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Scandals Abundant

Former POTUS Obama bragged on numerous occasions that his Administration in 8 years had not one scandal.  First let me state this is the best example I have seen defining what pretty much happens only in Washington D.C.:  “Politi-speak.”  Politi-speak is used exclusively by politicians who choose to ignore facts when they discuss political events in which they or other members of their parties are involved that do not look good.  Maybe the President forgot about the abundance of scandals that bore his name during his two terms, but they were there.  Maybe he simply wants others to forget about his plentiful scandals.  Nevertheless, ignoring an elephant in a room doesn’t mean the elephant is not there.  And there were an amazing array of Obama scandals he wishes Americans would forget.  And even though he no longer resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, his scandals are still showing up.  But before we talk about his newest, why not summarize some of his biggest scandals:

Shovel Ready Jobs.  Remember this one?  President Obama used almost $1 trillion earmarked to create jobs as he was going to kick start the American economy as it never had been before.  Turns out there were no shovel ready jobs.  And later in a meeting he actually laughed about there really being NO shovel ready jobs.  Throwing away $1 trillion of taxpayer money was not a scandal?

Atty. General Eric Holder

Operation Fast and Furious.  Many thought impeachment should have been initiated because of this program.  Remember?  Someone in his Administration decided that arming Mexican cartels and drug lords with guns provided by American gun dealers would help Border Agents find the bad guys and take them out.  The bad guys in some cases STILL have those guns.  The only things measurable that happened in the program were the piling up of bodies which included those of Border Agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jamie Zapata, PLUS hundreds of Mexican civilians.

Attorney General Eric Holder held in Contempt of Congress.  This happened in connection with Operation Fast and Furious.  But its uniqueness qualifies it to be a stand alone scandal.  Holder became the first United States Attorney General to be held in Contempt of Congress.  However, the Democrats sheltered and protected the AG and they cried Congress acted only in a partisan way during the investigation of Holder’s actions in Operation Fast and Furious.  Of course with Obama in the White House, his AG and good friend got a pass.  Scandalous?

Obamacare.  No need to get into all the scandals of Obamacare other than to simply mention a few:  “If you like your doctor, keep your doctor,”  “if you like your health plan, keep your health plan,” “premiums for families will be reduced by $2500 per year,” etc.  None of HIS promises in Obamacare were truthful.  And it alone eats up 20% of every dollar in the U.S. economy.  No, Obamacare was not “A” scandal; it was several scandals with new Obamacare scandals showing up almost daily.

IRS.  He himself said several times there was no evidence the IRS was targeting any conservative groups’ applications for tax free status, holding them down while favoring applications of liberal non profits.  Absolutely false!  And he knew about them when he made the statements.  How could he do it?  Remember:  he authored “politi-speak.”  And although it was proven several Obama IRS directors in testimony before Congress lied, nothing happened to them.  Why?  Obama was President and did NOTHING to address those lies or actions.

NSA Spying Scandal.  Anyone remember Edward Snowden and his release of mounds of proof the NSA spied on whoever they wanted?  Snowden with zero regard for U.S. national security handed over page after page of evidence.  And in doing so, he was highly commended by Attorney General Eric Holder for performing a public service by exposing surveillance programs Holder’s own administration didn’t want to talk about.  Is that not a scandal?

Edward Snowden

Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment.  His Iran scandals started when he was totally quiet as the Green Revolution was quelled in horrible fashion in 2009 by the Iranian mullahs.  Obama said nothing.  He sidestepped Congress purposely while turning over $150 billion to the Iranians while the liberal media covered for him.  That’s not taking into consideration of the $400 million in various currencies in cash he gave to Iran at the last minute claiming it wasn’t ransom money.  In doing so he illustrated just how little leadership in actual foreign affairs he provided.  By any measure:  a true scandal.

Solyndra.  This one took the cake.  It seemed like a great idea to many Americans:  clean energy to replace hydro carbon energy sources bad for the environment.  Obama gave billions of dollars in taxpayer loan guarantees to this private company in Silicone Valley and stood on the sidelines watching as the company almost immediately headed into the tank along with the billions of dollars American taxpayers had to pay for the Solyndra loan guarantees.  Not a scandal?

Benghazi.  Who in their right mind feels that the unnecessary loss of the lives of 4 Americans on the watch of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama was not a scandal, especially in light of the facts that have been unearthed by numerous investigations that prove the attacks could have been prevented?  The false narrative thrust on Americans by Susan Rice on 5 national news shows the Sunday following the massacre that this was the result of Islamic outrage over a internet video slamming Islam and posted by an American further accentuated Bengazi was (and still is) a scandal.  Unfortunately 4 good men died because of it.

Susan Rice: Longtime Obama Confidant

There are at least 15 more Obama Administration scandals.  I just wanted to highlight a few.  Yes, he’s gone.  But he’s left his mark on the Nation — and it’s not just Obamacare.  It seems that his “Girl Friday” who was chosen on many occasions to rollout and/or handle bad news about all things Obama — Susan Rice — has been tagged as the “high up source” in the Obama Administration who authorized the unmasking of Americans who were illegally surveilled (or at least illegally named from legal surveillances).  It was released today that none of the surveillance that resulted in detailed intelligence reports that included private Americans’ identities were EVER initiated for matters of national security — they were all political hit jobs.  The unmasking of those names apparently authorized by Susan Rice is a felony infraction.  It will be interesting to see who takes the fall for this action.  Do you think Ms. Rice might be inclined to cut a deal and/or roll over on her old boss?

Now here’s the question that is burning inside my head today:  I have stated previously I felt strongly that Obama had cut at least two deals with Hillary Clinton to cover for him, convinced she would win the White House.  I think one of those deals was for her guarantee to not initiate or allow her Justice Department to pursue any allegations against him.  I also happen to believe he negotiated from her an appointment to the Supreme Court where he could — for the rest of his life — continue to manipulate his “fundament change” to America.  Donald J. Trump ruined that plan.  You can bet President Trump will stay clear from obstructing ANY investigation by his Justice Department into Obama misdeeds.  The next year or so will be interesting to watch.

No scandals in the Obama White House?  I think not.

2 thoughts on “Scandals Abundant”

  1. Where is the ACLU?
    I say this tongue-in-cheek………… the ACLU only helps when it suits a narrative…………
    General Flynn had his civil liberties infringed upon and he is due his date in court. The covert and overt events of the past few months have had an impact. He was uncovered in the covert Obama surveillance and he ended up losing his job as a downstream result when he was terminated for lying about his conversations. He will no-doubt endure the black mark on his reputation, and potentially lose big bucks in future business. Bottom line, his rights as a citizen were infringed upon because the former administration disclosed his name in an effort to upend the new administration. He was not smart for lying to his boss, but he should get a major payday from the government! He should be allowed to sue the Federal Government in the liberal courts for civil rights violations.

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