Saturday Bullet Points: October 14, 2023

Hundreds of foreigners were murdered, wounded or taken hostage Saturday in Hamas’s horrific terrorist attack on Israel that has also left many missing in the days since.The atrocities in Israel initiated by Hamas last Saturday continued all week. As we are preparing this Saturday story for you, Israel is reported to have — with ground forces — entered Gaza in the north. We are told they are in a “free the hostages” mode. No one has any certainty of the number of hostages Hamas has taken. It is known, however, that those in Hamas’s possession are from a multitude of countries. See the Bullet Point story below that gives the numbers of dead, missing, and hostages from every country that has reported the status of their citizens who were in Israel when this began.

There’s very little for us to say about this horror story other than “Pray for Peace.” Yes, there are very obvious pieces of evidence that place the blame for the barbarism reported by Hamas, especially last weekend. It’s hard for anyone not to hunger for retribution for the horrors perpetrated against Israelis during this past week. Hamas will answer for their crimes at some point. It may be during the continuation of the fighting there. It may be later at the hands of God. What WE are charged to do is pray — pray for all those who find themselves nursing unfathomable personal physical injuries, have lost family and friends unjustly, and others who have been displaced — or all of the above. We must trust God and all the words He gave to us we are to use to handle this and any other horror we experience.

Let’s take a look at all of these incidents and others from around the World this past week.

Bullet Points

  • Even those who have lived in Israel for their entire lives are overcome by the inhumane acts against fellow humans perpetrated by Hamas in last weekend’s slaughter at 20 different locations across Israel. One BBC reporter tried his best to hold his emotions inside as he reported from a hospital in Gaza shortly after the initial attacks by Hamas. (This will be the first of several video segments you’ll see in today’s “Saturday Bullet Points.” Video is normally more compelling than written stories describing what the reader should see rather than watch or listen to)

  • There’s a reason why U.S. Presidents have historically refused to negotiate with terrorists regarding hostage-release funding. Common sense explains why that has been a good idea. President Biden has, on several occasions, done exactly the opposite and has paid for Americans to be released by several countries. The price has gone up dramatically each time hostages have been “paid for.” Many experts in our government have warned the President against doing so. But, apparently, President Biden knows more than these experts. Do we need proof that these hostage redemption tactics he’s adopted are dangerous? Take a look at what Hamas said when asked why they were taking hostages in this current war. The answer was simple: “The United States pays for the release of American hostages.” Click here to get complete details:
  • Hundreds of foreigners were murdered, wounded, or taken hostage last Saturday in Hamas’s horrific terrorist attack on Israel that has also left many missing in the days since. Nobody knows for certain how many, from which countries, their locations in Gaza, Lebanon, or Israel, nor their physical conditions. Based on news reports, the impression has been that these hostages were mostly Israeli with some Americans. But the official information tells another story. Click on this link to see how many hostages there are, how many people killed that have been verified so far, and how many hostages have been taken. The story gives the nationalities of all those killed, missing, or known as hostages so far:
  • Israel used thousands of leaflets to notify citizens living in Gaza to leave immediately. The leaflets did not tell those people where to go or what to do. They were simply warned that, for their own benefit, they needed to leave quickly. Doing so is a problem for many who live there. There “were” two entries from Israel into Gaza. There’s only one now. Why? Hamas destroyed the second one! Hamas, when they saw what the leaflets said, told citizens not to worry; Israel was simply trying to scare them — “There’s nothing to worry about!” Those people know better than any others on Earth that Hamas has a practice of keeping citizens in places so they will be readily available for Hamas to use as human shields when Israel attacks! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Many Americans are unfamiliar with the geography of Israel, surrounding nations, and the breakdown of sites that are impacted as this war moves forward. Former Trump Administration Secretary of Defense Mark Esper gave an update with explanations of why some of the specific fighting has happened and the reasoning for specific locations. He joined FOX News to explain some of this and other circumstances tied to this war. Take a look:

  • Megyn Kelly spoke to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and asked how she sees this war playing out. In the wake of the massive demonstrations across the U.S. and in other countries, Ali seemed broken-hearted to discuss this travesty and how it plays into World history.

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the American media, across the board, to report on the horrors of the bloodshed carried out by humans against other humans in Israel and the surrounding area during this conflict? However, I’m not shocked to see that several American news outlets ignore the truth in the news and instead insert their personal political perspectives in the news they report. Their doing so should not be tragedies — but they are in this case. Why? Several of those outlets — led by the most leftist U.S. news outlet, MSNBC — are consistently “shaping” their stories to fit MSNBC’s narrative — NOT THE TRUTH! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Friday afternoon saw the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives find a member of their caucus that most want to see be the next Speaker of the House. Jim Jordan, in a closed-door session, accepted the nomination of his fellow Republicans to represent their party to replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who was removed from the Speaker position in a historical move last week. However, Jordan is quite a ways from claiming that spot. The magic number of votes needed from House members from both parties is 217. There are 221 Republicans in the House. But Jordan did NOT receive the votes of all of them. In fact, he’s far short of 217. So what happens now? For complete details, click on this link:
  • If anyone just now looked in on the Hamas vs. Israel happenings of the last week, they might be tempted to believe the narrative of the Left (in the Middle East AND the United States) that Israel was responsible for the mass slaughter of innocent men, women, and children last Saturday at the hands of Hamas members. Legacy news media outlets are telling stories that obviously paint the picture of the barbaric acts that came as the responsibility of Israel! Palestinian protestors worldwide insist that Israel is the tyrant in this. They want everyone to forget about the fact that those slaughtered lost their lives, limbs, and futures to the bullets and rockets that Hamas used against their arch-enemies. Guess what: secret documents have been found that show Hamas created the plan for these hideous acts years ago in preparation for this week! That news was revealed not by some hardcore MAGA-loving news outlet. No, it was released by NBC News! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Hamas called for a day of Jihad for Friday the 13th. Across the globe, demonstrations and protests were rampant. Where is all of the anger coming from? Think about this: Hamas — unprovoked — last Saturday decided to go to a peaceful music concert, and they slaughtered 260 people who were guilty of being one thing: NOT BEING MUSLIMS! And that barbaric act was just the first of dozens they have initiated in the last week. What is this all about? Victor Davis Hanson spoke with FOX News and gave some answers. Here he is:

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