Saturday Bullet Points: September 16, 2023

“Will it go round in circles, uh hu……..! That’s a line from a famous Billy Preston song. It seems that line is applicable to describe what’s happening on Capitol Hill! Legacy Media outlets have “circled the wagons around the President. The President has, apparently, thrown Hunter under the bus so that Democrats will be able to claim that “Republicans’ whining about a ‘two-tiered justice system is false. See: President Biden’s son was even charged with three felony indictments!” What they fail to mention (and what we at “TNN Live!” have warned you of numerous times) is that “if” Hunter is convicted of any of these criminal acts and is sentenced for illegal actions of his, Joe Biden, as President, will surely give Hunter a full pardon.

Because I feel Joe Biden will NOT represent the Democrat Party in the 2024 election, I think these actions against Hunter will be swift and fully in the Public’s eyes — to make everyone comfortable that justice was done — so Joe can quickly pardon him BEFORE the election next year.

Oh well: call me a conspiracy theorist or whatever else you care to call me. I DON’T trust the Democrat Party and certainly DON’T trust the Legacy Media to give us impartial “facts.” They give us a plethora of politicized arguments. But almost everyone is “on” to their game. If they happen, these actions will merely be window-dressing for what’s ahead.

Let’s look back at the week’s big stories to make sure you missed none of them. Maybe, at the end of the next week, there’ll be some substance for us to discuss some of this week’s most egregious happenings!

Buller Points

  • Everyone understands that Alabama Senator Tuberville (R-AL) is holding up the confirmation of a large number of military members. He is doing so for one stated reason: He feels strongly that the military should NOT be paying U.S. taxpayer dollars for any part of the abortion process for military members. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has threatened Senator Tuberville with violence if the Senator does NOT relent and let those advancements be processed. But there’s a problem with that argument. Senate confirmation of these and any other nominees can happen at the whim of the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY). So why doesn’t Schumer take the actions necessary to start the process? Crenshaw demands those advancements be processed one at a time before the full Senate. And even Crenshaw wants the lot of those promotions to be passed in a voice vote with NO debate or discussions about these individuals and their qualifications for those promotions! At least a dozen of those waiting have and are promoting far-left ideological items and should be questioned aggressively! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Americans need to pay close attention to what’s happening in the automobile manufacturing industry. The UAW — United Auto Workers Union — is now officially on strike, with auto employees demanding massive pay raises and unfathomable added benefits. While the entire industry is not (at present) being picketed, the plans by the Union are obvious: they are picketing three of the most in-demand vehicles that bring large amounts of money to the manufacturers. It’s been a while since a UAW strike has hit the auto industry. And union leaders are pressing for massive wage increases in long-term commitments. We may be in for a lengthy battle between the union and workers. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Very few can credibly maintain that Donald Trump does NOT despise Special Counsel Jack Smith. All anyone has to do to discover how much disdain for Smith Trump has, read his social media posts. Smith obviously does not have a very thick skin, because he’s had enough of Trump’s constant bashing of Smith and those who work with him on Truth Social. Smith is so mad about it, that he’s asked the Court to step in to stop Trump from bashing the Counsel: actually, Smith is seeking a “Gag Order.” Wait: isn’t Trump allowed to speak his mind on this and any other matter? There’s that First Amendment thing! For complete details, click on this link:
  • We knew it was going to happen. So did Joe Biden. Apparently, the former Vice President didn’t care what happened. On his first day as President, not only did he state he was going after the fossil fuel industry and planned to end it, he took executive action that immediately terminated construction on the XL Pipeline. Those actions were the “handwriting on the wall” for all of America. And we’ve watched prices at the pump escalate here while we and other nations are paying $90/barrel for oil purchased from the Saudis. And when Biden took those steps, the U.S. was energy independent! How bad is it today? For complete details, click on this link:
  • You may have heard of the discovery of massive deposits of lithium along the border of Nevada and Oregon. Americans applaud that finding. Why? Because lithium is the chief component for batteries that are made to fuel electric cars. Until this discovery, China controlled almost all of the World’s lithium! But now we have it here. However, guess who owns the company that owns the lithium mines in Nevada and Oregon: China! What are we going to do? For complete details, click on this link:
  • The fiscal year for the U.S. ends in ten days. Congress is responsible for a new budget for the upcoming new year. And Congress does NOT have that job done. What’s in the process to keep the nation from defaulting on its obligations when we run out of money on September 30? Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA) appeared yesterday on one of the leftist news programs to explain the details underway:

  • Who in America will ever forget the uproar that ensued during the 2020 election campaign when Joe Biden agreed to debate Donald Trump? I had NO idea a presidential debate could result in such nastiness! Donald Trump was simply Donald Trump. But the nation saw a side of Uncle Joe not seen before. With Trump embroiled in a massive amount of criminal litigation, it’s unclear if Trump will even be able to run for the GOP nomination. If that happens, Biden will face another opponent. But, we now hear the Biden team is petrified at the prospect of facing one particular Republican. Who could have Democrats so afraid? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Unless you live in a cave with no news available, you know that Hunter Biden received a surprise announcement at his house from Special Counsel David Weiss. A Delaware grand jury issued three indictments against Hunter for violations of federal gun laws. Speculation immediately roared across the nation: was this to prove that there aren’t two justice systems in the U.S. as many Americans have been saying? Or is the President “throwing Hunter under the bus” to take the “hit” for the Biden Family wrongdoing being investigated by Congress? If Hunter is convicted, his Dad will certainly give him a pardon. After all, Joe IS the President. The White House weighed-in on that very question on Friday. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is head of the House Oversight Committee and has been leading the charge to get all the evidence that implicates members of the Biden Family — including the President — in illegal financial activities. Congress has in its possession 170 notices issued by banks whenever unexplainable large overseas deposits are made in American bank accounts. Still, Democrats claim that none of this implicates President Biden. Friday, Rep. Comer announced he has “receipts” that prove the Biden corruption:

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