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Saturday Bullet Points: July 9, 2022


  • Americans have been waiting since it was announced that Biden won the 2020 election. Why are they waiting? They’re waiting to see if anyone in leadership will take on the Biden Administrations’ continual refusal to enforce federal immigration laws at our southern border. Guess what? One U.S. governor has taken the cause on for his state. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an order for authorities in his state to turn ALL illegals around as they cross the border, sending them home. Then, the Biden White House warned Texas that because border issues are the exclusive responsibility of the federal government, Abbott should butt out. For complete details, click on this link:
  • While the GOP and other conservatives are nervously watching President Biden’s push for more hardcore leftist ideals, Democrats themselves are beyond just “troubled” with Joe Biden. They are anxiously trying to find a plan to do whatever it takes to right the ship. He has made significant changes, many of which came through executive orders bypassing Congress. For leftists across the nation, that’s not good enough! Democrats want the changes Biden promised would happen in a Biden presidency that have NOT appeared. They want MORE egregious policies from the Left to be implemented. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The perpetrator who executed those people in Highland Park just north of downtown Chicago owned several guns, and he owned them legally. That fact troubles many. But what SHOULD puzzle us all is that the shooter had a past full of mental issues that police knew about long before he took up arms and killed people. Robert Crimo, Jr.’s father, spoke to the media and answered some of the hundreds of questions about the importance of this incident. Crimo, Sr., stated he assisted his son in purchasing those guns legally but said he had no idea his son had the mindset of killing anyone. Crimo then gave some historical information about Junior that makes it clear a lot of people in law enforcement knew Crimo had issues and did nothing about what they saw. Senior said he spoke with his son the night before the Highland Park shootings about other mass shootings! For complete details, click on this link:
  • All those who have been crowing about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter can be quiet now. Twitter “may have” misrepresented some critical things in its sales pitch to Musk. Elon stated almost immediately after making his bid to buy formal that he needed to see the inner workings of the Social Messaging giant to justify the price. Things may not be what they have been portrayed. Elon’s OUT! For complete details, click on this link:
  • “There was NO voter fraud in the 2020 election!” That has become a war crime of the Left aimed against anyone who publicly states there were illegal voter actions. Multiple states have performed a detailed analysis of their election processes and have reached a conclusion that confirms there was voter fraud. And they’re making changes. Still, the left cries, “FOUL!” Then, on Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, based on the Wisconsin election results and findings by DOJ officials, declared that drop boxes and vote harvesting are no longer allowed in the state and are considered criminal acts. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It didn’t take long for Democrats in red states to take heavy-handed actions against groups taking aggressive measures to assure all elections from now on will be done “by the book.” The “book” is the election laws passed and signed into law by their respective state legislatures. We mentioned Wisconsin in the above story, where their Supreme Court banned vote drop boxes and ballot harvesting. Americans are NOT settling for elections filled with irregularities and actual voter fraud. It’s getting serious! For complete details, click on this link:
  • During the past few weeks, rumbling has been initiated to inform America that our government is preparing for the “next” pandemic — and that there WILL be another pandemic. In the wake of that unwelcome noise, the City of New York has seen a sudden uptick of COVID cases for a serious derivative of the Omicron virus. One can guess how political leaders in the Big Apple responded: Mask up! Indoor mandatory masking is now in place across Manhattan. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Biden Department of Justice officials have again turned their backs on federal law. This time it’s holding anyone responsible for trying to intimidate Supreme Court Justices. We thought that was a solved issue with the opinion that overturned Roe v Wade. That ruling did NOT make abortion illegal: it sent the authority over everything regarding abortion back to the states where those decisions can be made — the ONLY place they can be made. Dissidents are still in the streets and are threatening the lives of the conservative Supreme Court Justices. Doing so is illegal! 18 U.S. Code § 1503 – Influencing or injuring an officer or juror generally prohibits what is happening to the Justices. The White House AND the Department of Justice ignore the law that makes this illegal. Joe Biden encourages it! For complete details, click on this link:
  • So whose life is more important: a sitting U.S. Senator or a sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justice? The Biden Administration makes clear that our federal government doesn’t care about the lives of conservative Supreme Court Justices. But down South, Texas, Governor Greg Abbott cares about the two U.S. Senators in his state. A severe threat was made against one of those Texans, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Texas law enforcement agents have taken the perpetrator to jail, where he is awaiting prosecution for his crimes. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was at a steak restaurant eating dinner and had to run out of the restaurant to save his life! What about Attorney General Merrick Garland’s oath to “protect the Constitution?” Merrick, a former nominated Supreme Court Justice himself who served on the D.C. Federal Court of Appeals, doesn’t care about any of that — because it’s not happening to Democrats. For complete details, click on this link:
  • We knew it was only a matter of time for Putin to make his country’s invasion of Ukraine a divider in the West. And it’s happened. Russian cosmonauts stationed at the Space Station took pictures in various media outlets around the Globe. Those pictures are of anti-Ukrainian flags with the cosmonauts holding them. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Former Trump Campaign official Steve Bannon was indeed shocked when on the air live doing his daily show. Officials stormed his house in  SWAT-style fashion because of an anonymous tip to police that claimed a man with a high-powered rifle was threatening to “kill everybody” and was inside Bannon’s house. You can’t make this craziness up! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We knew it would happen — pushback against the Roe v Wade overturn by the Supreme Court. It HAS happened by many people. The most important of those people is President Joe Biden. The “Master” of executive orders dropped one on the nation on Friday that — if allowed to stand — will be a severe threat to the United States Supreme Court. You can bet states will quickly respond with lawsuits in federal court against the executive. For complete details, click on this link:

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