“She’s Back!”

Who would have thought it? Hillary Clinton appears to be ready to throw her hat in the presidential ring…again.

Apparently, she can’t get the bad taste of 2008 and 2016 out of her mouth. What is that bad taste? Being told by Americans, “We don’t want you as President.” Of course, in 2016 she and many of her supporters felt like she had earned the right to own the keys to the White House for a while. But American voters — especially those in the fly-over country — disagreed. And her glass ceiling remains intact.

It appears that her hunger for power has been heightened by her need to get even with her 2016 nemesis who now lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She is sending out signals — demonstrative ones now — that she may throw her hat in the ring when Joe Biden pulls out of his 2020 presidential bid. And to most, his departure is imminent. Joe looks to be the fall guy who will take the Ukraine-Gate hit that certainly appears to be disqualifying him. (Monmouth Polling on Thursday when asking Americans if they believe President Trump’s telephone call with Ukraine President Zelensky was NOT about going after Joe Biden but purely suggesting Ukraine continue their previous corruption investigation. 43% believe the President while 37% do not.) Regarding Hillary, her recent statements pummeling President Trump is signaling that she may enter the Democrats’ presidential contest. Ex-Vice President Joe Biden looks to be the obvious fall guy for alleged Ukraine’s collusion with her 2016 presidential campaign.  Hillary’s not stupid: she’s always been capable of reading the tea leaves and acting accordingly — that is until her taking a few states for granted in the runup to the 2016 election. She realizes that the Democrat consuming thirst to unseat President Trump will kill the ambition of Biden to assume the right to the inhabitation of the White House that rightfully belongs to her.

Let’s be very clear: Hillary has not committed to the race. But she’s often made it clear when asked that she has kept that possibility open. It appears that all of her recent appearances have been carefully planned and orchestrated. She has narrowed her attacks on Trump as angst from the Left has heightened. She still feels that she can go negative and stay negative regarding the President if she decides to enter the fray and faces him in 2020.

But Americans tired of Hillary! After 2016 and her loss, her continued excuses and ridiculous excuses for her loss, many in the U.S. wrote her off as simply being done and yesterday’s news. Here we are three years after her defeat, she still complains and calls President Trump an “illegitimate president” and now a “corrupt human tornado.”

It’s not clear who pushed Joe Biden into the middle of all this. But each day it seems that the allegations against Biden’s intervention in Ukraine on behalf of his son Hunter might really be true. And now it appears that the $1.5 Billion Hunter’s company received in investment from China could be for similar reasons. President Trump actually suggested China look into Biden corruption! (And when the President said that the reaction of the media is epic.) It is close to being abundantly clear that the compensation the younger Biden has been received from the investment company being investigated by Ukraine — $600,000 per year — that began while his father was formally tagged by former President Obama as the U.S. watchdog over Ukrainian corruption is probably going to be the nail in the Joe Biden Campaign coffin. In fact, it is likely to see the former VP stop the fighting and drift away into the political sunset in the next week or so.

So what will happen with the Democrat Party presidential race then?

First, it is highly likely that if Hillary throws her hat into the ring, she will immediately snatch 25% of the Democrat party members’ support. That will certainly happen based on her name recognition and that large segment of the voting populace who were Clinton supporters in the 1990s. It will also split the balance of Democrat support between the 10 or so candidates that might still be in the race. What then will determine who is left in the two months before the Democrat Party Convention. And who remains will be based on several important issues: campaign contributions and where they go, and how Democrat voters go in the wake of the Trump impeachment proceedings and how that plays out in the next six months or so. Believe it or not, Democrat support for their 2020 candidate is now and will continue to be skewed toward a candidate that holds the line against Trump and for his impeachment. How so? Believe it or not, the American voter populace is aging: there is a rapidly increasing Democrat base that is younger, more liberal, more anti-Capitalist and more pro-Socialist. This younger group has totally bought-into the Medicare for All, Climate Change, Free College, College Debt elimination, the repeal of the Second Amendment and the “Dump Trump” movement. Hillary’s possible opponents have pretty much all demonstrated their support of these ideas. With Biden gone, (if he leaves) his moderate, middle-of-the-road spot will be vacated. Hillary will have to decide if she wants to fill it and if her getting back in the race and assuming that moderate spot can get her elected.

What further clouds the picture is how the reorganization of Democrat candidates will impact campaign contributions. Folks, like never before in American election history has dollars and cents been so important. It will cost the President and his Democrat opponent and their parties at least $1 Billion each! So who among the party candidates has the ability to tap that Wall Street fountain of dollars for this presidential race? Remember, Hillary has already proven she has an open door at almost all of the investment banks, hedge funds, and stock-trading companies. She was well-financed by Wall Street in 2016. Campaign dollars were of no concern. After all, the White House was owed to her. But things change.

Big financial bankers have some serious considerations regarding financial support: Hillary lost in 2016. Why did she lose? If you have listened to her gripes and multiple explanations her loss was no fault of her own but that of everyone from Donald Trump, his campaign, Russia, inept polling operations, sexism, lies and misrepresentations of her in the press, James Comey, the FBI fake investigation of her server, and election vote tampering. There is certainly a multitude of other excuses she used. Won’t Americans remember all that? Certainly, some will. But political memories in the U.S. seem to evaporate shortly after each election. That is probably due to the drenching of Americans by non-stop campaign ads for months before every national election.

That’s a bunch of “if’s.” But it’s American politics, after all. In American politics — and especially with Donald Trump in the middle of it all — there are no sure deals, just ask Hillary. Decisions must be made every day and often on the fly. Making a bad one or two can be deadly — can even cost you an election. Few Americans that were alive that day will forget the shock and awe experienced by 300+million Americans with the election of Donald Trump and the repudiation by voters of Hillary Clinton thought to be a certain winner.

I think this was Hillary’s first interview after losing to Donald Trump. While we’re contemplating her contemplating another run against Donald Trump, I thought you might want to take a trip down Memory Lane with Hillary and Me:

I cannot for the life of me believe that Hillary Clinton thinks she has even a minuscule chance to win the presidency in her third time trying. Conventional election wisdom is that in a bid for president, garnering support for even a second attempt is normally iffy when it comes to attracting campaign dollars. That would be an extremely tough task for Hillary on her third such attempt.

Several other thoughts run through my mind about her possibly declaring a run. First, what would Americans think? Obviously, a bunch of Americans — about 63 million — voted for Donald Trump instead of her in 2016. What could she think has possibly happened to change their minds? Second, many of her 2016 supporters while they still despise Mr. Trump feels betrayed by her in that loss. It is factual that she herself was responsible for the loss. She gave up on several midwestern states and didn’t campaign there much if at all. She “assumed” she had their votes. But, as usual, she felt that those voters felt the obligation as Democrats to pull the Democrat candidate’s lever in the polling booth just “because.”

But then there’s this: why would she even want to face the possibility of a similar fate? I don’t know the answer and I don’t want to know HER answer. It’s scary to think that she and Bill might move back into the White House for four more years. A bunch of bad things happened in there previous eight years there. I don’t want to go back to that school of learning again.

I trust everyday Americans more than she. That ‘s good enough for me. And when I hear “Four More Years!” chanted over and over again at campaign rallies, I don’t want to think the cheers may be for Bill Clinton along with Hillary!



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