Saturday Bullet Points: April 16, 2022

Here we go again! This time every year, we’re all rushing around, looking for receipts and retracing your steps from the previous year to make sure we have all our expenses and donations at hand. Why? “The taxman cometh!” Well, he actually doesn’t make his final pass until Monday.

All these add to the stress we all have trying to keep our brains wrapped around every issue in our government, especially those which directly impact our lives. What are those “issues?” OMG! There are far too many to list. And they change almost daily.

We CAN put them in capsule format and bring you the most important of those every Saturday in our “Saturday Bullet Points” story. We identify the most important of those, put them in bullet point format, and let you “get” the important things in the news without having to dig and dig and dig…

Try it out! Click on the bullet point, then read the two or three sentences which give a synopsis of that story’s content. If you want more information about any story, click on the blue arrow — which is a hyperlink. It will take you to the FULL story for details.

Have a great Saturday. Happy Easter!

Saturday Bullet Points

  • This first story boggles my mind. I’m a Christian. I’m an American. I’m NOT a racist…PERIOD. But, apparently, Pope Francis thinks otherwise. In fact, in his Good Friday sermon, the Pope said we’re ALL racists! He may be confessing about his OWN situation. But he doesn’t know ME at all. What about you? For complete details, click on this link:
  • (We’re forbidden from reporting this story. Who we’ll whisper……..) There WAS fraud in the 2020 election. Among other places, fraud was proven — FACTUALLY — in Pennsylvania. And the principal fraud there occurred in the massive number of drop boxes for ballots. To help stop the voting fraud, Pennsylvania’s Senate passed a measure that does away with those drop boxes. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Well, it didn’t take long. “Woke” America was sure to find a way to stop Elon Musk from buying their company, Twitter, and taking it private. That would be bad enough, but Elon promises to make Twitter exercise free speech for all its members! OMG. They can’t let that happen. So Twitter’s board of directors unanimously passed a measure called “poison pill,” which supposedly will stop Elon. But there’s more to the story. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Tony Dungy is an icon to thousands of African American kids. He’s a husband, father, and a SuperBowl winning NFL coach. And he’s also a Christian with strong values. He’s tuned in on the family. Coach Dungy this week stepped into the fray regarding the rampant problem with kids in schools and elsewhere, most of which are minority children. While the woke gang demands better schools to take care of these kids’ problems, Dungy has a better idea. It has NOTHING to do with “equity.” What could it possibly be? For complete details, click on this link:
  • We are about to see what our President is made of — or if he’s chicken! Russian President Vladimir Putin just drew his own line in the sand and is daring Biden to cross it. Putin’s a bit “hacked-off” to learn of the U.S. “gift” to Ukraine of Switchblade drones and long ranch artillery firepower. Putin actually issued an ultimatum to Mr. Biden. We’re about to see if that threat is real or just political. How far is Putin willing to go to beat the U.S.  For complete details, click on this link:
  • Vladimir Putin has been quick to brag about the number of Ukrainian soldiers his troops have killed. Of course, President Zelensky denies Putin’s numbers for their accuracy. And no one knows factually how many Russians have died. So Ukraine is helping those Russian Moms and Dads to confirm the death of their sons and daughters in Putin’s war. How are they doing that? For complete details, click on this link:
  • You heard about Ukraine’s sinking of Russia’s flagship symbol for the entire Russian navy. The flagship cruiser Moskva sank after what the Pentagon reported to be a direct hit by a new model missile from Ukraine. There’s more to this incident than just the sinking of a ship. THIS ship in THIS war with the world looking on is a fly in the face of Vladimir Putin. And he’s not happy about it. In fact, it might incite him to do some course-correcting and startle the West with some new and “different” tactics. For more information, click on this link:
  • It’s one thing for Ukraine to bask in its successes against Russia. But the cost of the war to Ukraine in dollars and lives is high. It’s the same for Russia. Here’s the major concern for all those involved: will Putin flip and do something drastic to take back the narrative that emanated worldwide when this war began? Remember: Putin and others of his generals declared they would take Ukraine in two hours! What might Putin do? Might those actions include chemical attacks on  Ukraine? And what about a nuclear response? Pres. Zelensky told CNN that the world needs to be prepared for both and even more. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The world has watched as thousands of Ukrainian men, women, and children have been slaughtered by the marauding Russian military. Even with that, the hope that none of these innocent civilians would be targets of the invaders. Most thought Putin would go after Kyiv first because it’s Ukraine’s capital and largest city. He didn’t go there first. But he had just finished a blood-letting pass through the city, leaving hundreds of dead Ukrainians. They’re civilians. And they all appear to have been executed! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Thank God it appears our COVID-panic is over! I know: don’t gloat. There are still some spots fighting infection upticks. But as bad as it still might be and as bad as it was for us during our lockdowns, imagine if you today lived in Shanghai in China. With the recent wave of 25,000 new COVID-19 infections in one day, the Communist Chinese Party has turned to some of the most brutal tactics against that city’s citizens. Very little is restricted for police to do to enforce lockdowns that include locking residents in their apartments for days without food! For complete details, click on this link:

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