Saturday Bullet Points: August 28, 2021

This past week can be best described as a “week full of American disasters.” Those disasters include the incessant misinformation coming from the White House, the State Department, and even President Biden himself. After a week in which we saw 130 Afghans and 13 U.S. military service members slaughtered by two bombs at the Kabul Airport, we anxiously watched daily to get some sense of the reality of the status of the rescue of an unknown number of Americans and Afghan citizens. These are huddled in secret locations throughout Kabul waiting for assistance to get to the airport and aboard rescue flights to escape certain death at the hands of terrorist rebels. We are told that 105,000 Afghans and Americans have left the country on U.S. military and private chartered jets. However, we have NO knowledge of how many of those rescued are Americans!

Let’s catch up on the latest stories regarding this horror: some you have seen/heard, some you have not. After reading the first few sentences of each bullet point, if you want details click on the blue arrow at the end of the description and you’ll be referred immediately to the full story. If you need no details just go to the next Bullet Point. PLEASE pray for all those still in Kabul — for their protection, safety, and quick return to their homes.

Bullet Points

  • I don’t want to sound negative, but…the Pentagon late Friday released a story stating a U.S. drone strike on a moving vehicle a few miles from the Pakistan border killed the “ISIS-K Planner.” (no name given) The story as reported by FOX News is very iffy, however. It says it could NOT be confirmed for certain that “Planner” was who was responsible for the bombing in Kabul, nor could it be confirmed that he was killed “for certain” in the drone strike. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Who was the brain surgeon that made the decision to give the names and personal information of all the Americans that were living in and around Kabul to the Taliban! That’s exactly what the Biden Administration did. Just imagine the reasoning that went into that decision. The Taliban are the very ones we’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for the last 20 years. They’re the ones that rape young girls and boys, behead Christians, burn or hang women who dare to show their faces in public, and are the sworn enemies of all “infidels.” And they have — thanks to Pres. Biden — the names of Americans in Kabul desperately trying to get out! For  the complete details, click on this link: 
  • You probably saw the President in media appearances during the week tell the press that World leaders have “universally” expressed their support of the President’s actions taken in the Afghanistan withdrawal. He said this again and again in the face of numerous media reports from all over the World that echoed the chagrin of numerous leaders who are horrified at Biden’s actions! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • A number of members of Congress and also American military leaders were shocked when President Biden and the Defense Secretary ordered the closure of Bagram Airforce Base outside of Kabul. The U.S. spent billions of dollars constructing it included the most strategic and thorough security measures to protect our military stationed there while giving us easy access to bring people and equipment in and out of the nation. It also housed thousands of prisoners captured during our time in Afghanistan. The horror at this could not be more obvious than in the wake of the bombings and deaths Thursday at the Kabul airport where there is VERY little security. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • As one would expect, President Biden is bringing thousands of Afghan refugees to the United States. The process and expense for doing so are monumental and no one will step forward and give the American people any details. This is especially troubling in the wake of the estimated 1 million illegal immigrants who have crossed our southern border in the past year. Where are these “new” refugees going once they arrive on U.S. soil? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Every American has looked on in anger when viewing the aftermath of the Thursday bombings at the Kabul airport. Reportedly, 130 Afghans died as well as 13 American service members, and the number is rising. It is believed the perpetrators were a splinter group of ISIS, known for suicide bombings. But no one has stepped forward and claimed responsibility. Americans waited and waited, and WAITED for a heads-up from the U.S. President. And most wanted to hear his commitment to find those who committed these atrocities and make them pay. What did he say when he appeared? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It was expected that President Biden’s reasoning regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal was made public would be questioned. Using the word “questioned” is a bit kind. World leaders, citizens of other countries, and many Americans both in and out of the military are wondering what intelligence this President is using to make these outlandish decisions. And the Mainstream Media has joined the questioning of Mr. Biden — even CNN! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Sadly, one of the constant statements made by the President when responding to questions is that former President Trump is the culprit who orchestrated this pullout of American troops from Afghanistan. It’s sad for this reason: Biden, beginning on Day 1 of his presidency, immediately terminated dozens of OTHER Trump policies. When asked about the departure from Afghanistan, Biden said the Trump Administration had negotiated an agreement with The Taliban and Afghanistan, and, for that reason, Biden said he would honor it. Forget about the fact that the numerous policies of the Trump Administration he canceled were agreements with the American people! Forget that President Biden says continually in press briefings, “The buck stops here.” He SAYS that, but he doesn’t MEAN that. And, many in the media agree with Mr. Biden. When you read this story, you’ll probably get mad! 
  • Members of the media have breathlessly chased people who are stuck behind Taliban lines in Kabul to get the “Truth” of the conditions for those that cannot yet get out of the country for safety elsewhere. One especially troubling interview happened between FOX News and an Afghan man who is in fear for his life because he assisted our military in Afghanistan and knows the Taliban know who he is and are looking for him. He used the assumed name “Carl” in the interview. His comments will shock you! 
  • We’ve all heard members of the Biden Administration when facing the media brush off questions about the current inflation in the U.S., saying it’s only temporary. Guess what? They’re wrong! Inflation numbers are staggering. At the close of business on Thursday current inflation numbers tied the all-time inflation maximum numbers from 30 years ago. What does that mean? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Remember the lies that were crammed down our throats by mainstream media regarding the riot at the Capitol on January 6th? “Multiple Capitol policemen were killed by Trump supporters!” As it turns out, only ONE person was shot and killed that day. That person was a Trump supporter — the person who was shot. The shooter was a member of the Capitol police force. In the aftermath of it all, it is puzzling to most Americans that first, the identity of that police officer has NOT been released to the public OR to the family members of the person he shot. And the D.C. coroner listed the cause of death as Homicide. Even with that, NO ONE is going to prosecute the shooter for, on live video, shooting a former member of the U.S. Military in the back of the neck: Ashli Babbit from San Diego. She was unarmed and was not threatening anyone with any type of violence when the incident occurred. How, however, the policeman decided to come forward and justify his actions for the killing of Ashli Babbit. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Shh…we’re not supposed to talk about this. Another state has discovered massive issues with the mail-in ballot count in their state in the November presidential election. Exactly 82,766 ballots went “missing” or were “undeliverable” in Wisconsin. That sounds like no big deal, right? Biden’s margin of victory in the state was just 20,000 votes! Obviously, those “missing” and/or “undeliverable” ballots probably made the difference in the Wisconsin electoral votes. For complete details, click on this link: 

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