When Is “Enough” Too Much?

We published this story two years ago. In preparation for today, I went back to the day this story appeared based on its title. As I read it, I was astonished at how much this story is applicable today than it was in 2021!

Knowing that we have many more people today who read our stories, I thought it appropriate to publish it again. Too much of what it covers existed in 2021 and have only intensified since then!



I’ve heard my entire life — especially when I was a kid, went to the grocery store with Mom, and drove her crazy by asking for everything — my Mom, in exasperation, asked me, “When is Enough Enough?” Be honest: you’ve heard that numerous times yourself. That’s probably a universal “Mom” — “Kid” thing. But I must tell you, I’m at a point that has to be close where Mom found herself during these arduous trips to the store with me. Almost every day and all day, we are all confronted with some ridiculous charade that is thrust in our faces by some nutcase (or nutcases) preaching about some “ism,” “ist,” or “phobia.” Most of the time, I don’t have any idea what these charades are really about!

I’m at the point that’s far past my Mom’s frustration with me in the store. I quit thinking, “When is enough enough” a long time ago. I’m into the “When is enough ‘TOO MUCH?'”

Am I alone in this or is there somebody out there who identifies with me? Honestly, I no longer care about the ideas, perspectives, beliefs, biological and psychological identities, likes, loves, and hates that people personally adopt for themselves. (The operative word in the previous sentence for this conversation is “themselves”)

In this societal revolution, there are so many moving parts that this old man is incapable of wrapping my brain around their names, let alone their meanings! And what the heck are their purposes?

I’ve Had TOO MUCH!

Let’s break down some of this insanity and see if I’m the only one who struggles with some or all of these things. Of course, when reading these, you’ll probably nod at a few, shake your head at some, and reading some will cause you to spit your teeth out from laughing so hard!

There will be some folks who think these (and our even calling them out in this story) are irreverent, off-limits, hateful, and, OMG, “racist, xenophobe, Islamaphobe, sexist…” or fill-in-the-blank on your own.


Let’s be honest: Americans have always labeled themselves and others. It’s a “human” thing and NOT just an “American” thing. People worldwide have labeled each other since there have been people. But that doesn’t mean doing so is OK.

It doesn’t matter what the label says, the process of labeling others denigrates one person (and every other person in society that wears the same label) while lifting the person placing the label and all others with who this person identifies as “just like Me.”

Such labels are used for those of different nations of origin, skin color, political perspective, sex, sexual preference, language spoken, religion, place of birth, and on and on. The list of possible labels is so long it’s exhaustive.

But one thing about this process is universal: it diminishes one while elevating the other. And purveyors of this process assume unilateral authority to determine each label and characteristics those labels must have to be included in each group.

Political Perspectives

In the U.S., for generations, we adopted one of just a handful of possible political perspectives, better known as “political parties.” (Have you ever wondered why these political “hate” groups were titled “parties?” “Parties are supposed to be fun!)

In a perfect world, this process would be benign and just so others could recognize one’s political affiliation. But beginning midway in the 20th Century, it took on a weaponization characteristic that has only grown viler through the years. Now, instead of using political labels as little more than to understand differences, we use political differences as a weapon to make certain everyone knows which people the enemies are. In most cases, verbal and written words are the ammunition used for each political skirmish. Still, in the last 20 years, the weapons have only grown in warfare capability, and ammunition has evolved into nuclear hatred.

In all of these political skirmishes, a single outcome is desired from all who battle: domination. Nothing less than that is acceptable. No wonder Thomas Jefferson said, “If achieving Heaven required political party affiliation, I’d certainly choose Hell.”

It was not long until political parties began to choose sides and place labels on others within their own parties. Democrats became known as”Far Left, Moderate or Conservative” Dems. Republicans were “Moderate, Mainstream, or Far Right.” And it was imperative for everyone not only to wear such a title but also to denigrate others of different labels.

Religious Tags

This process was purposely installed way back in the late 1700s by those who did not support the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion. Differences between those of different faiths were necessary to paint others “less” and “unworthy” just because of religious beliefs.

That became more and more prevalent as immigrants flooded U.S. shores. People from close to 200 different nations were welcomed into the New World, bringing a myriad of religions with them. Though our Declaration of Independence codified that “Freedom and Justice for All” extended to those of different faiths, human nature took control, and groups were formed based on religion.

This practice became most obvious after the 911 attack on New York. Islamist radicals flew those planes in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and crashed one in Pennsylvania. Three thousand dead Americans awakened the nation to the differences between Islam and Christianity. Let the labeling begin! Just think about the numbers of Muslims who have legally immigrated to the U.S. through the years and how many native-born American Muslims live here today that daily fight the so-called “label” of Muslim in the context of terrorism watched around the World.

Today’s #1 Labelers

Who else but the Mainstream Media. So, of course, the Democrat Party over the past 10-15 years picked up the mantle of “Dividers-in-Chief” and not very subtly began their task to split the nation right down the middle. They don’t do that by reporting only news that fits their Leftist perspectives. They ALWAYS include Leftist explanations for every story covered.

The content of this reaps obvious results. Many Americans don’t even question any of the content they see and hear from the Media Mob. And that’s the source of the feeding frenzy on the Left to label, attack using media and the manufactured weapons mentioned above along with others to “teach” the “truths” of their propaganda to a generation of Americans who were raised dependent on electronics and satellite transmissions and social media for all their information. It couldn’t have been any easier to take over the information consumed by these young minds of muck for the indoctrination using totalitarianism as their curricula.

We could continue for hours giving comparisons ad nauseam that we all see and hear in perpetuity preaching this divisive doctrine. Let’s don’t go there. We’ve gone far enough down that rabbit hole. Let’s get to the limits Americans can and will tolerate.


“Critical Race Theory (CRT),” “Your Truth-My Truth,” “BLM, Antifa, White Supremacy,” “Wokeness,” “Cancel Culture,” are each murderous in their own ways. None operate in a vacuum, and none work alone. Saddest of all is that each has been purposely weaponized to attack people of difference — every difference listed above and plenty more we haven’t seen yet.


The Washington Post has promoted global opinions editor Karen Attiah to the role of an opinion columnist despite a now-deleted tweet in which she warned White women that they are “lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s'” and “not calling for revenge.”

“The lies & tears of White women hath wrought: -The 1921 Tulsa Massacre – Murder of Emmet Till – Exclusion of Black women from feminist movements – 53% of white women voting for Trump. White women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s.’ And not calling for revenge,” Attiah, who is Black, wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

This story and the actions and words in this piece written by Attiah illustrate just how far we have gone in the communication war. The Left weaponizes everything! If they see no possibility of using any incident, a thing said or posted, news article, or some action of someone with whom they disagree, they’ll ignore it. But give them a slim shot at using one or several of these against one they consider a foe, and they’re all-in! And there’s no consideration at all for the possible damage their words and actions may initiate. Oh, they know there surely will be hurt feelings, destroyed careers, marriages, and families obliterated, and even suicides as results of their attacks. But these are all justified!  Nasty things almost always result from battles. And folks not directly involved who get in the middle of a fire-fight often are injured or even killed: “Collateral Damage” is expected and accepted.


Do you remember that old saying, “Payback fire with fire?” I’m not sure who authored that. But even if that literally is something that reaches a good solution, I can’t think of one good example it fits. What I DO know for certain are these things: hatred never destroys hatred; lies never correct other lies; infidelity never fixes infidelity; anger never resolves anger; theft never justifies theft; hatred never obliterates hatred; racism NEVER fixes racism.

These are the weapons — along with dozens of others — being used by millions in play 24/7 in our public lives today. Many of us shake our heads when we see and hear these around the clock, not believing they use them to hurt others. Additionally, it’s uncanny how many people who are targets of these attacks don’t even bother to defend themselves!

The benignly targeting allowing these attacks to go unanswered is the desire of the perpetrators. They expect pushback, and they’re prepared for it. But when there’s NO response, they gleefully put another notch in their belts to mark victory and move on to find their next victim.

Wake up! Say something. Defend yourself and the weakest among us against these hypocritical yet deadly attackers and the attackers.

If our nation is going to maintain its reality of being the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” we are all going to have to draw lines with those who confront and attack us using weapons of numerous types. And when those lines are encroached by anyone, we must push back!

If the young adults and teens who are more and more buying into this faux philosophy don’t see mature Americans en mass pushing back and getting vocal, they will see that as quiet acceptance of all they are seeing and hearing. Once their generation normalizes this process, IT becomes their average. And it’s really tough to change young minds who have been inundated with lies, misrepresentations, and personal attacks so long with no objection, they might never change.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to let the nation in which I have spent 67 years investing in others, numerous times expecting nothing in return, fade away into totalitarianism which will destroy my grandchildren and their kids.

At TruthNewsNetwork, we push back. We encourage you to stop sitting quietly while the U.S. crumbles. Stop allowing the propaganda of the Left to permeate the hearts and minds of our young people. How to fix it? Speak the Truth continually and as loud as you can!

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