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Saturday Bullet Points: September 3, 2022

This past week was ALL about President Joe Biden. If you did not know what he really stands for, if you watched either of his speeches this past week, you have NO question anymore. Today’s Bullet Points will concentrate on his statements and actions from the week. And the reason we’re doing that is our President revealed to the nation and the World that he is all-in for being a part of an authoritarian government. But not just that: he made crystal clear that anyone who disagrees with his ideals, his philosophies, or his opinions about anything to do with governing our nation is an “extremist.” We’ll play at least one video and maybe several audio soundbites.

Please know this one thing: it is critical that every American sees and hears ALL of this. Why? There will be things coming down your street in the next few months that will shock and horrify you. We all MUST be prepared by researching, finding, and absorbing all of the things this presidential administration undertakes, and then put those beside the definitions of authoritarianism and totalitarianism and decide for yourself where this leader of the Free World actually stands. In fact, I suggest you get one of those yellow note pads, draw a line down the middle, and put Biden’s actual policy ideals that he shares with us when campaigning or playing “nice,” and put on the other side of that line what is actual actions are when dealing with these same things. You’ll discover quickly that Biden is NOT a friend to everybody regardless of political perspectives, certainly NOT a unifier, and absolutely NOT a moderate. He has swallowed the leftist pill that leads to certain destruction. And he’s taking our nation down that road with him.

Let’s get on with it!

Bullet Points

  • Biden’s speech Thursday night struck a chord with every American who watched. I cannot tell you how many texts, private messages, and emails we received from people who were blown away by the incessant attacks on American citizens because they disagreed with him. These are the same people who he told while campaigning that he wanted to unify the country and said, “I don’t want to be the President of Democrats or the President of Republicans. I want to be the President of the United States and the President of everyone.” He constantly uses the word “democracy” now in every speech he makes. Does he understand that our nation was NOT founded as a “democracy?” It purposely was structured as a “representative republic,” which led to the explanation of the promise of our forefathers that our government would always be, the “government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.” In Biden’s world, he left those structural ideals and saying behind long ago. I couldn’t think of a better source to give us the side of the Left on all this than the Associated Press. For details, click on this link:
  • Very quietly in the shadow of the furor over his egregious attacks on every American who disagrees with his philosophy, Joe announced he’s sending a massive sum of money on top of the massive sum of money already sent to Ukraine. The total spending package is $40 billion! I don’t know about you, but with Joe’s history in Ukraine and that of his son Hunter, Americans must surely look at this latest detail and question how much of that $40 billion is actually going to Ukraine to fight Vladimir Putin and how much made its way into someone (or “some-ones) pockets. Remember, Ukraine has always been known as an evil financial slush fund location for all of the bad actors in politics in the World. Corrupt politicians are all too excited to open the door to “new” financial “support” because there’s always a “users fee” that comes off the bottom that goes somewhere other than Ukraine’s military. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It’s been shocking to watch President Biden in interviews following his Thursday GOP-ripping speech. It’s as if he didn’t say any of the horrible things he said about Trump supporters.
  • Biden’s actions shocked millions of Americans. But, at the same time, he floored tens of millions of people in other countries around the world who have always looked to the U.S. as a light shining on a hill, the freest country on Earth, and a tower of fairness and equality for all who go there. Our friends down-under at Sky News shared their opinion of what they watched. As you can imagine, their opinions are based on different things than are ours. But their shock and awe at what they saw and heard is menacing for the leadership that Americans have always espoused for our partners around the world:
  • Another great news outlet from foreign soil — the Daily Mail from the United Kingdom — was also blown away by Biden’s attacks on tens of millions of Americans. Remember this: 72 million Americans voted for Donald Trump. That fact is not lost on foreign news outlets. Most of them are in countries that don’t have nearly that number for their entire population. And to hear Joe Biden call every one of those 72 million Americans extremists that do NOT follow the Rule of Law, do NOT agree with the U.S. Constitution, and are the enemies of the people is flabbergasting. To that end, it didn’t take too long for Biden to go into damage control mode and continues to make efforts to deny the things that he said in those two speeches that millions saw. The Daily Mail said it best. For complete details, click on this link:
  • Few people in politics today have the communications skill as does Senator John Kennedy (R-LA). He is considered by many to be the Mark Twain of this generation. Friday morning Senator Kennedy appeared on Fox and Friends and replied to Brian Kilmeade’s question asking for Kennedy’s analysis of Biden’s Thursday speech. Senator Kennedy makes everything seem so much easier to understand. Here: find out for yourselves:
  • Many think President Biden showed in his Thursday speech how little he believes that Republicans who do NOT agree with his policies are his fellow Americans who deserve the same rights and privileges as those Americans who DO agree with him. Biden continually speaks about his commitment to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, equal justice under the law, and his desire to be the Great Uniter of the nation. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to show the nation just how he does NOT believe those things he claims, and, in fact, believes exactly the opposite. Many Americans are horrified to see just how far to the left Joe Biden is. For complete details, click on this link:
  • These Biden concepts are so ridiculous I wonder how any American can actually believe in the fodder he spills every time he opens his mouth in public. Don’t you know that those who are responsible for taking care of all of the parts of these appearances he makes shudder whenever he begins to speak? Besides being “a gaffe a minute,” he diminishes his credibility in every public appearance he makes. Jill Biden certainly knows the “real” Joe Biden far better than we do. But, if Joe is going to last as President for two more years, someone had better find a way to shut down his rhetoric. He’s destroying what little credibility he still possesses. American Action Network took the President to task for the absurdity of what was a $300 billion student loan bailout that experts say is actually a $1 trillion dollar pipe dream that cannot possibly work as Biden explained it:


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