Saturday Bullet Points: September 24, 2021

What a week, huh? More and more travesties unveiled that apparently have been happening for a while at our southern border. Every day our government seems to ramp up its desire to seize more and more control from the People. And they are strangling individuality with the COVID-19 madness. What can we expect going forward?

What could you have possibly missed? Make no mistake: you certainly missed some important happenings. Why? Because there were so many. We have them for you today.

Meet “Saturday Bullet Points.” Each important story is introduced as a “bullet point.” Click on the bullet, read the few sentences describing the story. And if you want more details, click on the blue arrow at the end of the description. That takes you to a full story where you can get all the details. If you’ve already seen or heard or don’t want anymore, go to the next bullet point and repeat. It’s that simple.

Enjoy an extra cup of latte’ with “Saturday Bullet Points.” Let’s get you started:

Bullet Points

  • Have you yet heard the name “Michael Sussman?” You’ll probably be hearing more about the name and the holder of the name in the coming months. Sussman is the lawyer who is front and center as representative of the Clinton Campaign in pretty much every aspect of the Russia Collusion sham that proved nothing other than Trump did NOT collude with Russia. Sussman was the second attorney indicted by Special Prosecutor John Durham. The Mainstream Media have downplayed with great effort any role and subsequent culpability Sussman may have in this “thing.” Please make no mistake, however: Sussman is up to his eyeballs and in deep trouble. This attached story gives you five things the Left has already been promoting to diminish Sussman’s involvement. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Has anybody yet come after you trying to “cancel” you? Make no mistake: even if the Cancel Culture has not victimized you, it’s probably not because you’re not a likely candidate to be canceled. It’s probably because they’ve not gotten around to you yet! And when a Hollywood icon not only worries about cancel culture, he even warns every American to be careful because it might be coming to get you! Who’s the Hollywood star passing out that information? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • I heard a funny story when COVID-19 panic just got started. Remember the rush for toilet paper? EVERY store of EVERY kind that stocked toilet paper sold every roll as quickly as they hit shelves. Why the rush? It started when some guy walking through Walmart surrounded by a bunch of people sneezed. Everybody ran to the restroom because they pooped themselves! No, that didn’t really happen — as far as I know. But it might happen again. COSTCO just announced they are limiting purchases of anything deemed to be “essentials.” What are the items included in the COSTCO list? For complete details, click on this link:  
  • Have you gotten any of the three COVID-19 vaccinations yet? If you haven’t and number among the millions of Americans who don’t intend to get vaccinated, at least voluntarily, many are playing tough about being forced to get the jab. In fact, in New York City, 3000 teachers have asked for exemptions to skip the vaccine mandate. New York City placed a deadline for getting vaxed for September 27. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Sexual harassment must be “the thing” in the Cuomo family. Governor Andrew Cuomo was recently forced to resign over allegations of numerous former staffers of his for “unwanted touching” and other sexual ills. There were close to a dozen accusers of the governor! Now, it appears that little brother Chris Cuomo, of CNN fame, is in trouble for doing the same thing. And one of those accusing Chris is his former boss! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Surely you know that House Speaker Pelosi empaneled a fleet of Trump-haters to “investigate” the “insurrection” of January 6 when many people stormed the Capitol. Conspiracy theorists, along with a fleet of Democrats in Congress, are doing anything and everything they think will help them keep Donald Trump out of the Potomac Valley permanently. They don’t want him back in politics. And they’re trying to tie him as part of the planning of the happenings of January 6. President Biden would normally, in this case, exert executive privilege if his Administration was asked to provide White House documents that might implicate the former President of wrongdoing. But what do you think Biden is probably going to do if asked? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Besides being “friendly” competitors, the Big Tech companies all seem to get along. But a bizarre story showed up on Friday about Apple, Facebook, and Instagram. Apple is actually threatening to block Facebook and Instagram from Apple’s App store altogether! What’s up with that? It has to do with some really nasty stuff the two social media platforms allow to show up on their sites using Apple apps. What are they? For more details, click on this link: 
  • I think it’s common knowledge that President Biden is in deep trouble with American voters — even with fellow Democrats. His approval numbers are in negative territory across the board. And the demographic that every politician lusts over have pretty much abandoned Uncle Joe — the independents. But President Biden is prudent. He’s not waiting until after leaving office to look back and determine what things he should have done differently. Believe it or not, just eight months into his presidency, he is actually reflecting on things he should have done differently. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The Taliban taking full control of Afghanistan has many people concerned — including the approximate 1000 American citizens left behind by the Biden Administration who are hiding for their lives. The speckled past of the Taliban includes numerous horrible acts taken against almost anybody that refuses to adopt “Taliban thinking.” A famous one-eyed, one-legged Taliban “enforcer” has notified the world that executions and amputations are on their way back to Afghanistan under this new Taliban regime. For complete details, click on this link:
  • How many Afghani refugees did the Biden Administration bring to the U.S.? No one in government will give us a number just like they refuse to report the numbers of illegals from the southern being released around the nation. Worse that just bringing these Afghan refugees out of Afghanistan directly to the U.S. is the fact that, even though we were told otherwise, most of them were not vetted before getting on those planes! Americans were told that, factually, EACH of those Afghanis WERE vetted. Now, there is much internal wrongdoing by some of those who are settling here. One Afghan man strangled his wife at a U.S. military base! For complete details, click on this link: 


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