Special Counsel Says D.C. Grand Jury On Trump Documents Case Has Ended

Every Trump-hater in the United States who wants everything that could possibly be thrown at the former President to stop him from running for President next year is ecstatic every time some new “bad news” for Trump hits the Mainstream Media. Every one of the four indictments created by Special Counsel Jack Smith has generated a plethora of ecstasy among the Left. It’s as if a collective sigh can be heard across the nation: “Yes…Maybe now we’ve got him and he’s toast!”

Those who know Donald Trump and have at least a smidgeon of legal understanding of the Constitutional requirements for one to run for President also know that nothing included in the four indictments would be sufficient to disqualify Mr. Trump from running for President next year! But what drives those same Trump haters is Trump’s approval ratings the day after each indictment is announced. In each case, his support has increased in dramatic fashion.

There are obvious results that are examined exhaustively by Democrat experts who frantically seek answers for this enigma. How could ANY person who has been charged with so many evil actions still be standing on a political platform and planning a 2024 run for the White House?

The explanation for their shock and horror is simple: they either loathe Trump past the point of reason and are blinded by that disdain, or they cannot fully understand a majority of the American people see Trump as a “former” hero who seeks only to be America’s hero for four more years.

The conundrum of the Left is contained in this sentence: “Democrats and other leftists have NO understanding OR acceptance that Donald Trump — during his four years as President — accomplished every task he promised during his campaign that he possibly could.”

Who else, as President, can credibly claim to have done so?

But this next sentence is the instigator of the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Left: Americans understand the fear and anger of Trump by the Left and don’t care!

The “Assassin: Special Counsel Jack Smith”

Have you been able to understand the appointment of Jack Smith to be the Trump attack dog? If you haven’t already, do a search on Jack Smith’s previous cases. His successes are minimal at best. His failures have been dismal. And each has destroyed the lives of good people who Smith loathes simply for their politics.

Various federal Courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have overturned several of his high-profile convictions. He has a reputation as an attack dog. And he’s known for his “unconventional” legal approaches to his high-profile attacks. Donald Trump’s prosecution on multiple levels for multiple alleged criminal acts is the perfect landscape on which Smith can paint his historical picture.

But Jack discovered quickly that even Donald Trump has a massive number of American supporters who will NOT allow him to destroy Trump with “allegations.” Apparently, one of those happens to be the federal judge in Florida assigned to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago “Doc-U-Gate.”

Jack, in trying to bolster the ammunition in his holster, quietly decided to use BOTH a Florida grand jury AND a Washington D.C. grand jury at the same time in “Doc-U-Gate.” The judge called Smith down, and faces potential serious penalties for taking these actions WITHOUT either judge knowing what was up.

Jack’s Methods

     Federal Judge Aileen Cannon

The federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. that helped investigate former president Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents has ended, special counsel Jack Smith said in a court filing, which laid out new details about how the probe quietly expanded to look at alleged coverup efforts.

The 12-page filing by one of Smith’s deputies, David Harbach, comes as prosecutors and defense lawyers are sparring over the use of two grand juries to investigate Trump’s alleged hoarding of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, his home and private club. Trump is charged with illegally retaining national defense information after leaving the White House and obstructing government efforts to retrieve the material.

In Tuesday’s filing, prosecutors defend the use of a federal grand jury in the nation’s capital, as well as one in South Florida, to hear evidence in the matter, saying the two-pronged approach was proper to investigate criminal conduct that allegedly occurred in both places.

Two Trump employees allegedly lied to the grand jury seated in Washington, prosecutors say. One, Carlos De Oliveira, has been charged in the case with lying to FBI agents — but not specifically the grand jury — and has pleaded not guilty. Another technology worker, Yuscil Taveras, began cooperating with investigators after Trump was first indicted and has not been charged with a crime.

The new court filing confirms some details previously reported by The Washington Post: that Taveras changed lawyers not long after the June indictment and subsequently offered evidence against De Oliveira, Trump, and another Trump employee charged in the case, Waltine “Walt” Nauta. The three are charged in Florida with scheming to try to delete security camera footage at Mar-a-Lago that showed boxes of sensitive documents being moved around the building.

Tuesday’s filing says that cooperation from Taveras — who has only been identified in court papers as “Trump Employee 4” — came after he gave false answers to the D.C. grand jury earlier this year.

“When Trump Employee 4 testified before the grand jury in the District of Columbia in March 2023, he repeatedly denied or claimed not to recall any contacts or conversations about the security footage at Mar-a-Lago. In testimony before the same grand jury, De Oliveira likewise denied any contact with Trump Employee 4 regarding security footage. The Government’s evidence indicated that the testimony by Trump Employee 4 and De Oliveira was false,” the filing states. “… Immediately after receiving new counsel, Trump Employee 4 retracted his prior false testimony and provided information that implicated Nauta, De Oliveira, and Trump in efforts to delete security camera footage.”

Prosecutors say those lies to the grand jury justified the ongoing use of the federal grand jury in Washington, even after the Florida grand jury indicted Trump. U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon, who is presiding over the documents case from her Fort Pierce, Fla., courtroom, had asked the government to explain why it was using two grand juries in different jurisdictions.

The Justice Department lawyers also argue in the filing that the fact that Taveras and Nauta were at one point both represented by the same lawyer, Stan Woodward, means Cannon should hold a hearing to explore any potential conflicts of interests arising out of a defendant and a prosecution witness sharing the same legal counsel.

Even if Woodward was unaware at the time he represented Taveras that his client might provide incriminating evidence against Nauta, the prosecutors argued in their filing, “he is certainly aware now.” Taveras’s credibility will likely be an issue at trial, considering prosecutors contend he lied to a grand jury.

Cannon has yet to decide whether to hold a hearing on the conflict question.

Investigators have spent months grilling witnesses about how Trump’s political action committee was paying lawyers’ fees for witnesses in the case of the documents and whether there were any conditions placed on such legal representation, The Post has previously reported.

Defense lawyers have denied there is anything untoward about Trump’s PAC paying for lawyers for witnesses, noting it is a common practice of companies and political campaigns that come under investigation.

Trump is also facing charges in three other criminal cases. He has been indicted in Washington and Georgia, respectively, on federal and state charges of obstructing the 2020 election and in New York on state charges of falsifying business records involving reimbursements for hush money payments during the 2016 presidential contest.

One unexpected and unwelcome result of Jack Smith’s action is that the light shining on his investigative style and actions just got quite brighter. Additionally, both sides of the Media aisle will be examining every legal filing he makes like never before. And everything he does or doesn’t do will be second-guessed.

And, probably, Donald Trump’s ratings will inch higher than anyone on Jack’s team ever thought was possible!

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