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Saturday Bullet Points: September 24, 2022

Another full week! As we get close to the midterm elections and the end of 2022, every day shows us how different our nation has become in just the last 18 months. What’s the difference? Joe Biden. Yes, Biden promised he’d do much to undo the “torture” Donald Trump imposed on the nation. He certainly has done just what he promised. He unwound the policies and actions that closed our southern border to Mexico that has flooded our country with illegals numbering somewhere over two million, enough fentanyl to kill every American 3 three times, and spent more than three trillion dollars we didn’t have. Our great, great, great-grandchildren will not have either. He single-handily put us into the most significant recession in 40 years — even though no economist has the kahunas to say so yet, they just call it “inflation.” He’s told China and Russia that he’s “the new boss in town” and will not tolerate their warmonger desires to expand their borders, which is precisely what they’re doing. All this while bragging about killing our fossil fuel industry that had made us energy independent for the first time in 40 years just two months before he took office. We are begging for oil from OPEC and Russia because he did exactly what he promised. Succinctly said, Biden has tanked the nation while devastating us personally and making us the laughing stock of the World.

How do I really feel? It’s going to get worse!

So, let’s look in our rearview mirror as far back as Monday and glimpse at the “biggest” events of the week. It will be hard to pick the biggest because there were dozens of big stories. Let’s take a stab at it. While doing that, let’s see if we can squeak out maybe one happy tale we can all rally around while leaving our political animus behind!

Bullet Points

  • We’ve heard rumors about a GOP list of commitments to Americans their party will commit to if voters give control of the House and Senate back to them in the midterms in two months. Friday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took the podium in Pennsylvania to give the nation the summary of what they plan for the nation if these events do happen. I must say they’re pretty in-depth and exceptional — if only they could accomplish all this:
  • The biggest applause in that presentation by House Republican leadership at that Pennsylvania plant came when Rep. McCarthy promised that Republicans have a bill already written that will be passed on Day One of the next Congress to “dismiss” those 87,000 IRS new workers Biden got funded and states they’ll be “going after those American billionaires who are not paying their fair share of taxes.” Wait a minute: there are reportedly 600 billionaires in the U.S. Why would we need 87,000 IRS agents? Do you think they may be going after a few more people simultaneously? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Don’t get too excited about the prospects of a red wave ahead. Even if Republicans do take control of either the House or Senate or both, we still have a big problem brewing in Eastern Europe: Vladimir Putin. This past week flexed his muscles to confirm that his comments about responding to any threats from the West regarding nuclear action would be responded to in like manner. But sources in Russia are stating that nuclear war is imminent. How bad can it possibly get? For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s clear that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin was hoodwinked into supporting Biden’s latest spending boondoggle: the “Inflation Reduction Act” that does everything EXCEPT reduce inflation. His vote was just one; it took 50 more to pass the measure. We found out that a “quid pro quo” for Joe’s state was necessary to get him to flip on his long-held opposition to Biden’s latest handout to the Left. But guess what: Democrats who committed to giving Joe that “quid pro quo” for his vote is now backing out! OMG: Democrats are now lying to OTHER Democrats! For complete details, click on this link:
  • We’ve been told for almost a decade that cryptocurrency is about to take over the financial operating systems in the U.S. and the remainder of the World. Bitcoin was the first such instrument to hit financial markets. Bitcoin’s early investors have piled up massive profits through the years. Hundreds of other cryptocurrencies have followed suit hoping for the same results. Of course, with something new like crypto, surreptitious evildoers also find ways to use them for personal gain and even to weasel their way into big companies. It now seems the Pentagon may be a target for these hackers. What’s up? For complete details, click on this link:
  • We know that illegal drugs have flooded across our southern border, along with these illegal aliens from more than 100 countries. We know the deadliest of those drugs is fentanyl. But criminals are always looking for new ways to make big money in drug trafficking. So they’re using much more than just fentanyl. Friday, Border Patrol Agents captured a variety of drugs coming across with a street value of $10 million+. For complete details, click on this link:
  • After the news was released about the above bullet point story, it was released that police in Phoenix stopped illegals with what is classified as the largest bust of fentanyl coming to the U.S. At the time of this story late Friday, it was unclear if the two arrested in the bust were Americans or immigrants. Agents were investigating a call to a home in a Phoenix suburb when the fentanyl was discovered. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The U.S. is seeing firsthand what the Mexican cartels are doing to our nation with their massive human smuggling operations flooding it. The cartels are making billions of dollars on that enterprise. Vice President Kamala Harris, from Day One of the Biden Administration, was to NOT concentrate on border criminal activities directly but was going to work with Mexico and Central American countries to find and eliminate the “root causes causing this mass immigration.” If she has done any of that, we haven’t seen it. I’m confident those cartels are the “root causes,” and it appears that she hasn’t attempted to tackle that problem. Now we’re learning that the cartels are THE problem in Mexico. Mexico’s problems are the cartels themselves. It appears they’ve become so powerful they’re threatening the government of Mexico itself! For complete details, click on this link:
  • “Creepy Uncle Joe” spoke to the National Education Association on Friday. In the aftermath of the Republican’s release of their “Commitment to America” plan, which purports to virtually overturn most of Biden’s agenda items, one would expect the President to come out swinging at his opponents. But, oddly enough, he began his speech by looking down from the podium, pointing to a woman in the crowd, and saying: “She was 12, and I was 30. She helped me get a lot of work done.” Really? Oh, there was a LOT more! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Our World is changing drastically and quickly — much quicker than most can believe. And it’s happening with Democrats controlling our government and our mainstream messaging. It even is flooding through our babies. One hospital in Chicago that treats children has gone woke. They’re giving children patients “kink” and sex toys for minors! No kidding. What in the World is happening to our nation? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Anytime there are government spending programs, especially as large as those that have occurred on this President’s watch, it is almost sure that there are those who find ways to defraud the government, and the purported recipients of the proceeds of these programs, money, earmarked for these projects. Friday, one such horror was revealed when it was discovered that a group from Minnesota’s Somali community had defrauded the U.S. government by stealing 1/4 of a billion dollars from a COVID-19 nutrition program! How crass and evil can people be to do such, especially stealing money earmarked for needy children? For complete details, click on this link:

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