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Who would have ever thought that a discussion about a “pending” battle between the state of Texas and the United States military would EVER happen? Let’s hope it doesn’t. But Texas Governor Greg Abbot and President Joe Biden are rattling sabers! Of course, the conflict pertains to the southern border invasion by illegal immigrants that are continuous because President Biden refuses to enforce U.S. Immigration laws. Texas leads all other U.S. states in these illegals, and most are coming there. We’re talking about “millions!”

While that may be the loudest story of the week, we cannot forget about former President Trump’s large victory in the New Hampshire Primary in which the votes blistered Nikki Haley. Pundits are screaming that she should withdraw — they maintain there’s no legitimate way forward for her to a possible path to victory.

These are only two of the big stories of the week we’ll cover in today’s “Bullet Points.” Let’s get started!

Bullet Points

  • Even with the big win for Donald Trump this week in the New Hampshire presidential primary, he ended his week in a really negative way. In his defamation New York City trial, the jury awarded an unthinkable amount to E. Jean Carroll. This entire case is unimaginable! The defamation verdict against Trump came from a sexual assault trial against Mr. Trump by D Carroll, in which she alleged sexual assault and rape by the former president in the early 1990s. The event supposedly happened in a dressing room in a New York City store. What few leftest news outlets will say is that in the case, there were NO eyewitnesses, NO physical evidence, NO one was with her when the alleged event happened, and she never reported to the police or anyone else! How could any jury come to a decision like this? There’s more to the story. For details, click on this link:
  • While President Biden was tooting his horn for the stellar results of Bidennomics, it was revealed that 2681 journalists across the nation lost their jobs this past year. What does that mean? Despite the obvious that President Biden has a very jaded view of jobs — jobs lost and jobs added — that proves this President is missing the mark. Whoever is giving him the financial data that we are seeing is certainly hiding the facts. Why would they do that? For the answer to that question, a list of each media outlet that has terminated employees and why, click on this link:
  • President Biden sold the majority of our Strategic Oil Reserves, reportedly to “keep the price of gasoline down.” Who knows what the truth of that was? Obviously, there were other factors in that decision, specifically that it appears China purchased most of it! Now, the President is selling much of our strategic supplies of helium. No, we don’t need helium in large amounts to inflate balloons. Helium is a strategic element in the operation of MRI machines. Though this release was based on a Congressionally passed law from years ago, it seems hasty to roll the dice on the efficacy of selling so much. For complete details, click on this link:
  • This next story is surprisingly linked to the previous story. This one has to do with natural gas. It also has to do with Joe Biden getting into the “Natural Gas” business. This happened only recently to “soothe” the screams of the Green energy sycophants. It involves LPN: Liquified Natural Gas that was to be processed and transported. This involves “transport terminal projects” over climate impacts. Of course, there are numerous explanations for this decision. But, these people forget that LPN is the most energy and climate-efficient type of natural gas. Maybe these climatologists forgot that fact! For complete details, click on this link:
  • You may have heard that the Republican National Committee (RNC) floated an idea late Thursday to go ahead and declare Donald Trump as the “Presumptive Nominee” for the Republican Party this Fall. That would eliminate the need for any further primaries. Of course, Nikki Hayley — the only GOP candidate remaining to run against Trump — would effectively make her continuation impossible. This idea from the RNC was quickly rejected by some while exciting many who are already tired of this election’s campaigning. We’ve been waiting to see if the former President will weigh in on this planned move of the RNC. He did on Friday afternoon. For complete details, click on this link:
  • We all know that the southern border is a mess. We’ve heard about the actions of Texas Governor Greg Abbott in using razor wire to stretch across the Rio Grande river bank to keep illegals from swimming through this dangerous section of the river. Joe Biden demanded it be removed. There’s been back and forth regarding this, with litigation as the result. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Biden COULD remove that wire, Texas replied by taking action to add even MORE razorwire! These actions are getting really ugly while Americans look on in shock. FOX News gave the entire back-and-forth story and analysis. Just watch/listen to this story:

  • It appears that President Biden is running a race — a race to see which U.S. President and wear the badge for having the worst job approval in U.S. History. For years that honor has belonged to former President Jimmy Carter. And he still does! But guess who’s in second in steadily creeping up to pass President Carter for the victory: Joe Biden. News is out, and Joe Biden holds the honor of the Second Worst “approved” President. How bad is it? For complete details, click on this link:
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m very cautious to make certain all my data is protected. I have the top-rated security software running on all of my devices. It still happens occasionally when internet providers release news of another massive breach and list those who are “probably” impacted by each breach; I question how much security there is on the internet. While that happens, we discovered this week that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been secretly purchasing Americans’ data without a warrant! And the NSA is trying to keep that a secret. That’s a surprise, right? We’ve only seen the beginning of this. Get the details by clicking on this link:
  • The war between Hamas and Israel has a new entity in the conflict. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) finds itself in a case against the nation of Israel. This is the craziest legal case I’ve ever seen! This court — which has NO authority to do anything legally against any person or entity — released an order against Israel for a multitude of things. It’s as if Israel crept into the bedrooms of Palestinian people in Gaza and indiscriminately slaughtered 1200 Israelis. That’s NOT what happened. By the way, this judge and this court are operated by the United Nations. Get the complete details by clicking this link:

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