at the President of the United States, Attorney General, the U.S. Constitution, and more importantly, the voters and tax payers in their own cities?  Forrest Gump apparently had them tagged correctly:  “Stupid is as Stupid Does.”  Directing their city citizens and the local and state law enforcement officers to ignore any laws is endorsing anarchy….period.  Voters need to pay attention to this.

There is a price to pay for these government choices beyond even the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars these municipalities need to operate their cities smoothly.  By aiding in this perpetuation of ignoring federal laws simply by telling city employees to ignore the law can loosely be defined as “aiding and abetting” those who have committed felonies.  That’s a violation of 1907. Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a):  Aiding and Abetting.  The penalty for that?  Ten years of jail time plus a large fine PER OCCURRENCE defined in law as one occurrence for each of these acts assisting one illegal alien to evade federal prosecution.  So these mayors if convicted and sentenced for breaking this law could serve 20, 30, 40, even 50+ years for doing so!

But forget about the legal implications.  We are all Americans.  We are all trying to do the best we can in getting along, raising families, and fighting for economic successes.  The same can be said for immigrants who come to the U.S. the right and legal way.  And these mayors who harbor (and encourage others to do so) criminal illegal aliens are stealing from legal immigrants the rights and opportunities these mayors unilaterally give and protect for illegal aliens in their cities.  That in itself is un-American.  That is anarchy:  where people in the government pick and choose what laws to enforce and who to give all the breaks to.  Have we really come to that?

Here’s the REALLY ironic thing in all this:  someone gets killed by an illegal alien who was arrested by local authorities and released by local law enforcement in lieu of turning him over to federal authorities.  The family members sue who for wrongful death?  Local law enforcement.  Who pays that settlement?  Local law enforcement pay it…from funds received via grant for local law enforcement.  In other words, Kate Steinle’s family receives millions of dollars for her wrongful death at the hands of an illegal 5 times deported, picked up by San Francisco authorities and released again only to shoot Kate at a spot I have been to numerous times myself.   YOU pay those millions in those settlements!

Ironies in this are abundant.  Why can’t we simply support and enforce the laws, or, if we don’t like them, change the laws?  Not doing so is pure lunacy!


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