Saturday Bullet Points: June 17, 2023

Do you remember us ever having this much chaos and confusion in any previous presidential administration? I don’t. And I DON’T like it! President  Biden is unquestionably incapable of speaking a coherent sentence, let alone guiding the nation in any meaningful way. And his gaffes are non-stop, in great numbers, and are more meaningless than ever.

One might feel I’m going too hard against our president. After all, he’s a 90-year-old grandfather who is simply showing his age. But United States presidents are NEVER supposed to lose their ability to speak, listen, and communicate. Joe can barely do each of these a “little.” And “little” is being kind. Nevertheless, life goes on as does governing. Our lives are too intense and deep in the territory we have not seen in many years. President Biden cannot lead us to any promised land. We’re stuck in the mud with no one to pull us out.

Let’s swallow hard and take a look at the big stories of this past week. Maybe we can make some sense of things!

Bullet Points

  • Weather across the U.S. has been wreaking havoc on people who normally get a free pass on the really bad stuff. Parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and points east saw outrageous storms late Thursday night. One small North Texas town was literally blown away! Heck, our town of Shreveport, Louisiana is almost totally without electricity — which has NEVER happened before in my memory! How bad is it elsewhere across the nation? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Guess what: Democrats are telling the American people that a climate bill is going to save us trillions of dollars. Let me pose a question to you: what piece of legislation has ever passed after we’re told it will save us large amounts of dollars that has ever saved us large amounts of dollars? The answer is simple: there is NOT one! What’s included in this one and how much money is it “supposed” to save us? For complete details, click on this link:
  • No one can credibly assert that we’re NOT headed toward some really nasty trials that will last seemingly a decade or longer while the Left attempts to — as they always have since Trump’s been around — not just put him in jail, but jail him for LIFE! Wouldn’t it be grand if someone would step into the light and simply make some decisions to stop the anger and hatred and end this nightmare ahead by taking some brave action to make that happen? How and could do that? President Biden could do so himself and quickly if he would just do the right thing. What is the right thing that Biden could do that would avert these months and years ahead of non-stop fighting? For complete details, click on this link:
  • President Joe Biden this week celebrated LGBTQQIP2SAA+ Pride Month at the White House. After Biden declared himself a proud advocate for “transjester Americans,” the White House permanently banned a transgender activist for flaunting his female boobs at the event. Mr. Biden is a “laugh machine” from which every comedian on the Planet gets award-winning bits for their comedy shows. It’s appropriate that we start a weekly feature here that reveals our pick of the “Biden gaffe of the week.” And we’ll start with this collection below:
The Bullet Points above will have to be good enough for today. Depending on the weather and our media services, we will finish our Bullet Points for Sunday morning.
Again, our apologies for this inconvenience to you. You are faithful to take this in every Saturday. And I thank you for that. Without you, none of this would happen!



Have a great weekend!

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