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Some Things Never Change

Just what do you think I’m talking about when I make the statement in the title? Of course, it is partisanship in the United States Congress and the White House. And it’s NOT specific to just Democrats or just Republicans. Members of both parties (and especially those who serve in Party leadership) seem to always be hell-bent on finding the side on every issue that is important to regular Americans that best fits their particular political narrative at that point. Seldom is there any consideration of what’s really best for the American people. It’s almost always considered only as “what’s best for ME politically.”

What’s worse is that they — in unison — act like they really don’t care what we think.

Such was the case in 2011 when Rep. Boehner (R-OH) was the Speaker of the House. Obama was singularly pushing Obamacare’s reform through Congress. Think back to where you were and what were the important issues in your life at that time and see if you relate to MY frustration:

(Published on February 11, 2014)

Whew!!!! I’m relieved! Boehner FINALLY relented and has agreed to have a House vote to raise the debt limit….again…..with NO restrictions whatsoever: no provision to cut spending in any way. Wow…..don’t you feel relieved too? Think about it: this week the President (once again) has decided to arbitrarily change a legislatively passed and Constitutionally enacted law — the ACA — with his famous “pen,” and now the Speaker of the House has decided to cave to the liberals by signing a blank check for them to spend whatever they want to with NO restrictions! AND……at Monticello, Obama is overheard telling the French President that it’s good to be President because he can do whatever he wants. (Like we didn’t already know that)

It’s decided: NO one in Washington is representing me……PERIOD. And NO one in Washington gives a rip about anything I care about — not enough to ask me my opinion or to even LISTEN to my opinion or those of the voters in Louisiana. They simply DON’T CARE. And why should they? Even after they rip us off, avoiding their constitutional responsibilities (and an oath given) to serve U.S. and not special interests, they pander only to those special interests who are ready and willing to give them the one thing they MUST have: money, money, money. And they get it….with their votes. After all, money can buy influence, favor, and access to everything and everyone who is necessary to get them re-elected — re-elected so as to perpetuate their jobs, their lobbyist gifts, trips, and goodies, AND put together a serious nest egg full of benefits and retirement bonanzas that we pay for while they’re busy avoiding us and voting the ways their “handlers” would have them with their votes to tip the scales.

So let’s get this straight: Obama has now twice taken an oath to uphold the laws of the land and defend the Constitution. And almost daily he arbitrarily decides to NOT uphold the laws of the land and to NOT defend the Constitution. He changes federal laws at will with no regard for the Constitution which plainly details how it is to work.

That’s bad enough, but then the “other” guys and girls who took similar oaths and made similar promises to us when running for election simply let him do whatever it is he wants to do. AND HIS ACTS ARE OFTEN ILLEGAL….AGAINST FEDERAL LAW!

Dare anyone use the “I” word in this case. Because to do so surely means one is racist, bigoted, and obviously then must be homophobic and islamaphobic as well.

What we need is a group of 535 legislators that sell out to the Constitution, the People, and are willing to abide by it and us…PERIOD. Where are they? And why doesn’t someone take legal action against all his crap going on to stop it? Isn’t that part of “defending the Constitution” and “upholding the laws of the Land?”

I guess they’re afraid because if they start an action like that the IRS will probably open up investigations against them. Imagine that: the IRS actually using its power to wage a political war against regular Americans….how ridiculous that would be. The IRS would never do anything so stupid.

“The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” Daniel Webster: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Is anybody else feeling kind of desperate, too?


Isn’t it ironic that we find ourselves this many years later facing the same dilemmas in our leadership. And many of the same bad actors who were involved in my complaint shared above are STILL in places of power and control. And they’re doing the same things.

What should Americans do? More importantly, what WILL Americans do?

I’ve said this often on “TNN Live!:” Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

I’m not certain about you, but this speaks volumes about what continues to happen without any improvements for rank-and-file Americans. But don’t be fooled: life is pretty darn good for the folks who make ALL the rules.

Who are those rule-makers? No one needs to ask. The answer is obvious. Just look at those who continually sow division in the name of unity, lies in the name of truth, authoritarianism in the name of democracy.

And we fall for those lies.

It’s time that we all awaken and acknowledge we’ve been fooled — for a long time. In fact, the necessity for them to continually create and maintain the ruse of perfection in our country has slipped away. Why? Because we have all become numb to it all.

It’s easier for everyone to just “go with the flow.” Oh, we had four years of life in a REAL democracy with a government that, on the most part, was really “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” That four years horrified the “rule makers.” Their utopia built on all the lies and gross misrepresentations of decades of “leadership” were devoured by all Americans. We liked it. And for the first time in a long while, the bulk of those in the nation saw it was being stolen from us all — and by those we trusted.

In 2020, the “Big Lie” was used as a last-ditch effort to send us back to our mind-numbed existence as “Sheeple.”

The question now is what will we do? What will we allow? Will we go back to the roots of who we really are or will we allow the destruction of our nation to continue?

I’ll leave it here: if we really want change, WE must orchestrate the change. WE must take stands in every area necessary to facilitate the change. And our singular truth we espouse, at least for now, is Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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