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Somebody’s In BIG Trouble!

Won’t it be wonderful one day when we can pick up a newspaper, go to our favorite news website, listen to our #1 radio talk show or watch nighttime TV news and just believe everything they tell us and give us in print is REALLY true? Do you think that will ever happen? To be honest, I think before that happens the Statue of Liberty will dive into the Hudson and swim up the East River to have lunch in Brooklyn at the River Cafe!

It is really sad that our media presentation has come to this. I am not going to talk about specific examples, who said this or that, who wrote this, who edited this or that story to prefer someone: if I did that, it would take all day. You’d undoubtedly tire — or you’d just turn me off. 

Say, maybe that’s something we might want to consider ourselves: turn THEM off. Would your world actually end if you tried that? I have before and I’m thinking about doing it again.

Yeah, I know: I’m the publisher of TruthNewsNetwork. I can’t just turn off the news. How else could I bring you all the things we share with you daily. But that doesn’t mean I cannot resent the fact that neither you nor I have any confidence that what we see, read, watch or listen to is news. And that is sad.

Take for example, what is burning up the news coverage yesterday and will be again today: the unmasking of Lt. General Michael Flynn by members of the Obama Administration. I don’t remember an instance before in which such a travesty against a private American citizen was implemented for whatever reason (we still don’t know) by members of a presidential administration. To say this occurrence being discovered and confirmed is one thing. But to read the details of the requests for the unmasking of Flynn’s name is mindboggling. To make matters worse, the Left has been frothing at the mouth all day yesterday, demanding that Americans just “let it go.” If I heard these two things once, I’ve heard them one hundred times. Their excuse for the Flynn unmasking is two-fold: “The unmasking of Americans’ names who were conversing with foreign nationals is commonplace. It happens all the time.” But this one takes the cake: “Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to federal officials. He pled guilty!” As if his extorted guilty plea justifies the Flynn unmasking before the meeting even took place at which he committed the act for which he was charged.

The insanity of the unmasking is one thing. What is even more unthinkable is who requested and received Flynn’s name from the NSA. Let’s take a look so you can know what we’re talking about:

I hope you can read these names. (I know, the list is tough to read. If you cannot on your device, wait until you can get to your computer.) For the sake of the point of today’s story, let’s discuss just a few:

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power  She requested the unmasking of Flynn’s identity regarding phone calls from the dates 11/3/2016 through 1/17/2017. In the first place, what business does a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations have knowing to whom the incoming National Security Advisor is speaking regarding matters between the incoming President and leaders of foreign nations? She’s not the ambassador to Britain, or France, or Russia, or China. The answer: she had NO business and no authority to do so. Note: each of her calls happened after the election when Obama was on his way out of the White House.

Director for National Intelligence James Clapper It comes as no surprise that Clapper would be desperate to know to whom Flynn was speaking and about what. After all, he like these others were probably headed for the exit. His unmasking requests were also on dates between the election and the inauguration. Do you think there may have been some CYA?

Director of the CIA John Brennan Mr. Brennan has made it no secret that he despises this president. Of all those shown above, he was the likely candidate for this to me. He has been caught in committing felonies by lying under oath numerous times when acting in his official capacity. It is expected by many that he will certainly be revealed as the target of an indictment from the Durham criminal investigation that is reportedly wrapping up.

Director of the FBI James Comey Remember, Flynn served as Director of the ODNI under Obama with Comey has FBI Director. Knowing what we now know about Comey, do you think those two may have had a run-in of some kind during their overlapping years in the Obama Administration? Comey, too, will probably see the inside of a courtroom with his compadre Brennan when results of the Durham investigation are final.

Former Vice President Joe Biden Is there any reason for an explanation for Biden’s requests? What in the world did HE need to know about Michael Flynn’s phone calls? Biden was leaving office!

The important things to note here are these:

  • Notice the date of each request. Each happened after the 2016 election and before the inauguration.
  • None of those mentioned above had any reason to request the unmasking of Flynn, even though 16 were authorized to do so. Why? None of them were going to make the transition to the new administration!

There’s one other salient point: the purpose given by every liberal and interpreted by every leftist media reporter for the unmasking was “because of the illegal collusion taking place by Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. But, do you know what’s curious about all of this? The first contact Flynn had with Kislyak was December 29. Every one of this unmasking requests came days and weeks before the call ever took place!

So why would there be this many people who can get personal information about American citizens? Former FBI Director James Comey in testimony before the House explained why. Listen to what he says and do everything you can not to throw up:


Just how high in the Obama Administration did this all go? We know, based on the classified documents released last week, that Mr. Obama told acting Attorney General Sally Yates in that Oval Office meeting on January 5, 2017, that he “knew all about the stuff going on regarding Michael Flynn.” Biden, Clapper, and Brennan were in that Oval Office meeting as well.

But what was the universal concern by so many in the Obama Administration to find out during the transition to the Trump Administration details of conversations Flynn was having with foreign leaders? Could it be that there is or are things they do not want the American people to know about? Do they have anything to hide? Could the President have done something for which people throughout the top tier of his Administration would join forces with other Obama adherents to seek out information to try and keep Lt. General Flynn from sharing it with the incoming President?

Did you know, Obama was obligated to share known details with Trump of the specifics of any wrongdoing by Flynn while acting in the Obama Administration as Director of the National Intelligence office? And he didn’t!

How are Americans supposed to reconcile all this? Indeed it will not happen because of the demands of the Leftist media who all day Wednesday screamed at their media counterparts that “everybody does it!” It was SO obvious that they were desperate to assure their party’s base that even though it looked terrible, absolutely nothing went wrong in this case.

Do you know what the only thing that matters in hindsight is? Someone from that list of Americans — the only ones who knew that Flynn was speaking to foreign government leaders, specifically Kislyak — were those on that list. One of them is the person who leaked to the Washington Post and the New York Times the entire Flynn story, concentrating, of course, on the “Russia connection.” Whoever is the guilty party committed felony acts in giving that classified information to those newspapers. Whichever one of those did the dirty deed faces up to ten years in jail for doing so.

Today, Thursday is another day. Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk with the dog to pick up your newspaper, head to your back porch with a steaming cup of coffee and read the news without feeling the need to question everything you read?

Do you think we’ll ever see that again? I sure hope so.

And to whoever was the guilty person to make those two phone calls, get ready: in this situation with so many spotlights shining brightly into it, you certainly will have lots of time to read the newspaper — probably yesterday’s edition — sitting in your cell still thinking about a steaming cup of hot coffee.

They’re not going to bring you one!


2 thoughts on “Somebody’s In BIG Trouble!”

  1. Charles Williamson

    This was all done in legal form, as noted on the attached forms, and there was not a conspiracy or nefarious motive. Much to do about nothing and little likelyhood of it getting traction

    1. “No nefarious motive?” What was the motive of all of these unmasking requests AFTER the election when every person who requested unmasking was not going to be in the gov’t in a couple of days? If Flynn was so evil and as they said these requests were because of Flynn’s contacts with Sergey Kysliak, why were they each sent long before Flynn ever spoke to the Russian Ambassador? Please don’t spin here. Please share facts instead of partisan narrative. Thanks.

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