Saturday Bullet Points: June 29, 2024

This past week was a whirlwind of disastrous revelations from “unknown” sources in our government and several news media outlets. I doubt the timing was “accidental.” My thought is that many leftists in the Biden Administration (and even from before) saw the handwriting on the wall and felt they had better come clean before someone exposed their wrongdoing!

We’ll consider some of these in today’s “Saturday Bullet Point” offering. However, please know this: in the upcoming days and weeks, many more unethical and evil revelations will inevitably be exposed between today and November 5th. You ask, “Why now?” Those evil perpetrators will try and clean their houses before a new president is elected!

Let’s take a look at some of these stories, as well as others from the week.

Bullet Points

  • There is one certainty in politics that never changes. In an election, whichever candidate(s) screams the loudest, attacking their political opponent in each race, is almost certainly the one with more political baggage to hide than anyone else in that race. This is already proven in Trump v. Biden “Debate #1.” (It’s unlikely there will be “Debate#2!”) Dozens of Democrat fact-checkers were hired, we were told, precisely to monitor the debate and talley and then publish the lies told by Donald Trump. That debate was on Thursday. Have you seen the list of Trump’s lies from the debate? Here’s what we want you to do — if you REALLY want to see how evil the DNC’s so-called “fact-checkers” put in place are: click on the blue arrow just ahead and see the Associated Press fact-checks of the debate. Each of the listed ‘lies” told by Trump does NOT contain any evidence, quotes, or factual numbers that confirm the AP claims were based on facts! Then, for grins, Google one or two of them and choose the source story from which it creates the “fact-check.” You’ll find NO evidence to confirm the AP claim. But you’ll undoubtedly find MORE claims about the same topic damaging to former President Trump! 
  • Even before the Thursday debate was completed, phones in the hands of numerous Democrats were ringing as party bosses worked on a solution for the apparent hurricane millions of Americans watched live, which started sinking the boat containing four more years of a Biden presidency. Most of these frantic phone calls were placed by people and to people who already knew the DNC was in trouble. While preparing these “Saturday Bullet Points,” we’ve not heard of any plausible options for Dems to use to salvage Joe Biden’s presidency. Yes, there are multiple options. However, this late in the campaign, it will almost impossible to find a Democrat that’s acceptable to rank-and-file Democrat voters who can replace Biden and then beat Donald Trump! What options do they have? For complete details, click on this link:
  • One of the Left’s far-left news outlets, “The Daily Beast,” decided to go after whoever is responsible for getting President Biden straightened out quickly. According to that media outlet, the person who must take that challenge is  Jill Biden. The hardcore Democrat media outlets are always quick to determine who is a villain when anything goes wrong with the Party’s plans during an election cycle. Not only does the “Beast” know who needs to wave the magic wand to fix Joe, but they also demand Jill to do the job. You won’t believe what they want Jill to do to salvage the upcoming presidency. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The recent rash of heinous crimes committed by illegal aliens who have crossed into the U.S. at our Southern Border has caused a rash of uproar across the nation from Americans in all 50 states. There was no doubt that these kinds of criminal actions were inevitable. Remember: very few of the illegals caught entering the nation are thoroughly vetted by the U.S. Border Patrol before being released into the general U.S. population. In the last several weeks, several murders have exposed the fragility of the U.S. populace against hundreds of thousands of illegals, of which we know a large number have criminal histories. Americans are shocked that these losses of innocent young Americans have been insufficient to draw the President into what’s happening as a result of his failed immigration policies. It appears that President Biden has grown numb to the losses of ANY Americans here and elsewhere around the Globe during his presidency. He claims that no American in the U.S. military has died on his watch. He was bragging about this during the debate. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) called the President on that lie:

  • As the war for the White House continues, we’ve been closely watching how the polls are changing almost daily. The most notable thing we’re seeing is that the demographics of Trump supporters are increasing dramatically. African American voters, as well as Hispanic and Asian voters, are racing to join the Trump ranks. Surprisingly, the unexpected support of young Americans for the former President is skyrocketing! Here’s an example of how that looks:

  • The United States Supreme Court made quite a bank with several vital decisions released on Friday. The first such decision will undoubtedly impact the actions of Special Counsel Jack Smith. The Court handed Smith and January 6 prosecutors significant defeats. The January 6 decision will impact our very own Steve Baker. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Every incumbent U.S. President has the inside track on raising campaign dollars in a re-election campaign. President Biden, like his former boss Barack Obama, successfully calls on Hollywood supporters in each such campaign. Biden has added millions of dollars from his Hollywood cronies to his presidential war chest. However, in the aftermath of Biden’s lackluster performance in the first debate, Hollywood is changing its tune. And that “change” might be devastating for the President. For complete details, click on this link:
  • As most Americans know, the Biden Administration has initiated election interference in the upcoming November presidential election through a presidential executive order. The order requires every department of the Biden Administration to use ALL available resources to promote partisan election interference by each department. The order instructs each department to use all its resources necessary to operate a partisan election program to enhance Democrat Party candidates. Rep. Claudia Tenney offered an amendment to a bill aimed at stopping such partisan actions approved by the President. Watch this video that explains the insanity of these proposals and reveals the illegal spending of taxpayer dollars in this process to increase potential voters to register to vote and to vote for Democrats:

  • It’s odd to many that the CDC and other federal agencies are crying loudly about 2025 medical pandemics, which are bound to happen. Billionaire Bill Gates predicted in 2023 that ebola would start a pandemic across the U.S. in 2024. Former CDC officials are predicting numerous “probable” viruses — like Avian Flu — will morph into a pandemic that will dwarf that of COVID-19. This week, the CDC warned of a Dengue Virus plague that has begun to spread across Florida and that “might” turn into another pandemic. Are we supposed to believe these so-called “Fauci-like” medical prognosticators? If so, what are we supposed to do about them? After COVID-19, most Americans are NOT prone to take the spewing of these predictions. Why is that? Much of what they’ve predicted in recent years has been little more than hype! Is Dengue real, and will it initiate a pandemic? For complete details, click on this link:
  • As we head into Summer, homeless encampments in towns and cities across the nation continue to enlarge to keep up with the continued flood of Biden illegal aliens. Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court responded to a California case that was filed to stop governments from dismantling these homeless encampments. The case claimed that any government doing so is violating the 8th Amendment rights of those living in those encampments. The Supreme Court weighed in on the case with the determination that authorities closing these encampments are NOT violating 8th Amendment Rights from the U.S. Constitution. For complete details, click on this link:

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