Saturday Bullet Points: June 1, 2024

This week was not just a very busy week in U.S. and foreign events; it was a historical week. For the first time in history, a former United States President, Donald Trump, was charged, prosecuted, and convicted of 34 felony criminal actions on his part. Thursday, after the court action, Trump spoke briefly outside the Manhattan Court House. He was serious as he spoke but was measured more than in his usual messages to the media.

Today’s “Bullet Points” will publish Trump’s speech to a crowd on Friday morning. Hear for yourself his address, including his explanations of the court’s actions. Trump details the stark actions taken by the judge in the case against him and explains in detail exactly what happened.

Of course, this was not the only important action from the week. The World was busy with multiple actions around the Globe, many of which were important to us. You don’t need to miss ANY important issue. TruthNewsNetwork will always make the details of important events available to you in a friendly format that contains the important details of each story in a concise format while making certain you are aware of the important happenings. Let’s get started!

Bullet Points

  • Friday morning, former President Donald Trump made a press appearance to discuss the details of his trial and conviction of 34 felonies. We promised we’d give you the opportunity to see and hear for yourself his explanation of all those events. This is a press conference you may want to copy for yourself. This is a historical video about a U.S. historical event that has never happened before!

  • House Speaker Mike Johnson joined Fox and Friends on Friday morning to discuss the details of the Trump trial and conviction. The Speaker is on the road today, meeting with Americans about what has happened. Johnson gives details of how Americans can  get involved:

  • There is disdain for the politization of our government across the political spectrum. There are Democrats who are upset with the weaponization of the Justice Department against conservative Americans and doing so unconstitutionally. In our history, some members of one party will switch parties from time to time. During the Biden Administration, this has happened more often. Another Democrat announced he’s switching political parties. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced Friday that he was leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s interesting to watch the “talking heads” as they partied Thursday after the Hush Money jury returned their 34-count verdict against Donald Trump. All across the nation, by the way, Mainstream media outlets played video after video showing people dancing in the streets, shouting obscenities at the “Orange Man,” who certainly was not there with them. However, nighttime came. People went to sleep waiting for a glorious new day, only to awaken to a startling probability: what happened in Manhattan could well be “the” thing that puts Donald Trump back in the White House! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Look out, Folks! We’re staring down the barrel of another “Pandemic shotgun.” Yep. All year long, the so-called “Medical Experts” have been hinting about an Earth-shattering virus that will make COVID-19 look like a cough or a sneeze. Guess what: they found us one! They brought this to our attention several months ago when no single case was reported in the U.S. But, this week, things changed. Believe it or not, they identified three cases of it in the U.S.! Based upon their notifications and warnings, those three cases portend a massive pandemic is not on its way, it’s already here! For complete details, click on this link:
  • What is happening to the nation’s aviation industry? It’s as if some black magic jinx hit industry-wide a year or so, and jets started mysteriously blowing engines, holes in their cabins, engine failures, and a massive number of “near misses” around the nation where planes in the air AND on the ground “almost” hit each other. And this “plague” is not exclusive to one plane manufacturer or airline. And we had another near collision at Washington, D.C.! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Yes, we have an election just a little more than five months away. And the media predictions have already begun! “Wait a minute: they’ve been making predictions based on polling for several months. What’s new?” It’s different now — at least, that’s what we’re told. They’ve pulled out the big lighted boards of the United States with all the states colored to designate which party will win each state. We’re told these predictions are compiled by millions of data points gathered from registrations, various polls, numbers of voters in previous elections, and much more. I’d tell you who they predict will win the White House. But that wouldn’t be fair! Watch this news report to see for yourself:

  • Something sinister is going on regarding the Ukraine-Russia war. Ukraine has incessantly begged for more tanks, more aircraft, more ammunition, more intelligence, and more money! One thing Ukraine has begged for months for the U.S. to give them is “permission.” What? Ukraine is contending they will NOT be able to end the war with Russia in a victory unless they can get President Biden to approve Ukraine’s using the U.S.-provided long-range weapons to attack deep within Russia! It’s obvious to even military novices that doing so is certain to provoke Putin and Russia to retaliate not only against Ukraine but against any nation that allows Ukraine to attack deep inside Russia. Guess what: President Biden has given Ukraine’s President Vladymyr Zelenski permission to do just that! For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s hard for me to believe, but the President announced that Israel has agreed to a plan that the Biden Administration prepared and submitted to all parties involved. What are the elements of this offer? The most obvious element is that Israel leaves Hamas and returns all Muslim war prisoners, and for Hamas to do the same thing. When I heard of that agreement, I laughed. Why? There’s much history in this conflict that discounts even the remotest of possibilities Israel and Hamas will agree to these terms. Chief of all of Hamas’ demands is for Israel to provide a “two-state solution.” Israel, for several hundred years, offered such a plan over and over. Over and over, Israel rejected several similar offers. Why? Every demand by Hamas for an end to the war is to give Hamas a large swath of its geography that includes shopping centers, residential communities, medical facilities, and even government operations! Hamas and other Muslims around the World claim Israel MUST offer a “two-state solution” if the Israelis desire Peace. Israel already gave Hamas that two-state solution. Israel gave Gaza to Palestinian nationals in 2005. The Palestinians held an election that gave Gaza to Hamas! For complete details, click on this link:
  • After Donald Trump’s 34-count conviction Thursday, everyone now knows that in the U.S., we guarantee “equal justice under the law” for everyone, right? If that’s the case, Hillary Clinton should certainly be in line for a few indictments: violating classified document handling on an illegal, non-secure mail server she secretly had in her house. She used that server for her “classified” communications with EVERYONE she talked to while Secretary of State — even President Obama. When she received Congressional subpoenas for 30,000 classified emails contained on that server, she deleted every one of them and destroyed multiple hard drives with “Bleach Bit.” She was investigated for this by the FBI. She wasn’t charged then. After what happened to Donald Trump on Thursday, shouldn’t Hillary be next? For complete details, click on this link:

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