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Saturday Bullet Points: October 8, 2022

Another blockbuster week when it comes to “new” issues for Americans to contemplate. It’s not as if Americans don’t have plenty to worry about. The news was full of Biden stories, and not just Joe’s. Hunter Biden is now more than ever front-and-center in his Dad’s administration. And it appears Democrats — and Biden handlers — have had enough and are prepared for whatever the day’s plight is. It’s anyone’s guess what that “plight” is going to be. I’ll make a prediction: Hunter will get slapped on the hand — maybe a big fine for his IRS tax situation and trouble for his lying on the application to purchase a gun — but not of it will matter. His Dad is President! And U.S. Presidents have the power to pardon whoever they want. You can bet that “if” the DOJ indicts Hunter for whatever, there will NOT be a trial. There will be a plea deal and nothing else.

And they will NOT be finished with that. If this happens, it will give them the opening to say this: “We charged this President’s son for his wrongdoing. He’s paying a big fine and maybe even face time. No one is above the law — not even the President’s son. Therefore, we will hold Donald Trump accountable for HIS misuse of critical classified documents in violations of federal statutes.

Oh, well. The week WAS full of much news — besides the above. Let’s jump in a catch you up!

Bullet Points

  • NYC Mayor Eric Adams has lost his mind! Friday, in a press conference, he demanded $1 billion in aid from the American people to subsidize his city for their having to accept and support illegal aliens bused to New York from Texas and Arizona! What’s shocking to me is that it’s bad enough he would make such demands of the American people. But he NEVER once made any effort to make sure the southern border states — who have handled MILLIONS of illegals — were reimbursed for the hundreds of millions of dollars they were forced to spend taking care of illegals Biden’s administration refused to hold accountable for breaking federal immigration laws. Adams city has processed hundreds of illegals. Texas alone has handled millions. Is Adams deranged? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Biden’s Department of Justice has been busy going after those pesky lawbreakers around the nation: like those evil Pro-Live activists who protest at abortion centers. The DOJ arrested 11 such activists in Tennessee. They even raided the home of another protestor, but he was not at home. Isn’t it ironic that, with the bombings of dozens of Pro-Life clinics and rampant attacks against Pro-Life protesters across the nation, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s DOJ has NOT arrested anyone for any of that violence? Do you think that, just maybe, President Joe Biden has determined to put forward a Pro-Abortion front and has instructed the DOJ to ignore the violence and criminalities against Pro-Life advocates to promote abortion? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Election laws and regulations are front-and-center once more in the face of the November midterm elections. (Have you noticed that no one wants to publicly address the “Big Lie” from 2020? Well…it wasn’t a lie!) There’s uproar in the state of Wisconsin about what is known as “ballot spoiling.” That’s the process that allows mail-in voters to vote twice. Wait a moment: aren’t U.S. elections supposed to represent the will of the People for who they want in office? “Ballot spoiling” is the practice of allowing voters to vote once for one candidate but then cancel that first vote and replace it with a vote for someone else. It’s complicated! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Speaking of that “Big Lie” from 2020, a statistic about candidates across the nation will blow your mind! Of all the GOP candidates running for various offices in the midterms, a large majority either refuse to accept the 2020 election results or question their validity. How many of those people running are there? 299 in total! Wait a minute: we’ve been brainwashed to be quiet and not talk about the “irregularities” in that election. Why are so many still of the belief that something (or some-“things”) were either irregular or fraudulent? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Barack Obama has been gone from the presidency for almost six years now. (Have we forgotten he served as President for eight years?) It was recently revealed that the former President had some VERY strong feelings about Donald Trump, even before Trump decided to throw his hat in the ring. And Obama shared many of those concerns with a gaggle of reporters. In those meetings and subsequent conversations, Obama was belligerent about Trump being President. He did, however, purport that it “might” be OK if Trump served only one term and not two. What did Obama have against Trump that made him so angry? For complete details, click on this link:
  • The entire World knew before the invasion of Ukraine that Vladimir Putin and Russia have the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet. All knew that Putin is a despot who is deranged at best and a despot at worst. Few people think he will go so far as to generate a nuclear war that would surely destroy most of Earth. Why, then, has President Biden continually “reminded” Americans of this threat of nuclear actions by Putin and maybe even war? U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on Friday took Biden on for his fear-mongering about Putin and his threat of nuclear action. It boils down to this: the U.S. President, with his constant reminders to Americans of Putin’s nuclear danger to the U.S., has instilled fear in the hearts of millions and done so unnecessarily. Why would Biden harp on that anyway? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Are you familiar with “School Choice?” That process guarantees parents who have children in public schools that the parents can choose which schools their children attend — public or private. But here’s the kicker: the parents’ tax dollars that they paid will, under “School Choice,” follow those children to the school they choose to attend. Arizonans this past week codified “School Choice” for their state. Other states, in the shadow of the evils parents discovered in their children’s schools about everything from equity, transgenderism, First Amendment attacks, Critical Race Theory, and gender identity, have also been pushing for “School Choice.” Is that process of education fundamentally sound? Are the American people at the point where they want government out of our classrooms? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Have you or someone you love yet been the target of Big Tech censoring their social media accounts? This year’s revelations about censuring Americans’ First Amendment rights have many Americans focusing on trampling Freedom of Speech rights with impunity by those in the FBI. Believe it or not, 67 individuals and organizations in the Biden Administration are now indicted for colluding with Big Tech to censure the free speech of Americans! This is little more than another attempt to stifle the First Amendment rights of ALL Americans, not just the bureaucrats. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Unaccompanied minors being flown around the nation secretly at night is something that few Americans will deny is happening and happening daily. But now, there’s a new twist. This past week, unaccompanied minors are being flown to small towns in New York without anyone on the ground knowing they are coming, nor even a notice that announces that fact. New Yorkers are in shock as they watch Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden dropping these minors across New York with no plans, no information about where they are from, who are their family members, and what their plans are. And few are actually “known.” For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s sad that a number of men and victims were knifed this past week walking on Las Vegas Strip sidewalks. Two are dead, while six others are brutally injured. Who would do such a thing? Why would anyone actually do it? This was a split-second, instantaneous attack in the safest development in our city. Is there a root common with these plants and others? For complete details, click on this link:

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  1. Why has there never been a public opinion as to the China virus and the removal of President Trump. That the virus was a big reason Trump was taken out! I would like the Politicians that have investments in Ukraine & Russia exposed. Solyndra technology was obsolete and Obumer received millions. The crooked/greedy individuals who are causing our country to go down the wrong path, expose them to the true American patriots.

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