Saturday Bullet Points: August 26, 2023

Every week through the 2024 election is apparently going to be full of important events that all Americans need to keep up with. Actually, I think that the chaos that accompanies political events is being weaponized against the American taxpayers. Here’s my theory: if politicians can keep voters concentrated on chaotic events, those same voters are likely not to see the details of all the moving parts of what’s going on. With that happening every day, Americans will not notice many of the details of events they wish to hide.

Do I honestly feel that is an election-year approach they will execute against the People? Actually, I’m confident they already have! If you measure the insanity of where we stand today in preparation for multiple trials of former President Donald Trump, our economy under siege by the results of never-before-seen government spending, and our geo-political foes flexing their muscles while threatening the U.S. sovereignty, it’s virtually impossible to see and understand it all. And that’s what the hope of the Left is built around: deflection of the taxpayers’ attention!

What we will continue at TruthNewsNetwork is the daily presentation of as many important U.S. happenings as possible to keep all informed with facts. One way we do that is a weekly summary in bullet point format of each week’s biggest stories. Every Saturday, all can catch up by reading the top stories of the week published in our “Saturday Bullet Points.” Let’s get started!

Bullet Points

  • These nonstop indictments of former President Trump keep coming from all sides. The timing of the Department of Justice’s Special Counsel is obviously to cloud the important circumstances of this election season. Democrats have stated for years that because of a DOJ understanding, the federal government does NOT prosecute political foes during an election period. (I guess they forgot about that promise this time!) The timing of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Trump indictments can only be to give Joe Biden the advantage in the election by keeping Trump preoccupied. House Republicans have launched an investigation to find out if there is collusion between the Special Counsel and the local prosecutors in New York and Georgia who mysteriously waited several years to go after Trump. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Climate activists continue doing their best to keep the American people in fear for their lives. EVERYTHING seems to be an environmental disaster in the making! Whether it’s climate change globally, carbon emissions stealing our oxygen, or pollution, leftist activists are using the fear of the unknown as a weapon against us all. None of their claims have been proven in Science! But that doesn’t matter — TRUTH doesn’t matter! All that is important is using the unknown as weapons against the American people. And now, their song and dance about the dangers of plastic straws has been proven to be a lie! Paper straws are just as dangerous and maybe MORE dangerous! For complete details, click on this link:
  • On the day of Joe Biden’s election as U.S. President, I paid $1.60/gallon for gas. Today, I paid $3.19/gallon for the same brand of gas. So what’s changed? President Trump, since his first day in office, has summarily implemented policy after policy as continual direct attacks against fossil fuel. We were energy independent for the first time in a generation the month before the 2020 election! But that doesn’t matter to this President. He canceled the XL Pipeline, terminated agreements for offshore drilling for all and leasing of federal land, and our gas prices soared. And we’re once again importing massive amounts of gas from foreign nations in the name of “Climate Change!” And now, you won’t believe who the Biden Administration is about to turn to for gasoline importing to the U.S.:Venezuela! Why don’t we reactivate our own domestic oil production? For complete details, click on this link:
  • As of Friday, the 18 co-defendants charged along with Donald Trump in Georgia have all been arraigned and formally charged for their various alleged wrongdoing. However, numerous Constitutional attorneys who have had time to puzzle over all the charges contained in that indictment are now saying the case — filed for political purposes by the Georgia Prosecutor Fanni Willis — is riddled with legal issues. Though Hill has had the case for more than two years, she waited until a week ago to take action on it. And she wants to go to trial and try all defendants at once in two months!  Here are the latest details of this “Trump Witchhunt:”

  • Oddly enough, one of Trump’s co-defendants remains in jail in Atlanta as of Friday. Former Black Voices For Trump Director Harrison Floyd had not posted bail as of Friday and remains in custody. Court records showed defendant Floyd was due to appear in court on Friday morning. However, Judge Scott McAfee told reporters that he would not appear after all. Supposedly, Floyd does not “yet” have a bond agreement with the Fulton County Prosecutor. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Just when you feel safe to go back into the water, another shark shows up with intentions to eat you! A Florida attorney is piling on former President Trump. The day after Trump’s arraignment in Atlanta, this Florida attorney filed another claim against President Trump. The lawyer is challenging Trump’s right to run for President next year! The attorney’s challenge is based on an obscure interpretation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He states that Trump, on January 6, “was complicit in trying to overthrow the 2020 election!” Those actions, he says, disqualify Trump’s eligibility to run. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” For complete details, click on this link:
  • Who won the GOP debate on Wednesday? Everybody’s entitled to their opinion on any matter. But when it comes to political presidential debates, it’s pretty easy to test the overall opinion of who won by following the money. Of the eight candidates who stood on that stage, two have experienced significant increases in campaign contributions as a result of their debate actions. Who do you think they are? For complete details, click on this link:
  • We knew it was inevitable, but now it appears to be real. The state of Maine has announced it’s “considering” joining a few other states in banning the sale of fossil fuel-powered automobiles. Can you fathom the pandemonium such actions will generate among the populace? The plan for Maine that is under sincere consideration would require the rapid reduction of the sale of fossil fuel-fired vehicles to be reduced in percentages of vehicles sold by 82% by model year 2032. What will the effects be for Maine auto purchasers? Public meetings are being held with proponents on both sides of the issue, making their voices heard. Make no mistake: Anti-fossil fuel groups are adamant about outlawing such vehicles altogether! For complete details, click on this link:
  • The death count of those lost in the Maui fires stands at 114 as of Friday. However, officials have published a list of approximately 400 missing residents. Thankfully, by late Friday, more than a hundred of those on that list had notified officials of their whereabouts. At least they are safe! But there are still several hundred missing, with family members prayerfully waiting and hoping for good news. For complete details, watch this video:

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