Saturday Bullet Points: December 2, 2023

Yes, the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel has been terminated. The two entities’ war immediately escalated as if the ceasefire never occurred. Millions of people around the World are anxious to see what happens in Israel and Gaza. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess about what will happen and when. We’ll keep our eyes on all of this. You will know as this war moves into this next stage.

Meanwhile, let’s crank up the “Bullet Point” offering to catch you up on the other important events of this past week.

Bullet Points

  • I will never forget the 95 minutes of California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Thursday night debate anchored by Sean Hannity of FOX News. I don’t like the “regular” election televised debates. The format is NOT conducive for Americans to see how each participating candidate would do in confronting the issues they’d face if voters “hired” them. Newsom and DeSantis clarified that this type of one-on-one rather than a “debate” gave voters a clearer understanding of how the candidates would handle the elected job if they were chosen. The debate was loud, invasive, angry, and confrontational. It would take far too long to highlight the best bullet points. One would miss the context of each answer to each of Hannity’s questions. Let’s abbreviate the gritty details and examine the highlights of the event. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Far too much ground was attempted to cover by Hannity. Answers to critical additional questions would have put finality as to whose positions would better serve the nation, thereby giving the audience better views. And the obvious bloviating in answers to every question by Governor Newsom consumed quite a bit of time. (That was obviously a portion of his “plan.”) In the way of explanation, Hannity’s staff had meticulously prepared compilations of video graphics showing each major sector of governing and each governor’s actions compared to the others. With video statistics on the screen that both governors saw simultaneously, Newsom denied all that made California look bad when compared to Florida’s. Click on this link to hear how Newsom “danced” around the facts:
  • Long Island Congressman George Santos (R-NY) was expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives. The Long Island congressman, who allegedly stole donor funds to spend on OnlyFans and Botox, fled Capitol Hill and ignored reporters as he became just the sixth House member in history to be kicked out. Over 100 Republicans joined Democrats in booting out the fabulist liar in a historic vote Friday totaling 311 to 114. What will happen next? Who will take over the Congressman’s House seat until next November’s election? Will this expulsion destroy the GOP’s very slim majority of Republicans in the House? For complete details, click on this link:
  • The ceasefire of the war between Hamas and Israel came to an end on Friday. As hostages have been released during the ceasefire, more horrendous details of the treatment of hostages by Hamas are proving how violent and brutal are the Hamas terrorists. NO ONE — male or female, adult or child, has been exempted from unspeakable torture by these thugs. According to Yaniv Yaakov, the uncle of two kidnapped Israeli children, Yagil Yaakov, 12, and Or Yaakov, 16, the boys were branded like cattle on scorching-hot motorcycle exhaust pipes so that they would be easy to identify if they escaped, the Times of Israel reports. And it gets worse. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Friday, a committee hearing was held examining the weaponization of the Biden Justice Department against American civilians. Matt Taibi, the first contributor to Twitter Files, testified Friday, answering committee questions regarding the unfathomable horrors discovered in the last year, confirming the fears of many. Confirmation that the Biden Administration has brazenly attacked Biden’s political opponents throughout the Biden presidency permeates the halls of Congress. Here’s Matt Taibi giving details of this weaponization before the House Committee:

  • Former President Donald Trump is laboring through a civil trial for alleged fraud committed by the Trump Companies against New York banks and insurance companies. In this case, The judge and prosecutor are Democrats from NYC who earned their titles by being elected. The court has shocked numerous attorneys in the U.S. and abroad with its outrageous, unfounded allegations against Trump. Most of the legal exports cannot believe this case has not already been dropped. Friday, a commercial Deutsche Bank banker testified that NONE of the allegations of New York Attorney General Letitia James are warranted, and the specific claims made in the indictment are false and are the direct opposite of what the case alleges. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci and other prestigious medical professionals are warning Americans of a strange pneumonia that is sweeping across the U.S. that is attacking children. This specific pneumonia has received a nickname: “white lung.” One would think Americans have learned all the necessary details of attacks by viruses and bacteria and how to handle them best. But these so-called medical “Experts” “stretched the truth” if not “lied” about most of the medical details during COVID-19 and are hesitant to jump when hearing such warnings from the CDC and others. However, parents need to investigate the early stages of this pneumonia. Please don’t wait until it might be too late to treat children caught in this medical frenzy. For complete details, click on this link:
  • China is not immune to any of these viruses or cases of pneumonia. As is customary, people in China began experiencing strange but deadly strains of pneumonia several months ago. Symptoms of this type of pneumonia show the strain is very similar to that discussed in the previous bullet point, but it appears — based on China’s reactions — it could be deadlier than first thought. The men “in the big white suits” — white hazmat suits — quietly show up across southern China. Oh, don’t expect the Chinese Communist Party to give the complete details of their respiratory disease facts to us all! Also, knowing the disinformation and outright laws we lived under during our pandemic in 2020-2021 causes hundreds of millions of people to be cautious of the advice of the “medical experts.” For complete details, click on this link:
  • When you hear President Biden begin a sentence in an interview or speech, know for sure that what he is about to say will be as clear as mud when you hear it. His latest such gaff has to do with “Bidenomcs” in the form of “Bidenflation!” The attempts to mitigate the inevitable inflation that would accompany Biden’s early economic policies have forced Biden to non-stop gloating about how fortunate Americans are to be living in these economic conditions. No one believes any of that! Why? Even the Village Idiot understands that when he no longer has enough money to pay for the same bread, same-size loaf, and same-size slice of bread he bought six months ago, the cause MUST BE inflation! Remember when Treasury Secretary Yellen said in Biden’s first six months in office that inflation- though real- was only “transitory” and would cease “in a short time frame?” Pundits today immediately explode on social media every time Joe Biden gives any credit to our current economy for being “the best in 60 years!” For complete information, click on this link:
  • House Committee hearings are in full gear after the Thanksgiving holiday. In one House Committee hearing this week, more uncontroverted evidence about the weaponization of the Biden Department of Justice against ALL Americans was exposed by Wyoming Rep. Hagerman (R-WY). One of the FBI whistleblowers who previously dropped numerous truth bombs on DOJ weaponization confirmed how egregiously this Administration has been attacking private citizens without their knowing. Listen to this hearing segment:

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