How Stupid can One Man Be: Trump

It borders on becoming a Hollywood thriller, this epic playing out on the World stage for all of humanity to witness.  I cannot think of a suitable title for it yet, but it begs for one.  Let’s be patient:  the script is being crafted  daily  as the cast and crew perfect and stage it for us.  I guess giving it a name can wait a bit.  It probably will name itself before too long.

In August of 2015 I predicted that Donald Trump would be the next U.S. President.  My prophetic meme came not from a professional analysis of the man or his message, but rather from a simple interpretation of the angst being forced on everything and everyone conservative in the U.S. by members of an ever-left tilting government that had begun a slow but steady dismantling of all things marked “Traditional America.”  Barack Obama awakened the sleeping giant of Entitlement that generations of U.S. leaders had deftly kept captive in the dark recesses of World history, fearing its devastating ability to turn civilizations upside down in an instant.  In all parts of the Earth where it had its way, it always left chaos and destruction in its wake that in each appearance took centuries to repair.  America did not need that, but in Obama’s second term it became obvious:  the Beast was loose.

Knowing about something does not in itself make someone brilliant.  Knowing enough about that something and manipulating it to impact people in dramatic and life changing ways evidences someone with high intelligence.  Using that definition, one can accurately state that Barack Obama is brilliant, for he accomplished affecting massive change through his understanding of “low information” Americans as well has American elitists.  Human nature when given the chance almost always takes control.  The humanist mantra of “someone owes me something” can go viral quickly, especially when its fire of Entitlement is fueled by someone as believable as a U.S. President.  That President:  Barack Obama who spoke directly to Entitlement thinkers who digested his promise to “fundamentally change America,” and it tasted good to them.

Hmmm… didn’t taste so good!

Without any organized group or national push, it became obvious during the 2 to 4 year run-up to the 2016 election, that many Americans — mostly conservative — began to reveal their fear and anger at this fundamental change to America that Obama ushered in.  These Americans watched closely as it became apparent millions of other Americans shared that fear and anger.  They in part spurned the Establishment G.O.P. and turned to someone they hoped and believed would bring REAL change — GOOD change — to America.  On that basis they elected Donald Trump President.

Is this guy stupid?  Many say so.  Actor/Director Rob Reiner and his actor father Carl Reiner recently appeared on a talk show and took that one step further, saying Trump is mentally unstable and a “pathological liar.”  That represents opinions of quite a few of the Hollywood elite as well east coast elites.  It was because of the visibility via national media of those from Hollywood, New York, and even the Chicago area may believed those beliefs represented the majority.  The election proved them wrong.  But that has still not been accepted by most.

About the mental stability and intelligence of President Trump:  nothing in his life — past or present — evidences any stupidity.  In fact, far from that are his almost daily illustrations of just how smart he is.  Let’s look at a few examples:

  1. Immigration.  Everyone saw his first and second executive orders regarding immigration stopped by liberal judges.  In seeing that, many elites thought the legal action confirmed the Reiner claims about the mental capacity of the President.  It also proved (at least in their minds) that his ideas about closing our southern border, immediately implementing a program of intense vetting of all who wish to emigrate to the U.S., the immediate rounding up and deportation of all violent illegals, illustrated not only his diminished intelligence but his xenophobia, Islamaphobia, and racism;
  2. Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare.  Conservative voters who in large part own, operate, or are employed by small companies feel the brunt of the intense costs of Obamacare.  Healthcare in America was NOT bad.  The problem that was to be resolved with Obamacare is one of difficulties with health insurance coverage and costs.  Neither was repaired.  President Trump seeks to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with a program that guarantees coverage, sidestepping all the land mines that have been intrinsic in Obamacare.  That was the intent of the plan put forward by Speaker Ryan that even many Republicans rejected.

Let’s stop there.  Here’s a premise that is based on the history, reputation, and experience of the “businessman” Donald Trump:  in both of the above cases, he intended and prepared for their failure.  You ask, “How can you even imagine that?”  For understanding, consider that he really is smart.  His business successes evidence that.  Why not his Presidency?

About Immigration:  Donald Trump campaigned and was elected in large part because of the acceptance by Middle Americans of his promises to close the border, build a wall, stop foreign immigration without full and intense vetting, and immediate eradication of violent illegals who are still in the U.S.  He knows the nation needs a comprehensive program that will require some time.  But in the short haul we need a quick fix.  So he issued his executive order, knowing that it probably would be rejected in court.  But he at least put HIS immigration ideas on the table.  Of course he hopes no domestic terrorism will surface in the U.S.  But if one does, he can safely say that he kept his promise but the courts rejected it.

About Healthcare:  He campaigned chiefly in getting rid of Obamacare and replacing it with a viable program.  The establishment G.O.P. wanted to put forth a moderate plan hoping to satisfy both moderate Republicans and some Democrats.  So Trump let Paul Ryan put it together.  Of course it was rejected by conservative Republicans.  I think the President planned that.  Even though he worked hard to help put it together, conservative Republicans shot it down.  You can bet his intention is to fulfill his promise to voters.  “When it’s the 1st quarter and its 4th down and long you punt the ball. There’s a lot of game left.” (Trace Atkins) The Trump game plan for healthcare is still moving the ball. There’s another healthcare proposal in the wings and we’ll see it soon.  In either case, he has fulfilled both of his big campaign promises only to see others setup roadblocks.

What’s left?  He promised to drastically reduce taxes, cut the federal budget, get the U.S. out of the TPP, press NATO nations to pay their fair share so the U.S. could reduce it’s lopsided commitment, cut U.N. funding, cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and many others.  Many of those promises have been fulfilled or are already on their way.  You can bet not only will he keep his promises, if and when his opponents stop any program that played a big role in getting voters to elect him, those opponents will receive blame for that, not Donald Trump.

Conclusion.  Donald Trump is REALLY smart.  He’s in the midst of a game of chess in which he knows to win you must think  2 to 4 moves ahead.  He’s that far ahead in all things presidential.  It’s hilarious to watch his opponents scatter when the lights come on like a bunch of cock roaches.  He knows how to negotiate, read people, find common ground, and to read balance sheets and income statements of private and public entities.  Again, he’s really smart.

My conclusion is not only is he smart, he’s street smart — something that no President could say since Ronald Reagan.  He’s so smart, it’s a good laugh to watch him destroy television pundits on almost a daily basis.  He’s definitely the real deal.


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