Saturday Bullet Points: January 30, 2021

“EO Biden” had a REALLY busy week, didn’t he? And in issuing three dozen executive orders, he set the United States on its ear. Tens of millions are in shock after what he has done. Let’s put that to the side for today and enjoy our weekend. In doing that, let’s catch up on the other really important items you may have missed.

Please see below our “Saturday Bullet Points.” It’s a compilation of the biggest news stories of the week. We give you a sentence or two describing each news story. If you want to get more details about the story, click on the blue “swoosh” link at the end of those sentences. That will take you to a full story.

If you already have all the news on one of the items and don’t want any details, just click on the next bullet point.

There’s much happening that will continue. Don’t miss any of it. Stay close to all the way through it. We’ll keep you posted. Enjoy!

Bullet Points

  • We have heard very little about the pipe bombs placed at the headquarters of the Democrat Party and also the Republican Party. All we’ve been told is that they were REAL bombs and that they are looking for “a” person suspected of planting the bombs. Apparently, the FBI received some new information. It must have been serious because they have upped the reward for the perpetrator to $100,000. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It is not usual for bureaucratic government “top dogs” to come to their positions with some baggage. After all, politics is a dirty game. Joe Biden is set for some necessary explaining because his Treasury Secretary has more than just one or two pieces of baggage with her! Janet Yellen, former head of the Federal Reserve, took the Treasury job from President Biden and will be dealing daily with the monsters on Wall Street who really run the nation’s economy. The problem is that after leaving the Fed, Yellen raked in millions for “speaking fees” from those same Wall Street tycoons. Expecting any “quid pro quo?” For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Everyone knows that Big Tech in its entirety despises President Trump. Facebook, Twitter, and several other social media platforms canceled his accounts during the campaign. Believe it or not, Facebook has formed a committee to examine all of the “reasons” Facebook had for terminating Mr. Trump and to make a decision whether or not to let him come back! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We’ve always known that China is full of “techno-geeks” that have the same (or even better) tech skills as does the U.S. But we DIDN’T think that China was able to get into ALL the details of Americans’ lives as easily as they apparently have. It’s been reported that China has the goods on 80% of American adults! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • You might be surprised to learn that every day, the evidence is piling up that verifies that the D.C. assault on Capitol Hill was orchestrated, so much so that the evidence is severely weakening any potential case against President Trump. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • By now I’m certain you’ve at least heard about the Gamestop/AMC debacle playing out on Wall Street. Tens of billions of dollars are involved. But it appears that the war this has started is NOT just between big Wall Street Banks and Hedge Funds and smalltown Day Traders. Instead, it’s really between Elites — the Big Wall Street guys — and Populists — the Donald Trump created individual traders. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, has become the darling of the Mainstream Media. Many feel he’s a viable candidate for President in 2024. However, the Mayor has tarnished his credibility a bit by underplaying his role in the deaths of thousands of seniors from COVID-19. And he’s downplaying a report just released that reveals he also had authorities UNDER REPORT the numbers of such deaths. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Now might be your only chance ever to buy a multimillion-dollar mansion for pennies on the dollar. Why is that? Extremely expensive homes are flooding the real estate market as millionaires and billionaires are fleeing America’s biggest cities headed for tax havens in states like Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Nevada. For complete details, click on this link:
  • There has always been animosity between lawmakers in Washington based on political party affiliation. But it’s never been like it is today. Hostilities are reaching a fever pitch fueled in part by fears of actual violence that more and more in Congress feel like may target them. And Democrat leadership is fueling that fear. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Do you remember hearing all those quotes supposedly from former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in which Mitch expressed his anger for the President and that he would even consider voting to convict Mr. Trump in an impeachment trial in the Senate? Well, maybe Mitch didn’t say those things: or maybe he really did but for a planned purpose. What could that purpose be? Maybe to blow-up any impeachment trial before it even begins! For complete details, click on this link:
  • The leader of the Middle Eastern nation who is the greatest ally to the U.S. in the region — Benjamin Netanyahu — may have a problem in his re-election bid. He has always had the support of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community that may not be behind the Prime Minister. And COVID-19 is at the center of the problems. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Everyone knows President Biden stopped construction on the southern border wall. Nobody is discussing the direct and immediate impact of that decision. First, a bunch of people are instantly out of jobs. Secondly, the job of building the wall is contracted between the federal government and multiple vendors: contracts, which means breaking contracts. And what about all the materials for construction that are literally on the ground in southern states? For complete details, click on this link: 

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