Saturday Bullet Points: May 11, 2024

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Bullet Points

  • Not every news story is about former President Donald Trump’s trials. However, there are quite a few stories detailing the latest Trump “matters!” Special Counsel Jack Smith is back in the headlines. The FBI’s very contentious and very visible raid of Mar-A-Lago drew major coverage from around the World. We continue getting updates on new information from the raid, but none so sinister as Thursday’s revelation. Apparently, evidence that was removed from Trump’s residence purported to be classified documents were reported to be “tampered with” or “placed in a “different place.” Those actions are significant in a trial like this. Further, Smith’s team reported that all documents and other evidence had been kept in the “same conditions” as when removed by the FBI. There could be significant actions because of this serious offense. It’s possible the trial and case may be terminated! For complete details, click on this link:
  • We all are watching matters that are directly impacting the upcoming Presidential election. Many Americans wait until just months before such an election to plug into the important issues happening to get ready to vote. Those latecomers are noticing a very different Joe Biden as a candidate when he gives speeches or public appearances — which are few and far between. These folks are hearing some of President Biden’s old whoppers from the media. However, they’re hearing some brand new stories that are mind-boggling, to say the least. Do you remember the number of times the President took action to protect Americans on foreign soil? That number is pretty small if there is actually a number! He’s now being blasted for making his “leaving no one behind” claim in the wake of his doing just that in places like Afghanistan, Niger, Gaza, and others! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Do you sense we’ve been having an unusually high number of tornadoes around the nation this Spring? The tornado season is not over, and experts are expecting many more of these weather monsters. Why is this happening? Of course, the climate activists attribute it all to global warming and climate change. “Experts” told us we were behind the U.S. average until recently. April is normally almost always the busiest month for tornadoes. This year is no different. We were behind that trend until a massive streak of the weather phenomena began on April 25th. A massive streak of storms jolted the nation since. How big and bad is it? For complete details, click on his link:
  • The summer of 2020 saw the beginning of a period of anger and lawlessness across the nation. We will never forget what happened to George Floyd. The subsequent events in multiple cities destroyed buildings, eliminated places of businesses of every type, and actually had deaths that occurred in violent demonstrations against “Police brutality” that proved to be the fuse that lit the fires. Social engineering was normalized. Racism became a reason for much of the violence. In the wake of Floyd’s murder, one Virginia school board decided to remove the names of Confederate military figures from two schools. The trend flooded the nation. But “time heals,” we are told. Many of these school boards are rethinking the wisdom of taking such devastating actions that would alter U.S. history if left in place. That same school board approved a motion to restore the names of those Confederate military members. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Of late, all the news coming from New York City was restricted to Donald Trump’s trials, the rash of steadily increasing criminality, and the actions of prosecutors dropping or reducing charges for lawbreakers. Don’t forget about the thousands of illegals being bused to the Big Apple from the Southern Border. Don’t forget the massive number of wealthy residents who fled the city for more wealthy-friendly zip codes. However, it appears that even with so many leaving town, New York City remains home to a massive number of millionaires — more than any other city on Earth! How is that even possible? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Who’s tired of the constant reports on presidential polling? Polling numbers seem to be changing daily! That is probably true because of the sample of those responding to polls. However, we can expect that watching the polling “trends” is the best way to analyze voters’ minds. Democrats in national races have always dominated Hispanic and Black votes. Things seem to be changing. In his scarce campaign speeches, the President continues to claim ownership of these voters. Facts, however, are saying exactly the opposite. It is obvious that people of color are considering voting differently than in their history. So what are the “real” numbers and why? For complete details, click on this link:
  • You don’t need to conduct a poll to discover just how concerned most Americans are about the potential outcomes of the upcoming election. There are so many unique factors never before seen in a single election that most people are struggling with choosing their candidates. The most controversial element in this choice of leaders is that of the President. Yes, it appears it will be Trump vs. Biden. The nation is split on that already! In fact, many would prefer an entirely different pair from which to choose. It’s within these circumstances that election experts are giving us their predictions. One outlet gave us four reasons why this year’s presidential election could blow up America as we know it. For complete details, click on this link:
  • No Speaker of the House in my memory has been the target of the vicious attack of members of his own party. Mike Johnson took the Speaker’s gavel after a horrendous process to replace ousted Speaker Keven McCarthy. Working with a minuscule majority party, Johnson inherited a plethora of unfinished business with very short fuses for completion. His methods are grudgingly accepted by some, rejected by others, and light fires in the media across the country. Mike Johnson is my friend. In honesty, I have publicly stated over and over is exactly the person people see and hear in a committee hearing, on the floor of the House, or at the podium wielding that gavel conducting legislation. Recently, Politico conducted an interview with the Speaker. I was a bit skeptical in that Politico normally leans a bit left in their reporting. After reading the interview, it seems that Congressman Johnson might successfully make the stance in leading those 220 GOP members of the House who voted unanimously to give him the Speaker’s job! For complete details, here’s that interview:
  • Although the U.S. ended World War II by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan, Japan has since become a close ally of the United States. It’s become a friendly nation to American corporations and citizens alike, opening its arms to all of us. In fact, Japan has long been known as the friendliest place on Earth. However, things seem to be changing. Reports are leaking that claim the Japanese government is doubling efforts to not only confirm foreigners’ documents but to “redouble efforts to search for drugs and/or knives.” Making it worse is that police officers are claiming that blacks and Southeast Asians were singled out for “particular prejudice by police.” What’s changed in Japan? For complete details, click on this link:
  • It comes as a surprise for many, but Joe Biden’s campaign staff have made clear that the President WILL debate Donald Trump in the runup to the November election. That commitment is shocking to most people for two reasons: Biden himself has continued statements that there’s no reason for him to debate Trump, and most Americans see the President’s cognitive decline and don’t expect his “people” will ultimately allow this debate, in spite of what his campaign leaders stated. Here’s the video with Mika of “Morning Joe” with a Biden staffer confirming there will be a debate:

  • It’s been difficult, if not impossible, for Republicans to stop Biden’s race to convert everything possible in our lives away from conventional power to green energy options. However, conservatives have a good possibility to kill Biden’s massive plan to force American industry to revise the entire washer and dryer industry with new emission standards that many experts believe are unachievable. Even if they are achievable, the costs of such a process will raise costs to unthinkable levels, especially with new regulations requiring manufacturers to alter a massive number of processes being used in these appliances. Thankfully, the House of Representatives passed a bill that will stop this action that will certainly destroy millions of jobs if enacted. What now? For complete details, click on this link:



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